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Trickett’s video nails NHS privatisation

Labour front-bencher’s interview with constituent exposes Tory privatisation scam – and Cummings’ involvement

Labour front-bencher Jon Trickett has published an interview with one of his constituents that exposes the reality of Tory privatisation of the NHS.

The constituent, Nicki, suffers chronic pain and is supposed to receive free courses of treatment to manage the pain, but has now been told she has to pay a private company for the same treatment – a company linked to Boris Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings.

She told Trickett how the change unfolded:


The same kind of scenarios are playing out across the country for millions of people. You can never trust a Tory with the NHS.

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  1. We not only stop the privatization,but abolish the Trusts and all corperate speak…..the GPs are going to be a major problem but with a little more understanding we will get them onboard.And then the dentistry scandal?.The gravy train has to stop and Corbyns the person to stop this fiasco!

  2. I went to A+E recently to find out the walk-in had been taken over by Virgin Care. The same company that sues the NHS when it isn’t awarded a contract. People don’t realise just how much of our NHS has been tendered out.

  3. Disgusting !! I’m Livid. Just heard Matt Hancock on Sky saying he’s just signed up more GP’s via private companies and that is where their election pledge money for GP’s is going.

    Labour needs to do an on air written affidavit at the Leaders debate so all parties sign that the NHS won’t be part of a trade deal. This is getting serious now. C’mon Labour, Call their bluff and call em out !

    NOT FOR SALE !!!


  4. Off topic but hopefully worth it.
    I haven’t looked at Richard Murphy’s blog in weeks and I’ve only looked at the front page so far today but the titles of his most recent articles look very Labour-friendly. I’ll try to read them all later.

    Lefties with a following (that lets me out) linking to economics professionals picking holes in Tory ‘strong & stable’ nonsense presumably can only help us.

    1. Steven H, your intentions may be sincere as you say, but most likely the NEC’s gross inconsistency re harsh justice for Chris but none for a ghastly list including Tom Watson, is what has list the Labour vote. There is a tendency to blame those responding to blatant incoherent policy re: party standards and discipline. It is the NEC which should bear full responsibility, NOT voters like Maria.

      To Maria and others, please vote. Never abstain. At least a vote for Chris is will be a boost to his moral.

      The Tories AND Blanket, Ian Austin rt al are hoping Labour voters will abstain.

      1. signpostnotwindchimes 09/11/2019 at 4:19 pm
        signpostnotwindchimes 09/11/2019 at 4:17 pm ·

        “At least a vote for Chris is will be a boost to his moral.”

        I’d much rather everyone voted for the Labour candidate (I haven’t seen anyone give a reason why he’s not a good candidate) rather than making pointless gestures which could damage Labour’s chances of forming a government. I guess it depends where one’s priorities lie.

      2. if supporting Chris who is suffering a gross injustice is regarded as pointless then:

        1 – Let us hope you never need support in similar or any circumstances.
        2 – If you are insensitive to the plight of a dedicated Labour party member then one shudders to contemplate your attitude to the general public.
        3 – If we fail to indicate grass root feelings to an alienated NEC acting with disturbing unjust inconsistency, then what are we for? What are they for?
        4 – If we fail in what you consider a small matter, then can we be trusted to deal with big issues of injustice throughout the criminal justice system?
        5 – if we cannot care for those we know, even only as a fellow party member with similar aims and ethos, then do explain how you manage to care for a wider public with complex diverse needs and hopes?
        6 – If we are content with low standards within the party in particular, then how can we justify pursuing high standards in society in general and how would you persuade the general public that we do not seek power for its own sake, but to implement meaningful positive change?

      3. signpostnotwindchimes at 7:22 pm

        For goodness sake get a grip. If you think that you are going to guilt trip me for saying that Labour supporters should vote for the Labour candidate in CW’s old constituency you are on a hiding to nothing.

  5. NHS PRIVATISATION by STEALTH has been ongoing for at keast two decades. The first stages were “Care in the Community”, selling off the property assets, especially to land banking. The establishment of Health Trusts led to fragmented commissioning and purchasing. Thus eroding economies of scale. Eg the now overinflated cost of medicines and equipment. Also outsourced catering and housekeeping. And a reduction in reuse of equipment instead of for eg auto-claving. Interestingly, autoclaving is STILL used successfully in the USA. This writer has seen it being used.

