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Video: Barry Gardiner on #BBCQT nails Tory racism – and record number of defeats by Labour opposition

Labour’s ‘polite assassin’ takes down the racist Tory party – and shatters tired and ludicrous claims of ineffective opposition by Labour

Barry Gardiner was a media star of Labour’s 2017 general election campaign – and tonight on the BBC’s Question Time programme he has been showing he has lost none of his effectiveness.

When a clearly planted audience member wheeled out a tired old Tory claim about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Gardiner shattered it in seconds by pointing out that Corbyn’s Labour has inflicted an all-time record number of defeats on Tory governments – and seamlessly moved on to take down the Tories’ appalling record on racism:

The facial expression on the planted member as Gardiner demolished his point was priceless.


The desperation of the Tories and their media allies is so profound that they are stooping to new lows daily in an attempt to derail Labour’s powerful campaign of hope, vision and policies.

Bravo Barry Gardiner for yet another great performance exposing the Tories’ nonsense and hypocrisy.

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  1. I used to have a lot of time for Barry Gardiner but when he refused to leave the Labour Friends of Israel after they blamed Gazans for their own deaths when they were murdered by Israeli troops, my respect for him plummeted.

    We know the LFI is one of Corbyn’s main enemies so why on Earth is Gardiner still a member?

    1. Barry Gardiner is very critical of israel’s treatment of Palestinians in Gaza. He said: “Israel’s right to defend itself, of which the Foreign Secretary speaks, is not an unconstrained right, yet Israel’s response has been unconstrained. It has been disproportionate and wrong. Heavy bombing in a densely populated area with 100,000 civilians, causing the death of 170 people, a third of them children, is not self-defence, it is barbarism. What leverage does the Foreign Secretary have and will he now apply it to make the Israeli Government reappraise this barbaric and unproductive strategy?” as a Jew in Labour I appreciate Gardiner’s honesty and am glad an ally of Corbyn stays in the shameless LFI which is disgustingly paid-for by Likudist hard-right land-grabbers and an affront to socialist Jews.

      1. Qwertboi, I agree with much of what you’ve said. However do you think Isreal’s ‘right’ to defend itself extends to a right to defend itself from those it is occupying? Would Germany have had a right to defend itself from us if they had have occupied Britain?

        I see it as Israel having responsibilities rather than rights when it comes to being an illegal occupier.

      2. Yes 👍 jack,just look at the occupation of Ulster,its never worked and it causes misery for the occupied and the occupiers.At least the Palestinian people have not had the pleasure of the British model of concentration camps yet!.

      3. Gardiner is only displaying the same sort of timidity that many MPs do in the face of Israeli hostility – sign up with the perpetrarors in case they’re a bit nasty to you.

        I wonder if the subscribes to the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign?

        And no, Joseph, even given the history, Ulster today is nowhere like Gaza. Keep your analogies relevant and proportional and in perspective.

      4. RH “Ulster is nowhere near like gaza.?Such ignorance but not the British veiw of Ireland.and the occupation of Ulster.A quote by the mp for Tyrone and S fermanagh 1981. “Revenge Will be the laughter of our children: Bobby Sands prisoner of war died on hunger strike may 1981serving 14years along with 9 others who died on hunger strike in the Maze prison H Block..Suffering is not limited to Ulster or Gaza when the population are under occupation. And inhumanity and Cruelty are not limited to the isreali government,look in your own occupied back yard and think about it. !

      5. No.Not ignorance, Joseph. Proportionality. I have no illusions about the history of Ulster and its contemporary divisions, nor the dangers visited by the Tories, Brexiteers and also expressed in the beliefs of the the DUP and sundry other knuckle-draggers of both religious persuasions and none.

        But the equation of that to the day-to-day deprivations, depredations and death visited on Gazans and the residents of the West Bank is a view through privileged European eyes trying to equate the unequal.

        If you want to lecture about Irish history, fine. But do keep some contact with comparative and contemporary reality.

    2. I heard lots of him before actually hearing him. Excruciatingly tortuous and only functions well when pushed. On first hearing him speak, I thought THAT’s the source / cause of JC mumbling / whispering voice on the radio. Dreadful!!! I love Jeremy when he is out and about. Of course the voice has to be adjusted for the studio, but all JC’s radio interview clips have been soul destroying…underpowered… as if he does not care.

