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Labour’s 201 policies to make a UK to be proud of

Labour’s revolutionary policies will transform life for the UK’s people

Labour’s conference this week was the most dramatic in generations for the policies it agreed to implement in government. The result – together with those Labour had already announced – is a astonishing list of over two hundred policies to transform life for vast majority of the UK’s people.

Some major and some less extensive, they will restore this country to a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland after decades of stripping and selling off by the right:

  • new National Care Service
  • new National Education Service abolish Universal Credit
  • halt NHS privatisation
  • replace DWP with new Department for Social Security
  • scrap hospital parking charges
  • abolish Zero Hours Contracts
  • skills-based immigration system
  • end academies & free schools
  • 1/3 of board seats for workers
  • lift bans on onshore wind farms
  • overhaul gambling regulation
  • 10 policies to fix the BBC
  • safe standing allowed at stadia
  • additional health visit for babies
  • nationalise the National Grid
  • restore nurses’ bursary
  • extend £10/hr MW to 16yr olds+
  • extend FOI Act to private sector
  • halt Saudi Arabia arms exports
  • recognise State of Palestine
  • new Rogue Landlord Register
  • raise Corporation Tax to 26%
  • extend free-to-air sport events
  • overseas Loan Transparency Act
  • move part of Treasury north
  • 5 pledges for the Armed Forces
  • register of Beneficial Ownership
  • interest free Homeowner Loans
  • £5bn Robin Hood Tax
  • extend abortion rights to NI
  • new Green Tech Deal for North
  • abolish in-work poverty
  • leaseholder-rights revolution
  • mandatory alcohol labelling
  • declare climate emergency
  • bring rail into public ownership
  • 500,000 new council homes
  • solar panels for 1.7m homes
  • elected House of Lords
  • 3,000 more prison officers
  • redistribute disused retail outlets
  • menopause-friendly policies
  • commission on ftar-right Threat
  • integrate private schools
  • Sure Start Plus.
  • free nursery for 2-4 year olds
  • scrap Ofsted
  • cap school uniform costs
  • low emission Ambulances
  • 1m NHS trees planted
  • 1,500 more trainee GP places
  • scrap prescription charges
  • end detaining & torturing suspects
  • reverse legal aid cuts
  • £20m People’s Law Centres fund
  • 200 new Community Lawyers
  • new access to justice rights
  • 5,000 more prison officers
  • end short prison sentences
  • £20m for women’s centres
  • public accountability law
  • renationalise Scottish Rail
  • £30 per week for ESA recipients
  • end Sure Start Closures
  • zero emissions by 2050
  • 400,000 Green Tech Jobs
  • earn more on Social Care
  • home help for 160,000 more
  • £1bn for new Bus Routes
  • right to an Indefinite Tenancy
  • free bus travel for under 255
  • not for profit buses in England
  • £250m children’s health fund
  • £6bn p.a. extra for the NHS
  • scrap Work Capability test
  • 1 year maternity leave
  • 3,000 more firefighters
  • all class sizes under 30
  • £3bn Mersey Tidal Project
  • £1bn Cultural Capital Fund
  • a Workers’ Protection Agency
  • private rent cap
  • implement Leveson 2
  • scrap SATs
  • Clean Air Act
  • Fair Food Act
  • restore EMA
  • end Right to Buy
  • War Powers Act
  • ban fracking
  • scrap tuition Fees
  • £500bn investment
  • end badger cull
  • Second Home Tax
  • restore Legal Aid
