Left-winger takes over from soon-to-be Tory-made peer Mann

NEC decides candidate because of general election call

New Bassetlaw PPC Keir Morrison

Nottinghamshire left-winger Keir Morrison has been selected by Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to replace Londoner Sally Gimson as the party’s candidate in the Nottinghamshire seat of Bassetlaw previously occupied by right-winger John Mann.

Mann – once interviewed by police over anti-Gypsy racism in a leaflet he put out – is to take a seat in the Lords after being made a peer by the Tory government.

Londoner Gimson was not endorsed by the NEC after failing her endorsement interview amid reports of complaints about her conduct toward members in her home area of Holborn and St Pancras. Gimson has denied the allegations.

Gimson’s original selection was welcomed by Mann, who considered it a ‘triumph’. Mann has threatened to go to the police over the change of candidate, although it is not clear what his grounds would be. Under Labour’s rules, selected candidates must be endorsed by the NEC before they can stand for election.

Interestingly, none of the right-wingers currently complaining about the NEC’s choice of candidates for this election appear to have complained when the 2017 NEC – then still controlled by the right of the party – decided that there was not enough time to give members a say on their candidates, declaring that all incumbents would be automatically selected, and imposed many centrist candidates, after Theresa May called the ‘snap’ general election.


Congratulations to Mr Morrison. After years of John Mann, Bassetlaw deserves a genuine left MP.

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  1. Mann gone Watson gone the death of New Labour is near and the complete takeover by the membership and true Socialists gets closer e ery day.

    1. peterswa62 – most of the Corbynista Left are not socialists (true or otherwise) but left-liberals. They assume that democratic socialism can somehow be established without doing away with capitalism. The neoliberal tsunami of the last forty years has meant that there is scant debate on this fundamental issue however, and the right wing of the Corbynistas tend to discourage such debate as there is. The failure to replace the Blairite revision of Clause IV(4) is one consequence. Likewise Corbynista adoration of the EU is not a separate issue but is entirely connected to this Left toleration of (amounting in practice to an embrace of) capitalism. I have yet to identify a democratic socialist in the PLP.

      1. Onanism in a darkened room as ‘politics’

        Easier than beating the Tories.

      2. RH, do see a good psychologist. From your responses to a month ir two ago, it has been noted that you are obsessed with duvets, darkened rooms, what others do with them and your onanism.
        It is a lovely day outside. Stop that and get some fresh air

      3. signpostnotwindchimes at 11:02 am

        My Prussian-blue electric clock’s
        Alarm bell rings, it will not stop
        And I can see no end in sight
        And search in vain by candlelight
        For some long road that goes nowhere
        For some signpost that is not there
        And even my befuddled brain
        Is shining brightly, quite insane

      4. Oh dear, signpostnotwindchimes, not ‘obsession’ – just used as appropriate imagery for the mindset of self-obsessed going nowhere politics – It’s the Toytown Left’s reflection of John Mann having a go Labour members.

        I’ll remember in future that there needs to be an ‘Over 16’ warning attached

      5. Hi Steve H, just saw your little poem. I’v just reworded it below. Enjoy.

        Your crusty yellowish blue bashed clock’s
        Alarm still rings, it will not stop
        You hear, but fail to understand
        You look but fail to see, yet stand
        To silence those who say wake up!
        You dream! You’r stuck! Wake Up up up!
        Your short easy road goes nowhere
        Tis a roundabout. Signpost no need there
        And thus your defeated, bashed brain
        Is blown round and round to maintain

        things just as they are
        no change will do
        Change is a threat
        Boo hoo hoo hoo

        Your worn out soul
        given up
        given in
        stuck guarding
        past futures
        your mind engrained
        against the many
        directed by few
        to gobble every last penny
        How do they get away with it?
        Supines like you.

        Steve H, we all have different views. Routine strivers to stifle and ridicule fresh views, are not always bad people. It is just their nature. I agree with Bertrand Russell. All types are needed to make humans survive… even types who unwittingly are ever timid re even a suggestion for change. NB the same automatically find robustness, determination and aggression… like worker army ants, to fight to the death any intruders to the status quo.

        So you are important to the sociopolitical ecosystem. Think symbiosis. You have those fish that nibble the dead skin from people’s feet. Stuff we consider useless organic rubbish, may make excellent compost for a rich crop of fruit.