      Not everyone can attend a rally or even check online to get full spirit Jeremy! So every media appearance needs to be to the many listeners at home etc, NOT the interviewer. I suspect JC’s attitude to interviewers comes from an understandable distrust of them. However JC should try thinking of Jill, Jack and Jemima at home or across the street.

      But back to Gardner: I’v a suspicion that the ridiculous term “constructive ambiguity”, was his invention. It has cost us dearly. In leadership, ambiguity is best avoided.
      It is the tool of deceivers. Why would a leader be ambiguous if not to befuddle those they regard as undeserving of truth? “Constructive ambiguity” shuts the many out. It assumes that only a select few can make a significant contribution to for eg implement the result of a binary referendum.

      1. I have noticed that the BBC reduce the volume when Corbyn speaks. This has been tested and proved to be the case by sound technicians.

      2. Thanks rayvisino. Have long suspected that all the MSMs fade down Jeremy’s sound deliberately. At the same time however, if Jeremy’s comments, interviews are delivered as if he is involved / engaged / as if his words are worth hearing, then dastardly fiddling of volume by the BBC etc would be more obvious.

        Think of an energised whisper. It can still communicate purpose and urgency! JC’s team fail him in that regard, as we cannot hear, or see ourselves as others hear or see us. None are flawless, so we all need honest clear feedback.

        SUGGESTION: At ALL times think of a listener. Say darling old Ms Mulberry down at number 23, reluctant to wear her hearing aid or more likely, it needs urgent replacement, but the Tories have destroyed the NHS so much that she can neither get an appointment nor a suitable device. Ms Mulberry’s pals are all in the same situation, devoted F1 enthusiasts and keen for a Jeremy led Labour government. Jeremy speaks for them. They should hear him clearly and as if he cares.

      3. David, you ask why I should pick on Barry Gardiner? It’s precisely because he is so plausible on other subjects and has the respect of many Labour members.

        And just when you say you are not aware of anyone who disagrees in combatting the A/S smears, up pops White Flag Man, Allan Howard who has fits of resentment at the very thought 😐

    3. Jack T, maybe he’s still a member of LFI because the act of leaving would be deliberately misconstrued by certain parties as ‘further evidence of the spread of antisemitism in Labour’.
      The media would certainly demand to know his reason for leaving and twist it as far as they could.
      If Watson had not made such a clear statement on his reason for not standing the media would have made a week-long carnival of it.

      1. Fear of the MSM is a most disabling condition. Adjusting our behaviour to satisfy the immoral, slowly makes us less than moral ourselves. On top of that it sends a clear message to the MSM that we will bend to their winds.

        Remember, it was reported that who should be in and out of Blair’s and Cameron’s cabinets, and which ministers should be favoured etc PLUS policy were all discussed, possibly even decided and directed in, at and from “kitchen suppers” in Chipping Norton. Blair’s first mission after election included consulting with Murdoch. That is government by the few, for the few. The result of perpetually timid, trembling appeasement. It encourages and strengthens those against meaningful change.

      2. should have read “fear of the MSM or ANY other operation or operatives”

      3. David, yes I have taken your point into consideration but should we run away from the right wing/Zionist media for ever? Surely we have learnt by now that appeasement never works.

        The slogan of the LFI is ‘Working Towards a Two State Solution’. This alone is bogus, they have done nothing verifiable. If they were anything other than a sham group, they would be working for a ‘One State Solution’ and this is what Barry Grifiths should be advocating.

      4. In LFI Barry Gardiner might learn their next tactic, outside he’ll definitely learn fuck all.
        He’s one of the few who consistently runs rings around TV reporters and interviewers.
        I’m at a bit of a loss as to why you would pick on him particularly.

        Oh… and spnwc, I rip the piss out of the BBC and all who slither in it most days.
        Nobody here’s expressed fear of them or timidity that I’ve noticed – and I would notice.
        Taking account of the fact that until we’re in government the Tories own the media is just basic common sense.

      5. Fair point, David. Why feed the enemy?

        I would prefer that MPs are just positive – and simply vocal in their support for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign whilst ignoring Israeli front shill organisations. The problem for Labour is that the sheer horror and outrage about the situation in Palestine is never conveyed in the welter of apologias about the fiction of ‘antisemitism’ in the Party and the distractions of whataboutery.