  • £1bn oligarch Levy
  • Gender Pay Gap Act
  • repeal Lobbying Act
  • scrap Bedroom Tax
  • reverse PIP cuts
  • free school Meals
  • transgender rights
  • new Well-being Act
  • ban on new Grammars
  • repeal Tory NHS Act
  • reform outsourcing
  • repeal Vagrancy Act
  • £3bn pa for Education
  • £500 p.a. for carers
  • Orgreave Inquiry
  • Shrewsbury Inquiry
  • blacklisting Inquiry
  • Hillsborough Inquiry
  • renationalise Rail
  • renationalise Water
  • renationalise Energy
  • nationalise Probation
  • a Co-Op University
  • votes for 16 year olds
  • equal Marriage in NI
  • 4 day week in 10 years
  • £6bn free personal social care
  • Second EU Referendum
  • carbon neutral by 2030
  • homeless Bill of Rights
  • closing all detention centres
  • 67,000 wind shore jobs
  • 400,000 Green Tech Jobs
  • 10% transfer of shares to workers
  • restore Trade Union rights
  • collective bargaining powers
  • 27m new GP appointments
  • race & Faith Manifesto
  • ban animal trophy imports
  • new legal right to food
  • double no. of apprenticeships
  • £8bn for new schools
  • renationalise Royal Mail
  • 4 new public holidays
  • Crossrail for the North
  • new National Investment Bank
  • 2% of GDP for Defence Spending
  • NHS safe staffing Law
  • 20-point workers’ rights deal
  • childhood obesity strategy
  • switch business tax to CPI
  • end Post Office closures
  • abolish food poverty in 3 years
  • £6m people’s access to food fund
  • new state-owned Pharma firm
  • Ministry for Employment Rights
  • scrap UK Office Conversion Clause
  • reverse £1bn Inheritance Tax Cut
  • break up Big 4 Accountancy Firms
  • create a Social Justice Commission
  • scrap Non-Dom Status
  • £3.6bn vehicle-charging network
  • build 1 million new homes in 5yrs
  • ban unpaid internships
  • 5% of Premier League cash for grassroots
  • £20bn investment bank for Scotland
  • like for like replacement of Trident
  • establish a new Post Office Bank
  • 50p tax for those on £123,000+
  • ‘fat-cat levy’ on bosses making £350k
  • maintenance grants for students
  • 45p rate for earners (£80k – £123k)
  • new violence against women commission
  • new Brighton mainline for SW England
  • reverse £735m Capital Gains Tax Cut
  • 20% tax on Private Health Insurance
  • create Minister for Mental Health
  • 17 point plan to beat Tax Avoidance
  • 5 year tax freeze on incomes below £80k
  • £100m Cold weather plan for rough sleepers
  • ‘Build it in Britain’ guarantee e.g. naval ships
  • implement Parker Review for BAME equality
  • paid leave for domestic abuse victims
  • 5 point plan for High Street e.g. free Wi-Fi
  • 8,000 new homes for rough sleepers
  • equal rights for gig-economy workers
  • free childcare for low income families
  • new Scottish Devolution Bill on employment law
  • Vehicle Scrappage Scheme to remove 400,000 cars
  • 2.5m interest free loans to buy new electric cars
  • government car fleet will be 100% electric
  • 3 new battery Gigafactories (Stoke, Croydon & Wales)
  • £300m Community owned Car Clubs
  • 50% cut in food bank usage in first year
  • compulsory licensing to cut cost of medicines
  • the Caerphilly Strategy for Mental Health (£2bn)
  • ban donations from non-UK taxpayers
  • Big Pharma research-funding reform
  • freedom of movement Conference motion
  • £50,000 compensation to test veterans
  • compulsory licensing for Big Pharma medicines
  • 37 state-owned off-shore wind farms
  • electricity profits into Norway-style wealth fund
  • end opt-out of Working Time Directive