        So, you are not useless organic rubbish.
        1 – You keep the rest of us in check, lest we change the whole world overnight.
        2- You are a vital specimen here. You are not unique. So it is great to have you at hand here so we can observe and analyse the psychology of “don’t rock the boat” … the psychology of accepting that initiating change, is not for the likes of us. Lets wait till we are instructed from on high. As if by some strange alchemy, a select small clique have unique magic powers to direct us. We should just sit quiet and still, except to snarl and attack apparent threats to the status quo.

        To me it is nothing to do with intelligence. Rather it is nurture and lots of nature. Eg the army ants. They do what they do, as is their nature. They are neither bad nor stupid. They would attack a poisoned steel rod if poked with it… automatons. Just wondrous
        automatons. Watch them.

      6. signpostnotwindchimes at 8:25 am

        Thanks for your valiant attempt at condescension.

      7. “1 – You keep the rest of us in check, lest we change the whole world overnight.”

        Hilarious. Deluded as fuck – but hilarious – to so overestimate one’s own abilities that one is shocked to find boom and bust hasn’t after all succumbed to one’s intellect.
        Maybe leave poetry to poets – only one of whom ever came close to changing the world.
        Dylan – probably not the one you’re thinking of – also had the grace to minimise his own importance despite a fucking Nobel Prize.

  2. peterswa62 “the complete takeover by the membership and true Socialists gets closer every day.”

    I wish that were true, but we are dealing with an iceberg, much of which cannot be seen. We have a rotten and possibly corrupt bureaucracy in the Party. Remember, it was Party ‘staff’ who insisted that Chris Williamson should face disciplinary action. These are the people who issue suspension notices without having to give reasons and without giving the accused a chance to refute allegations, often undisclosed, prior to suspension.

    The Labour Party still has a very long way to go before we have democracy and due process.

    1. Could not agree more!
      Plus, there are some well-meaning members who feel that it is best people say nothing about areas needing radical improvement. Too many are ever fearful of the hostile MSM and enemies within and without. They miss the fact that Jeremy won the leadership despite the MSM, and despite the MSM’s and other operators’ dull blunt failed faulty tools like CoiledTwatsonsKhantsBliarsMedaciousCouppersOwensmithsCUKSbignames et al. BIG NAMES! pah.

      Jeremy’s message was to the wider electorate and triumphed. Yet, even he, some members AND the NEC, after each victory, direct all energy ridiculously trying to convert the unconvertible, reform the un reformable, appease the unappeasable.

      Take one screaming example: How can anyone reform a LABOUR MP who broadcasts that they will not just “KNIFE JEREMY IN THE BACK” they will “KNIFE HIM IN THE FRONT⁉️⁉️⁉️ Moreover, how can the allies, associates or funders of someone who extolls such violence be changed?

      How??? Someone, anyone, please explain.

      That degree of reform demands more than prayer and fasting. To change the nature of someone in a responsible position, with knife-crime rife in the country, who thinks like that, would take a miracle. To change the brass neck to then stand in parliament and emote about language and treatmeant of some MPs, would take massive full strength miracles, yes, plural. Multifaceted miracles in parallel and series, with all bells and whistles.

      You are dealing with a troupe of shameless over ambitious self promoters lacking self-awareness. Yes, with amateur dramatic skills that surpass the WMD hysterics of the, pause pause people’s princess gesticulating despot chasing aspirant to be “first EU President with REAL POWERS”… but failed, duplicitous self-servers full stop.

      Thinking of the creature, the Jesus complexed bringer of wanton bloodshed to Iraq…the vile and venal creature… so base, that one of its own chums said that it was obsessed with ever more “hair brained schemes to make money”, including… wait for it…. “doing a deal with Gaddafi to sell him mosquito nets”. You could not make it up. And, this was weeks before Gaddafi’s assassination. And the WMD warner was making appeals to save Gaddafi to the very end. The pope in waiting …no, jesus in waiting, failed his potential mosquito net business chum.

