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Video: Johnson’s face a picture as Corbyn put-down stuns him into silence

Labour leader’s quick retort leaves Johnson stumped

Speechless – an owned Boris Johnson

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s quick wit left Boris Johnson speechless during tonight’s Leaders’ Debate on ITV.

Johnson had wheeled out the tired old ‘coalition of chaos’ smear that Theresa May tried in 2017 – but it seemed to slip his mind that the Tories have been in nothing but chaos ever since.

It didn’t slip Corbyn’s mind – and his quick retort left Johnson looking thoroughly ‘owned’:


Corbyn smashed it. Johnson looked a mug. Of course, the Establishment spin operation is already underway.

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  1. even Garage just said “Jeremy is obviously the better debater, able to deliver without notes.” Interestingly i called for rejoicing on LBC after Jeremy’s speech outside Trumper’s visit. Even Sheilagh Furgathy agreed with me that Jeremy was electric then PLUS she pointed out his remarkable performance re: delivering his long rousing ENGAGED speech,,without notes⭐️⭐️⭐️

    If Jeremy could be consistent, drop the wet appeasement to to the morally bankrupt slanderers, and stop absorbing the fallout from a TORY CALLED REFERENDUM, we could finish the Cons & Dems for a generation… PLUS the B outfit would never have been invented if he had taken a firm line to implement the result, and cut the compromise / bring the nation BACK together CRAP! And flog the inventor of “constructive ambiguity” tortuous BS. Bring the country together⁉️ When was the nation, ANY nation, EVER together??? When? It is a heavy load of nonsense bubbling out of a lack of courage to crush the obvious trap of the ever stink Thatcherite bliars & starmers.

    Why be gifted your long held wish, then spend three years arguing against it? Especially when it would take a minimum of 7 years to be implemented??? The oddest situation of self-frustration in the history of the world.

  2. When the country is split almost down the middle on an issue with no clear moral component – like brexit – and public sentiment is therefore likely to fluctuate either side of 50/50 as fresh evidence surfaces – standing apart and letting the Tories own the inevitable bitterness made perfect sense.
    Why else were they constantly trying to goad Corbyn into taking a firm position and giving the Tories and the MSM a clear line of attack?

    Such “I dare you” tactics are infantile – even at seven years old I knew the frayed rope would break under my weight but that was the last time I accepted a stupid dare.
    Frankly I’m embarrassed to be a member of a species that collectively doesn’t instantly see Tory bullshit for what it is.
    Corbyn may have been over-optimistic in hoping most people would understand that by repeatedly ignoring the question and the questioner last night he was expressing contempt not fear.

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