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Video: staff describe ‘war zone’ of NHS under Tory cuts and policies

Doctors say that Labour claims that NHS near collapse is no exaggeration

NHS staff have spoken out about the true state of the NHS under Tory government, in a stark video:

If you value the health and healthcare of yourself and your family, only a vote Labour government can and will protect it across the whole UK.

Vote Labour.

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  1. The best NHS in the world and don’t they all want to get their greedy hands on it!

    1. It’s the only NHS in the world, no other country has gone down this route. Other countries especially in Europe have other systems and better healthcare where the rich pay more and the poor less.

      1. PLain Citizen
        The NHS which is free at the point of delivery is funded by National Insurance i contributions and income tax The concept is good but the Tories have consistently underfunded it for the last nine years, the Blair government introduced PFI to hospitals ( we will be burdened by this for decades to come unless we have a Corbyn government which will end the PFI contracts ) and the Tories are busy privatising operations, physio etc. No wonder the NHS is in crisis.
        I recently attended my local A&E . I was on a trolley in a semi private cubicle all night before being admitted to a ward next morning. Several other people who were clearly unwell spent the night on chairs. Nurses and doctors worked non stop One doctor who spoke to me kept yawning He apologised but it wasnt his fault. He had been working for hours without a break and was exhausted,
        It was awful but I was lucky – at least we have a local hospital A&E where I live and l was well treated . Many other people are not so fortunate..
        We need massive investment in the NHS and only Labour has committed to this and only Labour can be trusted to deliver. Vote Labour on 12 Dec

      2. I am based in France,but no health service I have come across is as easy to use and as seamless as the UK.,and many have complicated rules and pay and claim back or limiting in treatments.I have used many other health care sytems and have lived outside of Europe.Before the Torys and libs do any more damage,I can say British system of Healthcare is second to none.!

    2. ‘The best NHS in the world and don’t they all want to get their greedy hands on it!’

      Don’t forget Johnson said that ‘ Greed Is Good’ !!

      Johnson just wants peoples Brexit vote then it’s a ‘ta very much but F.U’ from him. Labour heartlands and Labour Brexit voters take note; Look at how he’s taken the piss with those who have been flooded ! Denied to declare it a national emergency then after JC shamed him into it he hopped it up north to do a jolly old P.R stunt with a MOP then said residents affected by the floods will get a pathetic £500 each. WTF will that do for them ?!

      Has anyone started a crowdfunder so we can help flooded residents to get more than the pathetic £500 ?

      P.S, thank you Swawkbox for churning out article after article to keep people informed of what’s actually going on in the real world & not the biased media bubble so called news that is spewed out to brainwash

      1. On the flooding situation – a resident said a decent mobile phone signal would help a lot.
        Seems a blindingly bleedin’ obvious emergency response/disaster relief measure.
        Portable mobile-masts-in-suitcases were experimented with by AT&T in 2011 for just such circumstances I read earlier.
        Most masts would be unaffected by floods if the power didn’t fail I suspect. Automatic mains-failure generators on masts in flood-prone areas could easily be mandated by government, or just brackets to mount & connect standardised emergency services generators above maximum flood height.
        And if there aren’t standardised emergency services generators or mobile signal repeaters – put that right too.

    1. Never watch Sugar’s dross so hadn’t heard of Littner. Noticed one of the Fail’s commenters “agrees with him 99% of the time” – just not on this because he knows a nurse.
      So – 100% Tory except for the policies.
      Braindead Tory fuckwits.

      1. i’v never heard of Littner either until the article. I try to read almost all MSM incl DM. Sugar hates Labour led by Jeremy. All Sugar’s love is reserved for the likes of Littner who cannot see the value of nurses. Sugar loves a Littner who believes that nurses who now work 12 hour shifts, and are poorly paid, should do extra shifts or jobs. Such like Littner are blind to the fact that worn out nurses, doctors, fire-people, teachers, soldiers, train drivers, pilots… all can make errors when tired and deprived of rest. Pilots have it enshrined as compulsory, rest between and during flights.
        Sugar values the poor judgement Littner who is blind to the fact that nurses already do a demanding job and like the other vital servers, should and DESERVE to be properly paid.
        He cannot see, he will not see. He blinds himself to those facts. He would rather rip out his eardrums than hear and learn from basic decent logic.

