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Labour pledges £58bn to help WASPI women robbed of pensions by Tories

Fund will address ‘historic injustice’

Labour has announced a fund of £58 billion to address the massive ‘historic injustice’ inflicted on 1950s-born women by the government, which moved their fixed pension age and robbed them of tens of thousands of pounds each in pension entitlement.

The women were not properly informed and were unable to plan for a revised retirement age, leaving many facing severe hardship – yet last night Boris Johnson refused to say he would help the women, known as ‘WASPI’ women, when asked during the BBC Question Time leaders’ special whether he would keep an earlier promise do so:

WASPI women said that Johnson had thrown away 3.6 million womens’ votes in the first minute or so of his Question Time appearance – but the reality is that the number is probably far higher, as the loved ones of the robbed women are also likely to turn their back on the Tory bandits.

The Labour government will right the wrong done to the nation’s mums and grandmas.

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  1. Sorry Waspi’s i’m not trying to hijack the thread, My wife is one of you. But I have just watched Bojo the clowns car crash 30 mins again because i though I heard something last night that no MSM is picked up on. he said “20 hospitals will be upgraded and in ten years time 40 new hospitals will be built “and this as not been questioned. 40 hospitals built in the next 10 years is pretty much impossable unles thay are one bedroomed hospitals.

    1. Boatnumbernine are you OK
      Your line ‘unless they are one bedroomed hospitals’
      Is a belter

  2. It’s like a gigantic Christmas hamper scam… but instead of the crooks going to jail, the victims go to jail if they if they don’t keep paying into the scam every week.
    That’s what happens when the crooks in government and the crooks in the media and the crooks in the courts put their heads together to justify legalised theft.

  3. And another thing I know it wasn’t mentioned in the QT thing but the clown keeps parping on about it . The 20000 new police officers by 2022 so we’ll call it 2 years. there are roughly 126000 police officers of which around 6% (7560) Leave for one reason or another each year, so by 2022 around 16000 would have left. so if Bojo manages 20000 new ones there will only be around 4000 more than there are now. I might be wrong because i’m shit at math and cleverer people have not picked up on this point bu hey ho

  4. Neutral
    How about we refuse to throw half the country under a bus to scrape a few cheap votes
    The labour party will clean up this cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess and bring the country back together
    Your a liar and a charlatan and your party is fundamentally corrupt Mr Johnson

  5. The polls
    We forget the role of the credit rating agencies in the financial crash, nowt new, money talks
    What we do object to is no one going to jail and their assets being seized under ‘Proceeds of Crime Act’

  6. It was indeed the Tories wot dun it – in 1995 and 2011. But note the government that came between those years! 13 years gave quite a lot of time to do something about it before the Tories actually made it worse.

    Declaration of interest : we are affected by it.

    As to other Tory claims – these promises are always bollocks unless attached to a timescale that takes into account planning and implementation in terms of infrastructure, and training and recruitment in terms of people. Both will be mostly longer than the term of a single parliament.

    1. Exactly why we need a Jeremy led TRUE LABOUR government. Iraq Invading BlairBrownMandelson et al, in essence and direction pursued the same flawed, certified failed ideology of “trickle down “economics””. It was GUSH UP disingenuous PFI to keep debt off the govt books, deregulated, financial ripe for exploitation by the billionaires, the same status quo tricksters preach that we need oh sooo much. The GUSH UP economics of the Thatcherite “New Labour” tosh is at last being seen for what it is. A scam to enrich the 1% at the mental, physical and material expense of the 99.
      Jeremy Corbyn will end the same old same old. That’s why the OLD lot are desperate to stop real change.

  7. Dawn Butler…..Shadow Minister for promoting career opportunities for comfortable bourgeois women & Equality for one class.(much like prospective Tory MP Emmeline Pankhurst). 1st Minister was appointed by Blair was Harriet Harman (not exactly a class warrior) but explains why you have to be a solicitor B4 you can become a Labour MP & the ‘chosen ones’ are still parachuted in from outside the working class ‘Safe’ Labour seats. Employing a policy of tokenism will not address inequality; lack of opportunity for the poor & downtrodden, regardless of gender & the complete lack of social mobility in the Neo-Liberal ‘gig’ economy.
    A couple of years ago Rebecca Long-Bailey gave me the courtesy of spending a little time with me, discussing the fate of our respective fathers. I wondered why she needed an all female short-list to rectify the perceived injustice of gender inequality She no longer lived in Salford & had moved to leafy suburbs just outside Manchester, working for the largest law firms in the North West. She was a solicitor, but her father, who was a docker, would have been disqualified from standing. It seems the Labour Party needs more solicitors.

    1. Steve Richards 24/11/2019 at 12:35 pm

      FFS – Get a grip. What possible purpose does your comment serve in the middle of a GE. Let’s all leave the circular firing squad well alone for the next few weeks.

      1. Indeed. Whilst it is quite true that there is a class bias in selection, simplistic notions ignore the way in which class structures have changed, with half the (occupation defined) working class now voting Tory.

        Th other factor is vividly illustrated by the term ‘docker’. The occupation has largely ceased to exist, and – as narrated – many former working class occupations have disappeared to be replaced by non-manual occupations.