      Ah! tother titbit… When new & improved jesus started winding up divine “not for profit global initiatives”… quelle horreur!!! I hear the screams… after all, what the world needs now is more “not for profit global initiatives”… There are lots of them in Haiti, The Congo, Palestine, Kurdistan, The Yemen… any country poor, raped, ravaged and exploited since you were a child, you will find “charitable trusts” and “global initiatives” active there, since then, since before your childhood. Check your maps. Circle any place of geopolitical / military strategic locations and any place with valuable commodities. Not just oil. Rare earths and even land for industrial beef production ( think Amazon fires) … Identify those places and you will find “global initiatives” and glittering “charitable funds” in operation. Oh and you will find despots and places that rarely make the news. The MSM focus is on the countries trying to keep the “global initiatives” out! Not the well oiled doings of the “initiators”. They are just nasty scams. Gilded banditry.

      Funny though, the WMD emoter’s “initiatives” were scaled down because even the despotic clients realised Bliar promised much and was delivering nothing. So the £££ were drying up. Tyrants who were promised their images would be given a nice spit and spin, were universally disappointed, underwhelmed… and at great cost too. But at least they abroad realised before some here at home, that all that grins is not gold.

      Some years ago, bot long before I ceased listening to Radio 4 news progs religiously, a student, Singaporean i think, said after attending one of the Bliar’s highly promoted sermons there, that Bliar offered nothing, no substance. In short, chilling damp wind. Worthless. Not what was promised. I hope the BBC could dig out that gem of assessment and play it EVERY morning instead of Thought For The Day. Even on the closing day of the Cambridge Festival of ideas on 27 October, one session attempted to rehabilitate the serpent. (Serpent lovers, no offence meant. Twas the first word to mind).

      As the “knife Jeremy in the front” MP, WMD warner, CoupperummunagarridaningIanAustinsWoodcocks et al are at one in openly wishing AGAIN that they prefer Pifflel to win rather than Jeremy, they define each other. We can assess people by the friends they keep, by the creatures they endorse. The NEC must realise that after the election victory, those creatures will persist in their wrecking, coordinated from the Lords. The NEC must rid us of them now. A victory with them will be picric.

      My MPs GE junk mail was delivered yesterday. Like Mayor Khan’s, not a single mention of Jeremy. The poster for the window is inaccurate as it has McNicol as the General Secretary. One may think it is to save money but based on past form, possibly not. In any case, it may contravene electoral law as the information should be accurate.

      It even stated that the MP won the open selection. That is NOT an innocent error. An out of date poster may save money and paper. A lie does not. It is using noney and paper to construct and print a lie. That the mp WON OPEN SELECTION, is A LIE.

      There was NO open selection in our CLP as the MP and cabal organised a well organised and underhanded aggressive drive to vote AGAINST open selection. They argued that it was a waste of time. I was at the meeting. An open letter with over 63 signatures was sent to the NEC about the conduct of the trigger meetings. No action was taken. If a response was given, this writer is unaware of it. What were the reasons for a failure to investigate and act? Letters should have WRITTEN replies addressing the specific itemised issues raised.

      If the NEC continues to fail, what exactly is it for??? What exactly is it promoting??? How is it serving the wider membership??? I have written before, Jeremy’s Labour WILL win this election with a slim majority but a failure to deal clearly and robustly with MPs and Lords who openly undermine and threaten the leadership with “knifing in the front” as Jess Phillips did with apparent glee, while expelling and deselecting others for non violent opinions, for questions expressed in a private meeting, taped illegally as re Chris Williamson, is improper, inconsistent, demoralising to the many, immiscible with a kinder gentler politics, alien to justice and re transforming our country it is counter productive in the extreme. THE NEC NUST CHANGE COURSE NOW before it is too late. The usual suspects should be deselected and substituted NOW before it is too late. THE TIME to act IS AT LEAST 2017, already well overdue. So act bravely and decisively now or we face being in government eroded at every turn openly on the MSM by the likes of Neil Coyle, Jess Phillips, Peter Mandelson, Wes Streeting, Tom Watson, exactly as they have been doing since Jeremy won the leadership. Any brief ceasefire is not enough. THEY WILL RESUME FULL HOSTILITIES even BEFORE polling day. Give no more peerages eg to Tom Watson. Revoke if possible the ones to McNicol and Mandelson and any others in that place who fail to support the leadership. Let the Tories feed them lordships. Then at least it will highlight what they are to those slow to realise.

      Much more could be said, but this post was only meant to read, i agree with you Jack T!!!

      Ever hopeful!!! Never Give Up!!!

      1. signpostnotwindchimes 09/11/2019 at 6:28 am
        Were you a fan of Blue Peter in your youth?

