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Johnson tells nurses: I’m giving up alcohol – turns up sipping whiskey

Tory leader’s shameless dishonesty encapsulated neatly

Tory leader Boris Johnson’s innate dishonesty – and utter shamelessness – has been spotlighted in consecutive days of his general election campaign.

With his cowardice already exposed during hospital and school visits in Nottinghamshire today, Johnson also put his complete lack of principle on display – telling nurses in at King’s Mill hospital that he had given up alcohol for the campaign.

But just a day earlier, during a visit to Scotland, he was filmed sampling various whiskeys at a distillery:

Johnson’s bots and drones will of course quickly try to clutter social media threads about this article with claims the picture is faked – so here’s the full footage:

Boris Johnson’s dishonesty is instinctive and unstoppable. You can never trust a Tory – and him especially.

Vote Labour for real change.

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    1. His partner, his neighbors and the Police who were called out to a ‘domestic incident’ because neighbors who were concerned for the safety of Boris’s partner.

  1. Dearest de piffle,

    Please promise us you WON’T give up breathing.

    Ta, muchly.

  2. Johnson’s modus operandi is to make stuff up as he goes along – I believe it caused him a few problems in his previous career as a “journalist”.

  3. Yes when Jeremy Corbyn was planting a seed for Peace in N. Ireland, Johnson at the time was probably getting pissed with the Bullingdon Boys & trashing restaurants? It’s civilised, decent Jeremy v Right Wing Barbarian Johnson!
    Jeremy Corbyn 4 The Nobel Peace Prize!

  4. Unending (adj) (ʌnˈɛndɪŋ) – having or seeming to have no end: ‘the bankrupt nation was made even poorer by Boris Johnson’s unending dishonesty and his gift of the NHS to American plutocrats.
    • countless or continual: unending lies.

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