        In fact, working class families like my own strove to transfer into those middle class occupations whilst remaining solidly Labour in instincts. Where they could, they also wanted to move to leafy suburbs. Why the f. wouldn’t they? If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be much point in voting Labour, since they’d be quite content with what they were given!

        More important are issues like the disintegration of community solidarity, political awareness and education as structures have changed.

        But nostalgia isn’t the remedy.

        This nostalgia for the 19th century circumstances is, in fact, a bit pathetic, give the energy previous generations put into getting out of them! The problem is the change of consciousness that has come with it. But that needs a new politics, not ill-understood parotting of antiquated perceptions dressed up as radicalism. Marx, looking down, will be holding his head in despair at the bone-headed refusal to adapt theory to reality.

        The *actual* problem is the co-opting of a proportion of the electorate to Tory ideology – not it’s co-option to the middle class, even if the two are connected. You can’t go home again.

      2. RH 24/11/2019 at 3:01 pm · ·

        Indeed. Whilst it is quite true that there is a class bias in selection, simplistic notions ignore the way in which class structures have changed, with half the (occupation defined) working class now voting Tory.”

        As illustrated by the last photo in the 2019 Tory Party Manifesto .

      3. Problem is I have just resigned from the Labour Party in support of yet another friend/member of the Party who has been accused (anonymously) of anti-Semitism, but not allowed to know exactly what the accusations are. This course of action, when taken in conjunction with the lack of support for Chris Williamson indicates the Labour Party is more Orwellian than Socialist & its adoption of the IHRA definition indicates its contempt for Freedom of Speech & the genocide perpetrated in Palestine.
        Blair was right, the class war in the Labour Party is over as we’re all Blairite globalists now. Do I dare criticise the Labour Party? If you dare you will be expelled, but then I am beginning to agree with Marx ( Groucho & not Karl) about being a member of a club.
        One of the reasons why Thatcher is such a heroine of the Feminist bourgeoisie is because, in conjunction with the European Union she destroyed manufacturing & much manually based industry & replaced it with service industries, thus destroying the male basis of Trade Unions; encouraging mothers to leave their children in school & go back to work Cheap labour. Speaking as a single dad for many years, I fail to understand what is the attraction of abandoning your children?
        We produced more during the miner’s strike (3 day week) than we do now, Productivity is still falling, as are wages in the cheap labour gig economy.
        A life-time of hard graft physical labour will kill you, which is still a reality for many working class men who have to work shifts or outside in all weathers. A hard frost means you have to wait before the concrete will set.
        There are major differences in life expectancy based on where you live & your social class, as well as your gender. Strange how we are instructed by the elite bourgeoisie that we live in a ‘Patriarchy’ that kills men early & condemns to be either canon fodder or do jobs that no woman would ever dream of doing. Whatever happened to the Minister for Equality?

      4. Steve Richards 24/11/2019 at 4:12 pm · ·

        “Problem is I have just resigned from the Labour Party”

        In that case even if you can’t bring yourself to canvas for Labour all I am asking is that you don’t be selfish. For the benefit of the many put your personal interests aside for the next few weeks. Achieving a Labour government is what really matters so please, please could you just keep your various grievances with the Labour Party to yourself until after the GE.

        You are still going to be voting for Labour I presume?

      5. Steve (Richards) – You will find a lot of agreement with our views – especially, as you will recognise, concerning the feeble response and, indeed, active collusion over the ‘antisemitism’ scam. But – push comes to shove – there is no political alternative in this election. Sorting out the unrepresetative nature of the Party central body is an on-going project that can currently be put to one side.

        But banging on about a social structure that no longer exists is pointless. The Labour Party is an alliance between individuals from both the (old) working and middle classes. It’s not that class issues have disappeared – they are just not those defined by the terminology of the 19th century – which is just retrograde nostalgic bollocks in the 21st century. I think Steve H’s illustration taken from the Tory Manifesto does, indeed, represent a key shift.

        One of the other ilustrative bits of class-related bollocks is representing ‘Leave’ as a ‘working class’ insurgence. It never was, and isn’t : it’s a classic case of the plutocracy co-opting the lumpen part of the proletariat (as is that photograph)

        This really isn’t the time for nostalgic sentimentality.

        I know you meant it in a different sense, but some supporters of the Labour Party isn’t ‘Orwellian’ enough – in the real sense of calling out bullshit and taking a hard look at messy reality. He was, ineed, an Old Etonian, and had some prejudices born of his class – but he put his money where his mouth was, and the experience in Spain made him a true Marxist – of the Groucho strain.

    1. Apologies
      Its an old joke, about a boating lake,
      ‘Come in boat number 6 your time is up’
      10 minutes later ‘come in boat number 6 your late’
      10 minutes later ‘boat number 9 are you OK’

      1. Great! So many laughs today including SwinDims & BumJohnson jokers, plus that. Will borrow. Thanks😂😂😂

  8. The increase in current spending will be 28 times smaller under the Tories than under Labour. (Sky News) Have they budgeted for the salaries of 50,000 extra nurses.

    1. I’m a bit shocked & confused that I’ve heard “come in number 9, your time is up” lots of times in a long life and, whilst I’ve always known it referred to boats on a boating lake, I’ve never heard it as a joke with the “number 6” part until just now.
      I’ve been a boaty person all my life and I even live on one.
      Weird, eh?
      Thanks… I think 🙂

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