  3. I agree but our current batch of NEC cannot be reformed,and even their loyalty to the Labour party must be looked at following the damaging and dishonest decissions..Maybe they should be expelled in their collective responsibility,.from the party.The decisions have damaged the moral amongst the membership and will inevitably lead to a membership decline…democracy now not capitulation.!

  4. Left, right, or centre, it is wonderful to see that no matter where on the political landscape the Labour Party staggers, it manages to maintain the noble tradition of internal civil war.

    1. … and forgetting the basics that, although there are limits and some like Mann lie outside them, the Labour Party is a *coalition* which also has to actually convince a spectrum of non-members to lend their vote.

      If anybody hasn’t grasped that basic fact, they are more than a a bit dim, or, effectively, working for the Tories.

      1. more than half a million members and the largest share of votes since the 40s DESPITE Tom Watson and an extremely hostile media. So much so that now BoJob is attempting to mimic the policies promoted by Jeremy. It is Jeremy who has changed the centre-ground. IE being a signpost NOT a weather cock. The Clinton triangulation parroted by Blair is TOSH

    2. the problem is that too many believe that remaining silent equals no civil war. That is the trait of all victims. The victims of domestic and other vile abuse almost always feel they are responsible. Because they did not do this or that. Or because the did this or that. It is precisely that mind set that the likes of Tom Watson, Blair, Peter Mandelson, Neil Coyle et al exploit.

    3. Perspective. Rather than see discussion as “internal civil war”, see it as ongoing MEANINGFUL self assessment. Contributions that promote MEANINGFUL change, not beige timid lacklustre pathetic dispiriting window-dressing. The world has a glut of that. Change the mask keep the mess, Change the curtains, keep the trash.

      That is why the sustained attacks on Jeremy. He threatens needed meaningful change. The only change worth having. This writer and others here want him to be bold, robust, unapologetic, direct energy, kindness and gentleness to the many and uproot the vile few from within and be assertive and confident with the narrow self-servers who promote the Neil Coyle’s and Tom Watson’s from without. Saying so plainly is called honest contribution. Honest feedback is needed. Staying silent as if challenges will disappear by some strange magic is infantile folly.

      Apologies if you were being lighthearted. Humour is great but language is critical. We must discourage, indeed obliterate the idea that it is best to keep quiet when we see things need improving.

      Constructive contributions are not civil war. They are part of the essential foundations of any worthwhile enterprise. Think of Tony Benn. I long for him to be alive now!
      Ever optimistic!
      NEVER be supine!!
      ALWAYS when able, be dynamic and

    4. Ceredig…..not civil war just argument amongst comrades spiced with sarcasm and humour from party members and others hoping to influence the almighty for democracy and change inside the Labour party….just saying

  5. .. on which subject, I note that Blunkett has now definitively put himself outside the boundary of acceptable behaviour for a nominally ‘Labour’ politician by slagging off everybody else.

    Ah yes, Dave – I well remember your disastrous time as Secretary of State for Education enacting the continuation of essentially Tory policies despite the warnings, and which are still coming home to roost. SATS, simplicities and Woodhead’s Ofsted – remember them?? I remember the rapid descent into despair as, despite welcome funding increases, nothing much changed in 1997 as children’s schooling continued to be trashed and more divided under a welter of pompous pronouncements and counter-productive regulation.

    Then, of course, there was the Home Office …

    Still, Murdoch’s empire was a lucrative sideline, wasn’t it?

  6. 4NEC……….see imposed candidates & CHRIS WILLIAMSON. Power to the people (sic).

  7. Ibrahim Dogus replaces Tom Watson as Labour’s West Bromwich East candidate

    1. Congratulations Keir Morrison and Ibraham Dogus on your selections as
      PPCs in Bassetlaw and West Bromwich East . I wish you both every success and look forward to seeing you take your seats in Westminister in December.

  8. Galloway is self evidently not everyone’s cup of tea.

    When he stood for London Mayor in 2016 he managed to attract a whole 1.4% of the vote. He managed to keep his deposit with 5.7% of the vote when he stood for parliament in 2017.

    Don’t you think your vote would be better employed supporting Jeremy Corbyn by voting for the Labour Party candidate. The only thing that will put JC’s leadership at risk is a lack of votes for Labour.

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