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Leaders’ debate video: Johnson calls Royals ‘above reproach’, Corbyn says we should be talking about abuse victims

Corbyn in tonight’s leaders’ debate

A telling moment during tonight’s leaders’ debate came as the two leaders were asked about the fitness of the Royal Family in the wake of Prince Andrew’s car-crash interview.

Boris Johnson responded, astonishingly, that the Royal Family is ‘beyond reproach’.

But Jeremy Corbyn said immediately that the discussion should be about the victims of the abuse perpetrated by Andrew’s friend Epstein and others:

The audience’s response showed they recognise integrity, humanity and statesmanship when they see it.

Only one statesman was involved in tonight’s programme – and only one leader who can relate to the many.

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  1. Johnson 1/10 and came over as ignorant.
    Jeremy 7/10 and a powerful & moving moment when Jeremy talked on NHS about friend left on trolley for 8 hours & dying of cancer and saying video this to tell people.
    Need to address Brexit question better, Johnson’s Deal is a Bad Brexit, it is CRAP and Johnson the bastard had stabbed N.ireland in the back!
    Perhaps re Brexit JC should do a Harold Wilson?
    Get a better deal but then as PM stand aside in the public campaign and let Labour members campaign for and against in a public vote on Labour’s Better Brexit v Remain option.
    Jeremy did well but I want him to crush the Right Wing Neo-Liberal Tory Barbarians!

  2. YouGov instant poll for Sky on how Corbyn and Johnson performed tonight was Boris 51% and Jeremy 49%

    I can only conclude that they either watched a different debate from the one I saw or completely failed to listen to what was said.

    1. I don’t know who You Gov think they are kidding or who they polled but their results show that they are totally incompetent as pollsters and would probably be better off working in Tory Central office misinformation department

    2. I completely failed to listen to what was said.didn’t watch the debate – the increasing shortage of medications made me think that I could do without raising blood pressure or the need for happy pills.

      Besides which, I had better things to do.

      But of your two options, Steve (which actually amount to the same thing), the phrase ” completely failed to listen to what was said.” rang a bell.

      In that context, it’s quite possible that the YouGov poll is, actually accurate, because I see little evidence of people being much swayed by argument at present. The fact that Johnson is actually PM is testimony to this sort of non-think. Also – these television debates are much over-rated as significant events.

      I hope my cynicism is simply waiting to be confounded. But as of now – little has happened in electoral terms.

      1. RH
        If you didn’t listen to the debate, then whatever opinion you have is irrelevant

  3. lbc twitter poll 59 Jeremy – 41 BloJo, to the irritation of Iain Dale๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š Esp as He thought the johnson did better than in the tories leader hustings. And Jeremy did not even use a fraction of the ammunition!!! and STILL won. Love Jeremy when in attack modeโœ…โœ…โœ… More please.

  4. I was amazed at the stupidity of Boris Johnson saying Royals are above reproach. His comment went down like a lead balloon particularly in the wake of Prince Andrew’s appalling interview. As usual Jeremy’s first thought was rightly for the victims. The studio audience clearly appreciated his response and applauded him long and loud.

    1. The positions and who they the two leaders represent came across clearly,if the British public are still unsure of what or who to vote for then quite frankly it says more about the British public and their aspirations than the performance of either leader.These debates leave me feeling frustrated….because they are a copy of the Holywood style of presidential elections that fall.flat and President are entirley different sytems.Maybe the whole cabinet and shadow cabinet should be wheeled on to debate,because these leader debates don’t it the spot.?

  5. Sections of the audience were vocal wheneverbJeremybtalked about the less fortunate in our society.
    In one answer he mentioned poor people , and there was a groan from members within the audience ,and an audible
    comment ‘ here we go again ‘

    Who was responsible for audience selections

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