        All who provide vital services for our country, for ANY decent country, should be better paid. None should need extra shifts and jobs. It used to be called moonlighting and not allowed. When did it change?
        No full time working person should need Tax Credits ir other benefits. STOP subsidising so called great entrepreneurs. They are neither great nor decent if their “success” is at the expense of their employees. If their self gratification is at the expense of the rest of the country. I bet every Tory and LibDem admires a sugard littner. Self blinded disdain for vital workers like nurses, is their nature.

      2. ” I try to read almost all MSM incl DM. ” hell! That’s dangerous to mental health!

      3. Why should any of us concern ourselves about what Sugar, a loud mouthed ignoramus, says or thinks – he is a notorious Corbyn hater , one of the “few” whose taxes will rise under a Labour government. He’s just looking out for himself as usual. Most people realise that and will pay no heed to his rants.

  2. I got a postal vote letter this morning with the address first line “Business and Democracy”,
    ‘Bleep’ District Council

    The CEO (yes CEO) of the NHS is Simon Stevens lest we forget out of the US ‘health’ system.

  3. A Gallup poll in the US concludes that 34 million Americans have either friends or relatives who, during the past five years, have died because they could not afford healthcare.

    1. I don;t doubt it – in the USA if you are in an car accident your health insurance details are usually checked before they treat you – totally barbaric.
      Also most ordinary people who take serious or long term illnesses such as cancer, MS, Parkinsons etc are either untreated if they have no insurance or treatment ceases when their insurance runs out . If they want treatment they have to sell their assets e,g. car house jewellery. Many people with serious illnesses end up homeless and as you say bevin many die for want of treatment.
      The USA cannot claim to be a civilised country when these things happen and when it allows Trump to reverse the modest health care reforms introduced by Obama.
      It has to be the priority of every citizen to prevent this brutality being inflicted on us by the Tories and their buddy Donald Trump by voting Labour on 12 Dec

    2. Friends of ours live in Connecticut. One of them had had a similar operation to one that I underwent, and the last time they were over here, we were comparing costs.

      She has a very well paid job in New York, but even so, the implications of personal liability for one-off complicated surgery were pretty horrendous. Anyone on even an average salary would quickly run out of resources and cover in a period of extended illness.

      I remember well, whilst receiving daily sessions of radiotherapy, thinking about what this would mean if I was in the US. Even then I don’t think I appreciated the actual enormity of the financial consequences and the hazard of then being denuded of on-going insurance.

      …. and, of course, the whole system ends up being incredibly more expensive overall as various interests take a slice. It’s not a model to be wished for.

      1. Another thing about medicine in the USA is the amount of unnecessary treatments which are recommended to people. In the USA medicine is a commodity which patients or their insurance companies are paying for so the more treatments up to and including surgery the hospitals can “sell” the bigger the profit.

      2. Some of the best healthcare in the US is offered to veterans but even that is limited in amount in dollars on treatment.My daughters father in law was forced into bancrupcy when his wife suffered cancer despite being a veteran and having served as a soldier and spent most of his life in the Navy and served in the second world war.My son in law came down with cancer and has worked for American express for many years.He makes do with a stoma bag now because the more expensive treatment was limited to his salary. .The higher up in the company the better the healthcare..If only the public realised what theyre in for.

  4. Off topic, but in mind :

    A Christmas card produced by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has the following text on the back :

    “During Operation Protective Edge in Summer 2014, more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip. More than 11,000 Palestinians were injured, and over 475,000 have been made homeless. Major infrastructure has been destroyed or severely damaged. Israel’s continuing blockade meant that there was nowhere to flee to safety. Israel’s blockade on Gaza continues. Its illegal occupation, violations of Palestinian human rights and its refusal to respect international law are ongoing.”

    Will the thought police of the NEC chuck out any Party member who deigns to send such a card on the grounds of ‘antisemitism’?

  5. If I wake up on 13/12/2019 with a tory government then this country will have sunk to the sewers.

    I would then have to commit suicide as death would be a nicer option.

    1. Richard
      I’ve waited 40 years for this opportunity and by that I mean the destruction of the cheap and nasty Tory party,
      They have nowhere to run only a Labour government can restore sanity to the country

  6. Nothing from skwawkie, so here goes…

    Labour has parachuted an ex Tory donating millionaire into TWatsons old seat…

    How safe does the NHS feel now…

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