    Even more curious is the failure of many well meaning and others of no socially beneficial meaning but hysterical self promoting virtue signallers, it is curious how they pontificate about saving the planet and being green. They fail to connect even the obvious. Eg taking NHS laundry services out of house increased transport exhausts and risked spreading contamination. MRSA not a surprise when added with outsourcing of janitorial services with temporary floating agency staff. All without a unified mission, a sense of belonging to one hospital in one NHS.

    So Thatcher’s eggs, from which the WMD warning serpent slithered… After all Thatcher itself hissed that Blair was its greatest creation. She knew it would have her nature. However morally deformed, a parent knows its progeny. So she has claimed responsibility. Blair is NOT original. Blair is hers. Its theatrics are as camp but less entertaining… shallow… tiresome… hollow theatrics. The Blair creature is nothing but a continuation of foul sewage that went before. Shiny grinning tap, same —-•

    Thatchers ideas, regurgitated by her followers, inflated “Competitive bidding” by a small aggressive profit prioritising clique eg Virgin. The much vaunted “competition” is nothing of the sort. The bidders are from a limited swamp of chums. Think of what happened to the assets of post Thatcher Gorbachov Reagan Russia. State assets were filched by a few WELL PLACED crawlers.

    Multi billionaires appeared overnight. Some not too long past adolescence. While here, millionaires a bit older, became the chosen few. Search for who said to Richard Branson around 13 years ago at a cocktail party: “we must do something for you”. Think memoirs… no, not the creature’s. The memoirs of the one allegedly cheated on by Murdoch’s ex wife Wendy. At least Murdoch recognised and expressed his feeling of gross betrayal by Blair. At least Murdoch acted swiftly, clearly and robustly, divorcing Wendy and letting the whole world know that the Blair he helped so much, is an ungrateful cheating, low life, undeserving of trust. When would our Jeremy learn that if Blair betrays Rupert Murdoch in that way, then what hope rhubarb gifting Jeremy. Blair is hypnotised by wealthy people. Murdoch is extremely wealthy, yet that wealth failed to immunise him from the wicked fangs of Blair. What hope Jeremy. And why did Jeremy and key frontbenchers fail to turn up for the Alex Salmond vote to sanction Blair? Why?? WHY⁉️⁉️⁉️

    I digress, apologies… there is just so much that is inexplicable. Anyway, now Virgin sues the already cash strapoed NHS for not getting a contract. What sort of citizen is that??? No amount of barefooted cool dude charlatanry can fool everyone. Some will always be fooled but others … The digression is worth it because…

    Back to privatisation, the Community Care morphed into care by “charities”… a multitude of ever changing reinventions of names. They go kaput or are found dangerously substandard so are dissolved then reconstituted / resurrected under a different name. With no change to the poorly trained poorly paid staff and over remunerated directors while the foot soldiers depend on tax credits to survive. Thus the oh so brilliant “entrepreneurs” LIKE VIRGIN CARE, have their costs subsidised… “socialised” by the state. The “profits” are then exported to Tax Havens in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

    But the exported loot are NOT profits. They are the fruits of others labours. The lavishing of gargantuan state subsidy. That is what Tax credits and housing benefit to working people are. Some working two and three jobs to make ends meet.

    WELFARE BENEFITS are HANDOUTS to the CELEBRATED misnamed “entrepreneurs”. “Profits” and assets capitalised. Losses and expenses socialised. The bandits know it. Their political chums know it. The lobbyists know it. The MSM commentariat know it. AND they say little or nothing. They bash the poor and some of the poor phone up the radio stations like brainless automatons to bash their fellow poor. Quite heart breaking to listen to them. ps OWEN JONES, re your book: This writer says THAT’s HOW THEY GET AWAY WITH IT‼️‼️‼️ They are facilitated by an unthinking, unorganised victim cultured poor. A poor who believe that Mogg and Piffell are smart, oh so smart and BORN TO RULE.

