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Huge: ‘smoking gun’ on Boris Johnson’s NHS sell-off plan – starring… Boris Johnson (video)

New shows Johnson promoting ‘noble’ think-tank that aims to open NHS to private US health corporations

A new video has exposed the dishonesty of Boris Johnson’s denials that he intends to privatise the NHS and open it to massive US health-corporations in a free-trade deal with Donald Trump.

Highlighting Trump’s comments that the NHS must be ‘on the table’ in any trade deal, the video notes Tory denials – but then shows think tank the ‘Initiative [initially ‘Institute’] for Free Trade’ (IFT) promoting allowing US corporations to provide services and even run hospitals.

And Boris Johnson speaking at the IFT’s launch event – paid for by public money – to describe its ‘crucial’ status and praising its ‘noble mission’:

Boris Johnson will deny again this evening that he plans to hand over the NHS to Donald Trump and US corporations.

But the ‘smoking gun’ has his grubby, dishonest fingerprints all over it.

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  1. We should stop buying drugs and equipment from US companies and lining their pockets. Stories abound that you can buy drugs in India over the counter at a chemist that cost the NHS 4 times as much!

  2. The NHS has already been sold to NHS England by the Health and Social Care Act 2012 by all political parties read my blog. NHS England’s head is exexecutive of USA UHS and in charge of all funds which are paid on monopoly basis through local CCGs.

  3. Blame the torys but dont forget the lib dems have blood on their hands especially gang of four Labour defector Shirley Williams

  4. I was just checking the polling results in the three weeks or so prior to the 2017 general election, and the Survation results in particular, and they were pretty much the same as they are presently. For example, a Survation poll conducted on the 12-13th May had the Tories 18 points ahead of Labour (the GE was held on June 8th), in line with other polling results conducted around the same time. But by about a week later there was a noticeable difference in the polling results, with the Tories ahead of Labour by about 12 points on average, and then by about the 25th/26th the gap was down to about 8 points on average. And my point is that despite the polls putting the Tories about 13/14 points ahead of Labour at the momment (the latest Survation poll has the Tories 14 points ahead), there is still hope. But on the downside, the gap has actually widened by a few points, on average, in the past week or so.

    The latest Survation poll was conducted between the 14th and 16th of November, and yet the previous Survation poll conducted between the 6th and 8th of November, had the Tories just 6 points ahead of Labour. That said, it was out of line with other polls conducted round-about that time, which had the Tories 10-12 points ahead.

    NB If you want to check the polling results in the weeks prior to the 2017 GE, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘2017’ in the section entitled ‘Opinion polling for elections and referendums in the UK’, immediately after ‘External Links’.

    PS Yes I know the only poll that counts is the one on the day, so nobody has to tell me that. And keep an eye out for the SurveyMonkey polls for the Sun, which had a much, much bigger sample size than the other polls (in 2017). There were three of them in the couple of weeks prior to the 2017 GE, and I assume the Sun will be doing the same again.

      1. And I’m sure SteveH won’t mind if I copy and paste his post from earlier this afternoon:

        Breaking News.

        Julian Assange: Sweden drops rape investigation

        Prosecutors in Sweden have dropped an investigation into a rape allegation made against Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange in 2010.

      2. In the Guardian coverage it says the following:

        The deputy chief prosecutor, Eva-Marie Persson, said the complainant’s evidence was deemed credible and reliable, but that after nearly a decade, witnesses’ memories had faded.

        Oh, right, so they didn’t take witness statements at the time?

        What complete and utter testicles! The reality IS that there was never any case to answer – and of COURSE they took witness statement at the time – and the whole thing has been totally corrupt from start to finish. But what makes me really angry is that the Stop The War Coalition have organised a demo for when Trump comes over just prior to the general election, which serves absolutely no purpose at all, when THEY are the most obvious organisation to have arranged a massive protest demo to free Julian.

    1. Allan – You may be surprised to know that I agree with you in large part.

      The myth is that the 2017 polls were disastrously wrong. They weren’t unless you just look at the impossibility of describing the actual result, with all the factors of individual seats coming into play.

      The closing gap between Labour and Tories during the campaign was, in fact, accurately shown.

      Similarly, predicting this result is impossible – but the information about positions and trends as of *now* is valid – as long as not too much heed is taken of single polls.

      What has changed – worryingly – is the degree of media bias, and this is certainly having an effect.

  5. So will this speed up Assange’s extradition? In other words, is this an attempt by the US to get Assange onto US soil before the election in case Corbyn wins, cos I was really looking forward to the look on Mike Pompeo’s fat fuck face when he discovers Assange has been freed and spirited out of the country to Russia or somewhere beyond Amerikkka’s reach!

    1. Labour will win with a majority because of Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal and vision, i believe. Of course we need some long overdue internal housekeeping, particularly insisting on sound evidence of slanderous allegations. Solid evidence BEFORE anymore tiresome whimpering rabbit in the headlights apologies and treating MSM touring spokes people as if they speak with approval by & for any “community”, as if any set of people think as one. WE ARE INDIVIDUALS. We think for ourselves, listen for ourselves, observe, assess our own experiences and will NOT all be BULLIED nor BROWBEATEN to parrot foul and spurious claims of ANYTHING. The MORALLY BANKRUPT behaviour, even of those who even suggest that J, is AS, jeopardises us all, insults the memory of those who went before us, and causes undue sincere anxiety of a few, this very day.

  6. MORALLY BANKRUPT behaviour, of those who even suggest J, is AS, jeopardises us all, insults the memory of those who went before us, and cause undue sincere anxiety of a few, this very day.

  7. to the puzzlement of Iain Dale, but not me, LBC twitter poll gives it to Jeremy 59% to 41%. 🏆🏆🏆 ps biased pollster Curtis, now explaining it off as radio listeners not seeing dynamic BloJob. Curtis said that Jeremy sounded more statesmanlike but BloJob looked more lively or some tosh.
    Iain Dale sounding VERY prickly after Jeremy’s victory. Iain normally VERY placid after 20:30hrs.

    YouGov (Tory owned pollster) gives 51/49 to Johnson. TRANSLATION 61/39 for Jeremy🏆🏆🏆

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