Labour’s vision under Jeremy Corbyn is the hope for millions to live in a just, compassionate – great – United Kingdom. It’s time to end the withering and blighting of our country by the Tories and their billionaire backers.

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  1. It is a fantastic list and contrasts well with Johnson’s promises to imprison more people for longer. That’s one if his few specific promises as opposed to generalities about ‘sorting’ social care with careless mentions of £billions but no idea of How and no pressure on him to explain it because everybody knows it’s just bullshit. NB Tuition Fees aren’t mentioned or did I miss it? Or are they covered by the new Education Service??

    1. I fear that a list like this (sort of notes for a manifesto) is too unfocused as a tool – except for the already converted. It presents too large a target.

      Again – strategy?

  2. Have I read something wrong? – does it say “3,000 more prison officers” and then later “5,000 more prison officers” and then “end short prison sentences?” If only the world consisted of nothing but prison officers, Labour would be laughing. Perhaps the list needs some editing?

  3. THANK YOU Steve.

    This is the cheat sheet EVERY Labour activist needs.


  4. Brilliant policies!
    People voted Leave to take democratic control back and NOT for Elite Establishment Boris Alexander de Feffel Johnson to give power over our public services and the NHS to Trump, Unelected American oligarchs, and American private companies!
    ‘Right wing US companies are calling.
    To bleed our public services & NHS dry.
    And when Trump says he “Jumpeth”
    Our Boris says he “How High?”‘
    Kick the Tory Neo-Liberals Out and keep the Right Wing American Neo-Liberals out!

      1. RH you are out of your depth on here.
        Have the Neo-Liberal capitalist apologists got you on a zero hour contract?
        You are not very good.
        Try reading some Left Wing journals, see Wolgang Streekt in the latest New Left Review on the EC and his 2016 book ‘How Will Capitalism End?’
        Jim Stanford’s book ‘Economics for Everyone’ is a generally good introduction to capitalist economics though a bit weak on class.
        The unaccountable ECB crushed Greece, and the might of Merkel in Germany by imposing s 1% rate increase (Streekt,2016) without the democratic German govt being able to do a thing about it, explain?

      2. You are patronising enough to be a Bullingdon Boy, Bazza. 🙂

        I read a lot of stuff – but I don’t just swallow it whole because it calls itself ‘left wing’. Let’s face it, tracts about the imminent end of capitalism haven’t got a great track record of prediction or actually *doing* anything about the fundamentals.

        I’m afraid its Lexiteers that are out of their depth in thinking that Brexit is other than a far right scheme for creating an Atlantacist neoliberal nightmare. Trussed up like chlorinated chicken ready for delivery to Trump. Look in the mirror for a ‘neoliberal apologist’ – adopting a major policy of Johnson, Trump and the ERG.

        Of course it is. But I’m open to a proper referendum.

        … and there’s that small matter of actually winning an election.

      3. Neoliberalism? Let’s actually look at the specifics of that ideology.

        The EU is the living embodiment of neoliberalism because (as Hayek relentlessly advocated) it elevates the rules of free trade above democracy.

        It then goes further than Hayek in guaranteeing an unlimited labour supply (the free movement of persons) to crush domestic working class salaries.

        It also guarantees privatisation. This is done through its provisions which ensure that utilities privatisations cannot be reversed in any way, shape or form (the liberalisation directives). Nationalisation of any other sector is subject to judicial tests of proportionality whenever a market is closed off. The political reality would be that nationalisation is a non-starter.

        Almost everything that the 1945 Labour government did would be illegal under EU law and ECHR law. For instance NHS nationalisation of hospitals was actually done without compensation. This would contravene the right to the peaceful enjoyment of possessions in the ECHR (brought into EU law by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights). The 1945 nationalisation of utilities would close off markets contrary to EU law so would be prohibited.

        So a Labour government would not be able to effect fundamental change if it stayed in the EU. The result would be that Labour would preside over the status quo – a status quo which is already neoliberal after 40 years of neoliberal government.

        This quandary in fact suits many left-liberal Labour Party members (including many who sport Corbynista garb) who really want Labour to be a party of the middle class and of the status quo.

  5. Sounds fantastic. Wonderful. Make the UK a wonderful place to live. Making people a lot happier less stressed and a better place to live and work.

  6. Very good apart from the utter nonsense of Trident and 2% of GDP on military spending. These two policies need to be thrown in the bin where they belong.

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