    The day before Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha came out from the huge council house at the end of the grand mall for her river pageant, i asked one of the familiar devotees you see photographed at every such fandango, why he was camping out overnight in the cold. He replied that he had been saving his spot (like hundreds of others) BECAUSE “THEY WERE BETTER THAN US”. Accurate, unfogettable quote. So dumbfounded was i… yes me of the long posts which are ALWAYS intended to be short, so very stunned by the simple clear earnest honesty of the fellow, i cannot remember exactly what i did next. Yes, me with a memory often remarked on with surprise. I cannot remember. So Owen Jones, i met you at the politics festival a couple of years ago. We had a brief chat as you signed my friend’s copy of your book. I should have told you then, that’s hiw they get away with it.

    Attempt an FOI re the flogging off our state assets and admin eg recruitment for the armed services where Lord Dannat recently said, the cost is now many millions but recruitment is in crisis, you will be met with at best obfuscation, at worst NO! “Commercially sensitive information”. No F I for that! Yet, what control is there on serving … ah! an abuse of the word serving…rather, using MPs and ex using MPs and PMs to flog contacts and said “commercially sensitive information” gained while using their positions…

    what restraint is there to PREVENT them selling that same info denied to citizens? How do the authorities prevent present and ex MPs and PMs using the same info to serve entities at home and abroad? Think, LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Nick Clegg now serving Facebook. Think the Scottish Tory who was about to be a lobbyist. Think another Tory or LimpDem who resigned a cabinet post with mass weeping from a fawning MSM chatterati . For whom is the individual working now to stop gambling addiction???

    And of course, think of the creature convinced it can be the grandest “traffic stopping EU President” – according to DAVID MILIBAND. This writer heard him say it. The MSM has it on tape. That was the BIG NAME MILLIBAND’s expressed judgement of why Tony Blair was the only right choice to be the first EU President with extended executive powers alla the POTUS. “we need some one who can stop traffic”. That is the quality of judgement that the likes of Ian Austin, think makes David Miliband the ideal follower to the orphan and widow making Blair. The Blair that shut out the wise advice that invading Iraq would spread terrorist. Meddling with Gaddafi would bring problems here. Result? Disaffected Libyans, post Gaddafi, brought here in secret resulting from? … Blair. Then Manchester Arena attack. The direct fruits of Blair.

    So all the negatives are connected. Privatisation by stealth of the NHS and more besides. Socialism for the bandits. Exploitation of the poor. Incessant obsession with appeasing the proponents of the above despite their declared persistent hostility. A supine public who BELIEVE that certain people of whom they have NO serviceable / useful knowledge, are “”BETTER THAN” them. And a determined organised few that work night and day to keep enough people believing that.

    And, the best potential for transforming this country, and the NEC, failing to realise that the best written policies and manifestos cannot be implemented and sustained with the likes of certain parasites within, emboldened to “knife”, “knife” and “knife in the front” again again and again. Gifted more knives as if in some some baffling trance, that makes the leadership believe that “kindness and gentleness” will produce change in them, but not Chris Williamson.

    1. “NHS PRIVATISATION by STEALTH has been ongoing for at keast two decades.”

      More like nearly four decades. NHS is de facto privatised in all but the minds of the public, all that remains to be fully implemented is US style insurance model leaving a poor quality means tested service for those who cannot afford or qualify for insurance. Make no mistake LP was deeply involved in the restructuring required for the US style profit based model to be implemented. I wont forget and blame just Tories and LibDems… we have a one party state in UK on many issues, neoliberal economic restructuring and imperialism are the main points of agreement. Corbyn/manifesto may be trying to reverse some of it domestically but many in the party and most MPs are still in the ‘extreme centre’ neoliberal/neocon bloc and speak out of both sides of their mouths.

      As for Williamson here is his article in the Morning Star.

      1. Maria 09/11/2019 at 11:52 am

        Many fine words from Chris that lots of us will empathise with, BUT every single vote for Chris is one less vote for Labour. Given the vote split at the last GE it is extremely unlikely that CW will get elected, the only thing this empty futile gesture will achieve is a Tory MP in Derby North.

        My number one priority is a Labour government.

        Those Labour supporters in Derby who are tempted to vote for CW should reflect on the fact that the last GE was emphatically a 2 horse race between Labour and the Tories with only 4.1% separating them.
        Voting for CW will facilitate a Tory win, it won’t matter how well intentioned those votes are the end result will be the same, a Tory MP in Derby North.

