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(Video) Gardiner nails it: Tories’ ‘scare stories’ because they fear Lab will win – and make people’s lives better

Labour’s ‘polite assassin’ lays out tactics voters will see from Establishment in this election and why – and what choice they face

Barry Gardiner, one of Labour’s most consistent media performers, capped an outstanding performance on the BBC’s Question Time programme with a perfect summary of the Establishment’s desperation tactics in the general election campaign – and why they are resorting to them.

Gardiner’s conclusion? The Establishment fears Labour is going to win – and is frantically throwing ‘scare stories’ and fake news at Labour and its leader:

But Gardiner also laid out the choice facing voters: believe the scare stories and fake news – or vote for the party that will make their lives better and restore public services collapsing because of a near-decade of Tory cuts.


Gardiner’s logic and description were perfect – and there is only one choice for those who want a better life for themselves and their children or grandchildren.

Vote Labour, the party with a genuine vision and fully-costed policies to achieve it.

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  1. Another good mp and brilliant speaker,it’s a shame that so many Labour mps feel they need LFI a racist AC anti Corbyn “organ dedicated to harming the Labour party and socialism.Whats the fascination with these affiliates,is the Labour party not big enough for them

  2. Wanting life to be better for our children than it was for us didn’t seem like a crazy pipe dream for the WWII generation or the post-War boomers.
    For a while it looked like something that could be counted on to happen quite naturally – it was thought society would evolve in tandem with technology, because – why wouldn’t it?
    Even the BBC assumed a continually benign evolution in the “Tomorrow’s World” era if we managed to avoid nuclear war.

    Oil price shocks put some holes in the concept of big society but it was Thatcher & Reagan’s big bang neoliberal deregulation that built the bubble that put all the world’s money and all the world’s media in the hands of the 1% – and that was all they needed to bleed us dry and steal our minds and our children’s futures.

    I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t be capable of seeing the truth of the above if the media bullshit machine wasn’t constantly telling them capitalism is the only way.
    OTOH I don’t see any reason for the media ever to tell the truth without our help.
    I don’t see it as a Mexican stand-off though.
    The first time they see us all angry together they’ll be spiritually enlightened by their very own personal Damascene conversions.
    From that second they’ll be the most zealous advocates of socialism.
    Pension scam exposé promised in the news this morning – typical 80k losses mentioned.
    No blame attaches to the Tories though, obviously.
    Nobody could ever have guessed that financially naïve pensioners suddenly having access to more money than they’ve seen their whole lives might be vulnerable to being picked clean to the bone by Osbornista vulture capitalists.

    1. 30 years ago the Berlin wall fell and the fall of the Russian USSR not long afterwards Many including me were happy to see the liberation of the eastern block has we called for democracy and freedom..Now we live in a society where greed and corruption are king,Any that challenge the global Capitalist expansion are described as Marxist and traitors who believe in nothing but envey and hatred of the wealthy.Our country and much of Europe and the USA are going backwards and people are suffering in poverty and a lack of anything to cushion those in need of care.and medical treatment.We have one last chance in this country for democracy..Don’t blow it and steady the ship we are going to win a General election and restore some sanity to the world..Jeremy Corbyn the last hope for Britain and sanity.

    1. The thing is – there’s no virtue in the support of an apartheid settler-colonial regime.

      (I speak as somebody who can’t bear to wear a poppy because of all the uniform knee-jerkery that demeans the thought, visible on screen from the back end of October.)

  3. And Napolian Macron worrying about the collapse of NATO is falling out with our German friends.Merkel can now be bluntly honest with her chancellorship running out.and put the little Napoleon in is place.The neo liberal expansion as ground to a halt and the whole concept is now under threat by the America first President.,The time for Corbyn is now and the global Capitalist ideology has run out of track.We cannot afford the banksters the greed and corruption..Napoleon Macron is finished in france ,leo varadakar in Ireland and the Merkel dream of a world leadership for Germany is falling flat…Cassino economics have failed and Corbyns win over Trumps protegee Bozzo Johnson will be the start of a new revolution for the people.Times are changing and merry Christmas

  4. I can’t bring myself to watch QT anymore. It was bad enough in the dying days of Dimbleby who stayed too long. I don’t agree with his politics but Andrew Neil would have so much better. Fiona Bruce is just awful, she so biased. I do wonder about how they’re teaching students at Oxford & Cambridge if this is the standard they’ve been turning out. No skills, no questioning. Not even doing basic homework and a failure to challenge. I’d ask the university to see if her degree could be downgraded.

    1. I will, of course, be accused of gender bias, but it seems to me that (apart from any inherent political bias), the BBC has been at such pains to counter the same claim against it, that it has rushed to appoint women to posts ahead of assessing whether they are actually the best individual for the job. Thus we have Kuenssberg, whose problem isn’t that she’s massively biased – but is just not very good. Then we have the celebration of three female presenters of ‘Newsnight’, and Bruce as the chair of QT.

      WTF? I couldn’t care less about their gender – I just want someone who is good at the job – as, indeed, other women elsewhere in the media prove that there are such.

  5. Fiona Bruce is a typical ignorent and uneducated airhead employed by the BBC.I base that on meeting a particular type that I met whilst my company helped in putting a documentary together.with the BBC.Apart from waiting for nearly 3 months to be paid the experience of silly giggley school girl adults was only surpassed by so called celebs who were so much up themselves I decided never to repeat the experience

  6. I’ve just come across an interesting article by Simon Jenkins in today’s Groan. Surprise, surprise.

    Sometimes stuff that doesn’t run on predictable lines in unexpected corners comes up with something worthwhile. You don’t have to agree with it all to appreciate the questions raised.

    What initially drew my attention was the following :

    “In truth, Britain’s radical moment came with Harold Wilson’s forgotten government of 1964. It abolished hanging, legalised homosexuality, ended school selection, banned race discrimination, outlawed unequal pay, permitted abortion and liberalised divorce – all in six years. The record was stunning. The Augean stables of British social policy were cleansed.”

    Not a common view of that government from a knee-jerk perspective or of those stuck in tram tracks. But worth more than a passing glance.

    The rest is similarly contrarian, and worth a look

  7. Not much clapping there. Just shows how Tory-heavy their audiences blatantly are.

  8. Interesting enough but more interesting I think for what can only be intentional propaganda.
    Jenkins rightly celebrates the Wilson government’s radical social measures but then writes this bollocks:
    “It is not the British economy that needs cleansing, it is… [more social measures stuff]”

    Without radically and permanently ‘cleansing’ the whole world’s economic system we’re stuck in an endless loop of a little socialism>UNFETTERED CAPITALISM>a little socialism>MORE CAPITALISM.

    We outside the bubble need to recognise that the world is ruled by selfish people who have created a selfish, irrational and unsustainable world to maintain the power and privilege of the wealthy.
    We need to understand that we can’t trust those leaders to have a change of heart and take the action needed in time to save all 8-10 billion of us, instead of just themselves and (maybe) their mates.
    In bunkers.
    In New Zealand.

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