If voters see this video the Tories are finished – so why did BBC just delete it?

Home Secretary Priti Patel blames everyone for poverty except government in damning video – so why has the BBC deleted it this morning?

In one of the most appalling Tory videos ever – and that’s tough competition – Home Secretary Priti Patel told BBC North-West that the government is not to blame for poverty.

But that everyone else is.

Not Tory cuts. Just you and your local council.

The video quickly and rightly started to go viral – and it is clearly so toxic that nobody seeing it could reasonably vote Tory. But just as it went viral, the BBC deleted its tweet and the video.

‘Page doesn’t exist’ – the message if Twitter users try to access BBC’s Patel video

Fortunately, it has been saved for the good of the nation. Since the Establishment clearly doesn’t want voters to see it, make it even more viral than it would have been anyway:

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  1. Pure toxicity: if I were a Tory strategist, I’d hide Priti Patel in the cupboard under the stairs and only let her out after December 12th – which, de facto, makes the BBC an essential part of the Tory machine. There are clearly people at the BBC who are shitting themselves at the prospect of the new broom that will inevitably follow the Labour victory on 12th December.

    1. I’d hide Priti Patel in the cupboard under the stairs

      I’d prefer to bury it under the patio, meself.

    2. I posted this before and I probably will again. In Tuesday’s Groan, that rare beast, a human Tory, Peter Oborne drops this bombshell:

      A big reason for Johnson’s easy ride is partisanship from the parts of the media determined to get him elected. I have talked to senior BBC executives, and they tell me they personally think it’s wrong to expose lies told by a British prime minister because it undermines trust in British politics.

      Yes, you read that right. Get your pitchforks ready, people!

      As for Patel, that cunt needs terminating with extreme prejudice.

  2. In terms of propaganda against the Torys and the Dickensian cruelty that the public have been normalised to U don’t feel that it will make any difference in the election..Priti is an ugly person and thats the same of anyone whos part of this Tory regime.The ME attitude and “whats innit for me mate” is firmly inbeded in our public now.That is why we have to bribe the public to get them to vote for a party that represents the working class.and the majority of people who wish to survive the rule of the Torys.Thank god or maybe Jeremy for having the patience to show them whats in their interest to vote Labour because if we do not romp home with a landslide then I do not wish to bother with a public too stupid to look after themselves and their families.


    Don’t delude yourself. This is normal fare for the Tories. Nothing new. Nothing exceptional. Particularly as far as Patel and the ‘Britannia Unchained’ sect now in charge is concerned.

    *This* is what a lot of people actually do vote for. This is what ‘Poverty Porn’ with its large audience builds on. Why would the Beeb have bothered to especially delete it as some game-changer?

    1. RH, it’s one thing to warn against the dangers of over-confidence but warning against any hint of optimism is something else entirely.

      “Labour can’t beat the Tories – they’re going to win again whatever Corbyn does” goes beyond cautioning against over-confidence.

      Seems like the better we do the more your schtick reads like Norman Smith’s sounds.

      1. “your schtick reads like Norman Smith’s sounds.”

        That’s what’s known as ‘bollocks’ in polite circles, David

        My post was not about being too optimistic : it was about unrealism in relation to Patel’s utterances, and actually making the sort of point that you have frequently made – that the target audience, far from spurning her line on poverty will actually lap it up.

        I particularly didn’t say ““Labour can’t beat the Tories” – only specifically that a one utterance from Patel isn’t going to be the clincher to provoke the mass revolt against the Tories as expressed in the headline.

        The issue isn’t about optimism/pessimism. It’s about reality/rhetoric. What I am consistently guilty of is expressing a view that an seeing things as they are, is necessary to developing a winning strategy.

      2. “Hit me with your rythm schtick, two fat tories click click click!
        Hit me, hit me, HIT me!”

  4. I seen this live, and just about stopped myself from putting a boot through the screen – again.

    Horrible cnut with it’s: ‘Well it’s not the govt, is it?’ And as for that fucking rictus grin ironed onto is grid?? ….grrrrr

    Not even an attempt to mitigate and accept an iota of blame. Oh no.:
    Could’ve AT LEAST said: ‘It’s not JUST the Govt is it?’

    But no. Not a bit of it. They’re absolutely blameless; just like your DWP with their: ‘It’s not our fault people are dying because we subjected them to unneccesary stress and forced them into abject penury – There’s no ‘causal link”.

    May patel & that DWP spokesperson – whoever they may be – die screaming.

    As for the bbc….Don’t pay them.

  5. This very much confirms rule #1(never accept responsibility for anything) when considering the tories
    rule #2 is go for the low hanging fruit(i.e. people who will not enjoy much support from the public e.g.Shamina Begum, long-term unemployed)

  6. Another thing…

    It sickened me that Corbyn was mocked by a proportion of the audience when he mentioned the poorest in that debate. It happened at least twice. It seems that a lot of people would agree with patel and them cnuts.

    Throw enough shit and it’ll start to stick. 🙁

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