      2. SteveH, you will never ever convince me to vote for the colour of a rosette regardless who wears it to put a Gov full of downright awful, backstabbing and frankly untrustworthy MPs into power. Back to the future ain’t my thing, integrity and record matter when I cast my vote/support and if that means I have to abstain, so be it. MPs must be made accountable to party members and constituents one way or another and LP sure isn’t changing on that score.

      3. Steve H Chris Williamson and the Labour party seat has already gone and you know it!Blame that on the NEC and the AS scam but don’t think for one minute that the decision to throw Chris Williamson and his parliamentary seat under the bus rests with anyone other than the NEC and HQ.I want a Labour win and can only vote Labour ,but you know that we have missed the bus and given the seat away.!

      4. Joseph OKEEFE at 2:38 pm

        I’m not arguing with what you say Joseph. I just happen to strongly believe that any votes for CW (or abstentions) will lessen the chance of a Labour win. I just sincerely hope that Labour supporters in Derby appreciate how critical every vote will be and don’t throw their vote away by either abstaining or voting for Chris instead of Tony Tinley the Labour Party candidate.

      5. Maria, thanks for putting me right on the timeline. The “Care in the Community” scandal and the flogging off of glorious NHS properties and vast amounts of land for land-banking, started in the 1900s so that is a month short of 40 years!!! Shocking really. The outsourcing of housekeeping, catering and laundry services took up steam in the 2000s.

        RE: the privatised structure of the GPs and the under the radar root and branch privatisation of the rest of the NHS you are absolutely correct. It has been skilfully spun with scams like Gordon Brown & Blair’s PFI. That has loaded huge debt on the NHS and us the tax-payers.

        Maria, one reason which helps the above go almost undetected is the silence of those with the means of keeping it highlighted in bold and in the headlines. Those of us who want to see the world transformed appear to find our country transformed less attractive for passionate engagement. But even less attractive is the nitty gritty fundamentals as above. “Virtuous” issues are seized on with passion and raised at every opportunity. But the detail of NHS privatisation ongoing for 40 years is rarely dealt with with clear examples or with the frequency necessary. The NHS is mentioned but not the tangible detail.

        There is a saying. When media people are bored with a topic, the public are only just beginning to hear it. Were repetition unnecessary, the most money dredging companies would not allocate billions for advertisements repeated at least every 15 minutes on EVERY commercial radio station, every day. And still pursue products placements being embedded in the TV progs and films. Plus pay mind blowing sums to influencers to promote stuff on social media.

        We who see the need for change tend to not appreciate how vital that repetition, reinforcement, repetition reinforcement X infinity is. There is much tight sophisticated yurt like conversations amongst ourselves but scarce effective outreach to the wider public. Endless book readings and talks but little incisive strategy for action.

        Observe how certain issues are grasped and repeated while others are not eg the Windrush scandal or Grenfell, or the body-parts tragedy, Carillion, G4S, Atos, Universal Credit, the list is endless but anyone would think the Grenfell victims have all been rehoused to their satisfaction. NO! The Windrush victims are all sorted NO! The body parts? Still in containers and i seem to have read that some of the containers the Tory contracted outsources have exported, may be returned… like our recycling! Such horrendous Tory doings need highlighting and repeating to erase the myth of Tory efficiency and economic management.

        On another matter, there are CLP foot soldiers tramping the streets now to get MPs re-elected. A few of the same MPs will insult and abuse them EVEN before polling day. They are undermining Jeremy even now. My own MP has only distributed literature promoting himself. Not a mention of Jeremy. He is a proven saboteur of Jeremy and has not been censured to my knowledge, despite written complaints to the NEC. Just what does Jeremy and the NEC believe will happen after an election victory???

        The MPs and Lords who attack Corbyn non-stop rarely if ever speak on these key failings of the Tory government, with the constant focus on Brexit for example. Sadly even Corbyn has been far too invisible and silent on these issues until the GEs. Yet he has given his scarce voice and presence to tortuously support the cynical hobbyhorse of his enemies – Remain. NB his same critics who pushed the Remain position to undermine him as they know he is a leaver, are now urging people to vote for Johnson!