        All that needs to be said about the JLM/LFI nexus was admirably captured by Al Jazeera when an ordinary Labour member asked Joan Regan – quite neutralyy – about practical progress towards the much vaunted ‘two state solution’. Having no answer, Regan immediately labelled the member ‘antisemitic’.

        Of course, Jack is right – the ‘two state’ solution – has been prevented at every stage, and if it ever was a solution, it is impossible now. It’s a convenient fiction to get people off the hook of reality. The only feasible solution is what any real democrat – whether Jewish or not – supports : the abandonment of a sectarian apartheid definition of the Israeli state and the simple adoption of non-discrimination and an abandonment of its current colonial settler nature.

      6. David give Watson a breathing space and he will soon be back in front of the camera….wait for it!We have not heard the last of uncle Tom .This time when he passes a opinion it will lack the credibility of the deputy leader of the Labour party.A good deal and look forward to the real story of Tom Watson and is supporters throwing in the towel

      7. RH, you mean Joan Ryan But I still agree with those specific points, as I always have.

        Joseph OKEEFE, not the point at issue but I agree.

        Jack T no we shouldn’t but I’m not aware anyone’s argued that we should. Some actions of some people might be interpreted that way, but they’d probably characterise them differently.

        Aidey Aitchdee, yeah, he could hardly be said to have silenced the panel when Bruce wouldn’t let them answer right away.

      8. Thanks, David, for the correction . Yes – I meant Joan Ryan. Election brain death and memory glitch.

    4. Yep, here we go again, all the usual suspects finding fault wherever they can dredge it up. And it seems to me they’ve raised the level a notch or two since the GE was called. One would have hoped – in view of a GE campaign going on – that they might be positive and encouraging in their outlook, and especially for the younger people who follow skwawkbox and are relatively new to politics, and there’s quite possibly THOUSANDS of them, but no, not much chance of THAT it would appear!

  2. An old tradition,like being sponsered by a union,LFI the affiliate that keeps on giving.Wake up Labour some of these affiliates should carry a health warning

  3. The look on the audience member’s face as Barry was speaking was a picture. The naked, ignorant hatred that’s utterly incapable of justifying itself without parroting the ravings of lunatics.
    The face of the hard right.

    1. David, your description could equally as well apply to the fanatical Brexiters, many of whom do not have a clue when pressed to explain why they want it. They have fallen for the lies and when they cannot justify their choice they become even more frustrated and say we want it because we voted for it.

    2. ps and despite the studio plants, and difficulties within and without, i’v long felt that a GE is winnable. And this earlier than expected one, winnable with a slim majority. If not, then the most culpable will be Twatson, Coyle, Khan, Austin, Campbell, Blair, Straw Cooper, Harman etc And Jeremy should NOT step down. Let McD go if he wishes. Jeremy must stay to show the MSM that he will not maje his first trip and phone call to Murdoch or any mefua mogul.

      He must remain to demonstrate that the UK cannot, must not be run as a fiefdom of the MSM and vested interests.

      He has dispatched the leadership contenders SmithEagled creatures and coup planners. And, has, despite his weak points, seen off Cameron, May and soon to be BoJob!!!

  4. I haven’t watched Question Time since last February when Fiona Bruce attempted to undermine Diane Abbott on air and sought to humiliate and degrade her off air and encouraged the audience to do likewise.
    I initially had problems viewing the video – I eventually got it and agree Barry Gardiner was masterly in his response – and while trying to locate it I came across a ” clarification” from the BBC about an earlier edition of the programme. Apparently Fiona Bruce was at it again. This time she “misheard” a question and stated the questioner was wrong to say Vote Leave broke the law.
    This woman is clearly incompetent as well as malicious yet we continue to pay her massive salary via the TV licence. As I have long advocated we need a full review of the broadcast media, the BBC’s charter and its numerous failures to adhere to the charter’s impartiality requirements, the TV licence etc.
    We also need to highlight that the presenters such as Fiona Bruce, the BBC producers and senior staff have a conflict of Interest when it comes to our party. They are the ” few” earning colossal wages and will be taxed accordingly by a Labour government.It is therefore in their own best interests to undermine the party in the hope of preventing a socialist government which will expect them to pay their fair share of tax.

  5. Its a pity that the express didn’t cover the reply to the question. But that would have been a waste of their money to have him there in the first place, wouldn’t it?

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