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Breaking manifesto news – massive boost for UK regions and nations, Labour to create one million green jobs

Manifesto commits Labour to huge employment boost in sectors to protect environment and boost regions starved of investment under Tory austerity and de-industrialisation

Labour’s manifesto, which the party launches later today, will unveil a plan to create one million good new jobs to tackle the climate emergency, reboot British industry and end rampant inequality.

Labour’s plan will bring new wealth to the UK’s regions and nations, which have been starved of investment following a lost decade of Conservative austerity and Tory deindustrialisation in the 1980s. The party announced earlier this month that it will also shift political decision-making power northwards by moving part of the Treasury to a new base in Liverpool.

Labour has already set out detailed plans to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in upgrading the nation’s homes, rolling out offshore wind at scale and kick starting an electric vehicle revolution.

Green industries and innovation

Additional jobs unveiled in the 2019 manifesto including those in carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen, tidal energy, the expansion of port infrastructure, tree planting, flood defences and plastics recycling.

The global green economy is currently valued at $4 trillion, and is projected to grow to $9 trillion in value by 2030. Labour’s plans will put UK companies and workers in pole position to benefit from the new economy.

Under plans already announced during this election campaign, Labour will make sure people are able to access these jobs by creating 320,000 climate apprenticeships and giving everyone the right to upskill and retrain throughout their lives, including in higher level technical qualifications.

Bringing UK together to face climate challenge

Speaking ahead of the manifesto launch, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said:

This election is the last opportunity to take the vital action to head off runaway climate change.

The next Labour government will lead the world in tackling the climate and environmental emergency with a plan to create a low-carbon economy with well-paid jobs we can be proud of.

Labour will bring the country together to face a common challenge and mobilise all our national resources, both financial and human, to kick-start a Green Industrial Revolution.

Just as the original Industrial Revolution brought cutting edge industry and jobs to our towns, Labour’s world-leading Green Industrial Revolution will create rewarding, well-paid jobs and whole new industries to revive parts of our country that have been neglected for too long.


In a week where the Tories showed they’re too scared to reveal their manifesto until just before polling day, Labour’s manifesto is already eclipsing its groundbreaking policy set of 2017 – and shows a party ready not just to govern but to bring the transformation the country is desperate for.

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  1. To be green enough to save the planet we need to change today’s vehicle ownership model to one more utilitarian.
    Capitalism requires continuous profit, therefore continuous production and the shortest possible product life. It also requires advertising to create the desire to define oneself by vehicle model owned – the opposite of utility.
    Vehicles – effectively self-driving taxis – for best efficiency need to be of a single modular design, built to be updatable for a long service life over numerous advances in technology and fully recyclable at end of life – too many perfectly good cars and parts are sacrificed for fashion. At end of life all materials used should have a known recycling path.
    We have to start applying that principle to everything we manufacture now.

    The number of cars parked at any given time probably exceeds the number moving so communal use makes most sense and is perfectly feasible with self-driving vehicles.
    AI ought to enable everyone to be served and road use to be maximised with no hold-ups. All vehicles moving in the same direction will be able to travel ‘in train’ bumper to bumper at constant speed, joining and leaving ‘trains’ as needed.
    It will likely turn out that many fewer vehicles will be needed.
    There’s nothing un-green in principle with converting older vehicles to electric but in a self-driving, highly-efficient, closely-monitored and regulated environment owner-driven or non-standard will be a liability unfortunately.
    I like and understand cars more than most people but – needs must.

  2. this Yank is only interested to see one promise in this manifesto – abolish the City of London Corporation. if it’s not there, like last time, that’s a mistake.

    1. Interesting that a ‘yank’ has a better insight to one of the major centres of ‘elite’ power and corruption in UK than majority of citizens.

      I’m with Prof Richard Werner, the banking system needs to be more local with lots of small non profit banks serving SMEs and local communities. Big banks and their off shore tax and money laundering secret havens need routing or at least severing from public funding and bail outs. The super rich, major banks and multinationals can play in their own world at their own risk not on the back of and insured by the public purse.

  3. Labour also needs to face up to the other great danger that we face: that posed by nuclear weapons.

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