        Think about it. So he has been dragged bent over backwards to endorse their stance, thus undermining his integrity and will be blamed no matter the outcome of what has always been a Tory argument. A Tory called referendum, Reckless incompetent Tory failure to be in touch with the public. Typical Tory failure to prepare like competent businesses would… Think CHRIS GRAYLING’s ferry contracts awarded to companies with NO FERRIES. Yet it is Jeremy’s policies and vision if implemented which may have prevented people voting leave!

        The negative script re Jeremy only gains some traction in the vacuum Jeremy left for the status quo merchants to repeat and broadcast their narrative of lies. The neglect of highlighting the Tory failings EVERYDAY not a mumble here and there now and then.

        The absence of repeated alternative descriptions / impressions of Jeremy are NOT seen sufficiently let alone the vital repetition. Television appearances are bot enough. Many shun television. I have never owned one. For a few years I did live in a home with three. But since then not having them is a great timesaver! Plus, re: current affairs, in my opinion TV offers very poor quality even with the best intentions of at most two producers.

        So, Jeremy must embrace radio ASAP, but NOT THE BBC‼️‼️‼️ NEVER EVER the BBC especially the TODAY PROGRAM!!! NEVER‼️

        There are one or two presenters on Talkradio and one or two on LBC ONLY who should be approached. Jeremy, Dawn Butler, Rebecca L-B, Laura Piddock, should be on those stations EVERY DAY till the election AND afterwards. SPEAK DIRECTLY TO ALL THE PEOPLE.

        Dianne Abbott would be excellent despite wicked abuse verified by Amnesty International. This has never got the wall to wall media coverage it deserves, even though she has had more abuse than ALL the others COMBINED. Why?

        Dianne’s delivery does suffer I believe from that hostility towards her. So she is overly cautious.

        So yes! We will win this GE but we could smash the ball out of Kennington Oval, over my home and land smartly on one of the pods of the London Eye. We need not settle just for a slim majority.

        Despite my frank assessment re areas for improvement, i remain CONVINCED that this is the second opportunity we have to not not just settle for the least worse option. We have an exceptional chance to elect someone who offers meaningful change. That is why Jeremy comes under slanderous attack. We should recognise that as a positive.

        When Ian Austin and Woodcock and Blanket Bleakest Bran and Bliar say vote BoJob of course no sensible person will do that. But if they hiss go right, go left. South? Go north. Down? Go up. Invade Iraq? Don’t! PFI? No!! Continued privatisation of any and everything EVEN the armed services? NO! The DWP outsourced to a renamed ATOS? No!!!

        Imagine, the Tories prefer exporting £££millions abroad to a foreign company to dump untold sufferings on the most vulnerable in our country??? When did Dastardly Blanket and Atrocious Bliar last speak about that???

        ANYTHING THAT LOT RECOMMEND? DO THE OPPOSITE. Every criticism from them is a boost. Not everyone is stupid enough to believe them. The wider electorate know their experience on the ground.

        NB the chorus after the last election “if the campaign had lasted one week later, Corbyn would have won. Even Andrew Pierce said that on his LBC prog yesterday. I say we HAD that extra week, extra months, even now an extra TWO years. It is not good enough to disappear through the thick fog up mount god knows what, and only reappear before an election to speak brilliantly and passionately to supporters at rallies, yet allow MSM to capture occasional dispiriting unenergised clips throughout the year.

        Every media interaction should be with obvious commitment even relish, or don’t bother. Anything less is counter productive. The delivery MUST consider the slightly hard of hearing and multitaskers. My hearing is excellent and even I need to turn up the volume. Jeremy your diction is excellent but the breathing is far too shallow, hence the gasping for breath and throat clearing… try cutting out dairy…. yes i know,.. just try cutting it out and see. Breath lower but don’t over breath. Cut out the sotto voce terminal upward inflections at PMQs especially. I sense the intention but it is over used. That is one thing best not repeated by you, especially in the chamber.

        With Bercow’s frequent interruptions, whenever you resumed your question to the PMs you have since dismissed, YES! NEVER FORGET THAT. They are history. You are the present and future!!! Anyway, whenever you resume after interruptions, re start you question from the top AND immediately apply the energy. On every occasion i have heard, you dip and seem to be in a hurry to get to the end of PMQs. CHANGE THAT.

