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Download the amazing #LabourManifesto in full here

jeremy Corbyn introduced Labour’s incredible, fully-costed manifesto for hope this morning to an uproarious welcome from students at Birmingham university.

If you want to read Labour’s plan to transform the country into a decent place to live for all in full, you can do so here.

The ‘Grey Book’ explaining how the manifesto plans will be funded is available here.

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  1. “Any prime minister should be extremely cautious about ordering the use of weapons of mass destruction which would result in the indiscriminate killing of millions of innocent civilians”

    I see that the above statement, which was deleted from the final version of Labour’s 2017 manifesto, has failed to make it into this one either.

  2. Wow, the establishment is really ratcheting up it’s game.

    As happens now about once a month, I was unsubscribed from this site by persons unknown a couple of days ago (just before the Leaders’ debate. The time before that, it was just before the Labour Conference). I noticed earlier this morning and re-subscribed. In the few intervening hours since, I was unsubscribed AGAIN! Luckily, I noticed, cos I now check several times a day just to be sure. You can’t underestimate these scum.

    Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing?

    1. timfrom, I often have to log in to WordPress again if I want notifications. Being logged out automatically is not that uncommon. Labour’s website does it every time while I’m writing something – now I copy my occasional submissions to clipboard before pressing “submit” – then log in again & paste the comment before submitting it.
      It is annoying though.
      A forum I was a regular contributor to on something completely apolitical used to do it all the time.
      I’m guessing nobody’s picking on you 🙂

      1. It’s never happened with any of the other WordPress blogs I’ve subscribed to, though. And the timing is extremely suspect, as it always happens just before something major: first Conference, then Leaders’ debate, now Manifesto release day. I’m expecting it’ll happen more and more frequently, the nearer we get to !2 Dec.

  3. The Manifesto is excellent in coverage of the major areas where change is needed.

    My only carp is the strap-line ‘For the Many Not the Few’ on the front cover – although the sentiments are fine, I reckon, after this time, it’s getting a bit worn, and it lacks punch.

    I reckon this is actually one area where the Tories do better. Their ‘Get Brexit Done’ – although utter baseless crap – actually resonates more with their target audience

  4. I’ve just been watching Boris at a campaign event on BBC Parliament channel and it is just incompetence and lies. He can’t even remember the constituency names of the local Tory candidates he introduced. Watch from about 13:15hrs onwards

  5. BRILLIANT plans!!! Very well delivered!!! The evidence is clear. TORIES have FAILED the 99%. Jeremy leading Labour will serve the 99%. AND the 1% by showing them a better society for the majority will benefit them too in a MEANINGFUL way. Eg a safer society. A healthier population. Less selfish. Less mean and self-serving. More productive and positive and most importantly guiding the 1% what is obvious to most of us: A true and worthwhile PATRIOT is one that focuses on the day to day needs and development for our vital service workers, eg: nurses, fire-people, postmen, bin emptiers, teachers, careers paid and unpaid, military service people in and ex services. PATRIOTISM is NOT warm words, quivering lips, trembling voices, tears … FAKE SINCERITY evidenced by homeless people EVERYWHERE. SLEEPING on COLD STREETS everywhere. Year after year appeals for donations to look after ex military. WHY? If they are really appreciated, then WHY are they not properly housed, paid and cared for???

    Why are millions spent on numerous memorials and pompous ceremonies hogged by some of the ridiculously medal shrouded hypocrites❓Why are said millions not at least MATCHED by practical and generous care for those who risk their lives❓❓ WHY try to con the con-able that NUKING the WHOLE world INCLUDING US is patriotism❓❓❓

    JEREMY CORBYN with all his areas for improvement, is for more than a generation, the ONLY Prime Minister who can DEMONSTRATE REAL PATRIOTISM.
    Jeremy is the FIRST & ONLY Prime Minister who shiws up the sordid TORY charlatans in and out of our party.

    Jeremy punctures Tory and Tory’s helpers SwinsonConDems (worse than the Conservatives! Check her voting record!!) …callous balloons FULL of stinking methane. The ConDemsCoyleBliarMandelsonnBlanketUmkunasTINGEDCUKS are the worst of SAME OLD SAME OLD‼️

    Our country NEEDS Jeremy CORBYNY. A sparklingly new fresh visionary with useful PATRIOTISM of inestimable RARE VALUE, … the POLAR OPPOSITE of the warmongering hawkers of death, destruction, exploitation, decimated high streets, bankrupting of businesses, penalisation of small and medium sized businesses,… ARMS EXPORTERS to despotic women and homosexual stoners, hand choppers, HEAD CHOPPING SAUDI ARABIA, BAHRAIN, SERVICING the MURDEROUS equipment, TRAINING the MURDERING DESPOTS ‼️‼️ Jeremy will do better! We will do better!! WE CAN do better!!! WE MUST DO BETTER‼️‼️‼️

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