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Excl: Labour membership surges by 9k in two weeks of GE19

Yet another sign of the country’s appetite for real change

In another sign of the vitality of the Labour movement – and the country’s appetite for the real change Labour represents – just under nine thousand new members have joined the party in two weeks.

A further update is expected tomorrow.

If you are not a member and want to join to help put Labour into government to implement the party’s vision for a better country, click here.

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  1. Unfortunately The Inquisition ,sorry the Compliance Unit,or whatever Orwellian name they are called today, are chucking people out as fast as they are coming in.

    1. So,you have decided that my claim is “spurious” before I offer any evidence suefewuk.Well,I am one such person,and I can name several others off the top of my head,and they all have people known to them in a similar situation.There is a private group which has hundreds of members most of whom are victims of the Witch Finders,though not all of them are recent suspensions/expulsions.I can assure you that peoples online posts are being trawled by people/groups unknown(but I can hazard a guess)and any criticism of Israel,or condemnation of the Zionist ideology is met with immediate suspension by the ridiculous Compliance Unit,no evidence is stated and they even have the bloody nerve to refer those they suspend to the Samaritans.Would you like to see the letter they sent me,which is a standard letter sent to all those suspended?

      1. Nowhere near the numbers that are joining. I agree that it has happened, but you imply that there are tens of thousands. There really aren’t.

    2. Nobody knows how many are being suspended and expelled,so don’t go claiming that you know..I offered what evidence I could.Perhaps you should address your question to the Compliance Unit if you are really interested which I very much doubt.The expulsion of good people has been happening since Corbyn was elected,and people like yourself have shown little concern,rather than hiding behind complaints about “timing”.

      1. I am someone who’s been very vocal about the antisemitism smears, very vocal against Israel, and very supportive of Chris Williamson. And many of my twitter followers are the same. Stop trying to make out that there are lots of people being booted when there really are not. It happened a great deal under McNicols management but is definitely NOT happening like that now.

        Your evidence of a single case – your own – does NOT INDICATE tens of thousands. Stop smearing the party. You are as bad as those you accuse!

  2. WOW! Thanks for informing us Skwawkie.

    Blessed are the Many, for they can be heard – even before they speak.

    Labour’s vitality energises Justice and Truth.

  3. Evidence? I deleted my Labour Party Membership last week, working on Groucho rather than Karl theories. I wouldn’t want to be a member of any political Party that denies Freedom of Speech & supports an apartheid racist State.
    Members are being suspended & excluded without knowing why or what they are being accused of, based on accusations made by anonymous persons, You have no right to even face your accuser. More Orwellian than democratic.
    The Labour Party has become more Fascist than Socialist; more Alistair Campbell than Chris Williamson.

    1. Sadly,there are too many complacent idiots,(or worse) like “sufewuk” above who don’t appear to give a damn about the continuing witch hunt,and its implications.

    2. Yeah Steve, I’m sure Chris himself would endorse what you’re saying,. and the fact that you said it NOW, during a GE campaign. NOT!

      Are you a fucking Tory or what!!!!!

  4. John Thatcher..We have lost too many to the witchunt like yourself whilst traitors and liars keep their jobs in parliament on the backs of the membership.Look upon your suspension as a badge of honour.solidarity comrade

  5. The good people we’ve lost will find their way back.
    I’d bet almost all will still vote Labour – if some turn against us they won’t be much missed.

    1. I think you’re right – when push comes to shove. The movement back from the LibDems can currently be seen in the polls. In that sphere, I think the flakey fakey Swinson is an asset.

      The downside is that Brexit Party voters are returning to the Tories. Again, it can be seen in the polling. So the question remains of how much more we need of that movement in the right direction, and, perhaps, how many new registrations to close the current 10% gap..

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