        You must own the space. Value and own the opportunity to speak to the INTERNATIONAL PMQs audience. That should be of supreme importance compared to slipping off to Ghana or Zurich to collect noble awards in secret or relative obscurity. And in any case dashing here and there is not very green. And with few knowing, then what’s the point??? Solidarity is all well and good but surely gaining the votes of the many at home will facilitate all your noble aims abroad. Sequence and priorities!!!

        Not every one looks at YouTube clips or goes out to rallies. There are MILLIONS who only listen to the radio. People listen to the radio NIGHT and DAY. I read an interesting bit of research on Friday that found young people in particular do NOT watch a whole news TV program. They may see a viral clip a million times. Yet the understanding and explanation of issues like SOCIAL CARE and NHS privatisation cannot be conveyed by twit or YouTube clips. Willing supporters need more than that in order to hold their own on the doorstep and on phone-ins.

        The Union leaders are EXCELLENT in putting their views to radio presenters. They need to share their skills and the wider membership need to study and learn from their performance… In fact Jeremy you need to learn from them also. They are never passive aggressive. They remain calm yet energised, assertive and appear to enjoy the encounter WITHOUT irritating false sounding laughs like McD or Thornbury as if aiming for respectively: “i’m really likeable you know” and “i’m sooo fun loving, i want to be a much loved clown.

        Re Learn from every one and from every source… even the Tories. They appear, other than Truss, to have the basics of communication. Alas they have nothing worth communicating.

    2. Signpostnotwindchimes Like 👍 and especially the kinder gentler politics that has lead to Chris Williamson under a Bus 🚌…and the loss of a Labour seat to the AS scam. ,

    3. Isn’t it generally considered polite to restrict one’s comments to fewer words than the blog itself?
      Brevity may be more effective too – I doubt I’m alone in not reading such long comments.

  6. Steven H, your intentions may be sincere as you say, but most likely the NEC’s gross inconsistency re harsh justice for Chris but none for a ghastly list including Tom Watson, is what has list the Labour vote. There is a tendency to blame those responding to blatant incoherent policy re: party standards and discipline. It is the NEC which should bear full responsibility, NOT voters like Maria.

    To Maria and others, please vote. Never abstain. At least a vote for Chris is will be a boost to his moral.

    The Tories AND Blanket, Ian Austin rt al are hoping Labour voters will abstain.

    1. signpostnotwindchimes 09/11/2019 at 4:19 pm

      “At least a vote for Chris is will be a boost to his moral.”

      I’d much rather everyone voted for the Labour candidate (I haven’t seen anyone give a reason why he’s not a good candidate) rather than making pointless gestures which could damage Labour’s chances of forming a government. I guess it depends where one’s priorities lie.

    2. “To Maria and others, please vote. Never abstain”

      I will be voting in a true blue hunting, shooting, fishing rural constituency. If I could vote for Williamson or someone like him I would never consider abstaining.

      1. Can understand your situation having lived in what is now Jeremy Hunts patch. I still regard it as home. Virginia Bottomry (spell check offered Bottomry) was MP b4 that. Vvv Tory land, Then moved to Kent, not far from the one with “something of the night”. Best thing AWid ever said!

        Still vote though. No vote is really a wasted vote. It may not be as we like but it can encourage and still indicate. Abstentions are vague. Indeterminate. Could be people just did not bother or care. While some decent person is crushed by only getting one vote… their own. A “wasted vote” could have been of use.

        It would be great if we could all try to encourage each other to attend to the “little” things.

  7. Steve H you need to understand that the seat has gone to the opposition and the NEC and HQ realised that the vote for Chris Williamson was a personal vote as well as a vote for Labour party.They have ditched the seat and the result was part of the the decision that the NEC took and in full realisation that we would loose the seat.The implications for an hung parliament are enormous in the ruling of the NEC on Chris Williamson and other rulings and no decision.We are asking for people to vote for pill pushing Vaz with a non decision and.others.The treachery of the NEC might cost us the election and demoralize the !Membership and loose Corbyn in the leadership of the Labour party…IT really isnt just about Corbyn or Williamson it’s about the long term damage to the Labour party.and the loss of the strategically timed bombshell that the treacherous poison inside the Labour party governance has been. End of.!

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