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Johnson has pupils shut away in room while he visits school

Nottinghamshire school told children they must not leave common room while un-named ‘minister’ was on premises

Pupils at a Nottinghamshire school were ‘locked’ way – shut in a room and ordered not to come out – while Boris Johnson visited today.

Outraged parents related the facts on social media:

Anger was raised even to an even greater intensity by the fact that the school has suffered brutal cuts under the Tories:

Boris Johnson’s ‘man of the people’ shtick has been exposed. On the same day that he hid from a hospital in ‘black alert’ status to visit one nearby – like any NHS hospital, it is barely avoiding collapse too – he had children shut away so he could visit a school without fear of having to meet them or hear the impact of Tory cuts on their education.

He is a coward – and all the stage-managed PR stunts in the world cannot hide it.

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  1. No doubt the pupils would have vented their righteous anger on De piffel Johnson…..Obviously they are not lmppresed by our Bullingdon boy wonder and couldn’t wait to get their hands on him…I wonder why?

  2. Talk on BBC of postal workers striking during the election. Whatever the rights and wrongs of it, if it’s true it could cost us the election.
    If that’s the CWU’s intention we should disaffiliate them now.
    This fucking minute. The fuck are they thinking?

    On the other thing maybe it’s Johnson can’t be trusted with kids, not the other way around…

    1. Indeed – it would be a foot-shoot worthy of a Brexiteer, even if postal workers have every reason to be aqggrieved.

  3. A very interesting article in Zelo street regarding the Jewish chronicle being reported to the police for their Editoral by pollard and also fake news regarding Chris Williamson and the Hope not hate message but just…saying!

  4. Repeat a lie and keep repeating a lie and it becomes a fact?Chris Williamson shafted by the NEC in collaboration with the the purveyors of filth…The British press and the BBC …!

  5. Also off message…Ian Byrne shared ‘abusive’ comments about michelle mone and fester mcvile.


    Lad was dead right, too. Bollocks to the sensitivities of both of the harpies, when the pair of them have shafted the poorest in society – with gusto. Mone’s first action a baroness was to deprive urgently-needed tax credits to the people she grew up around. Then she became some sort of poverty pimp deluxe for dummkopf-schmitt and his ‘work programme’

    And mcvile’s just universally hated anyway.

  6. “he had children shut away”

    … probably not, to be realistic. But academy top dogs (a class benefitting from Tory privatisation) may likely be a bit nervous of letting intelligent 16-18 year olds near Mr Toad lest they squash him.

  7. We should keep ALL our children locked-away from tories and safe from their exploitation – not just the rancid ones that have been dead in a ditch for 9 days.

    1. Yeah, just don’t forget where you locked them away.
      The bigger ones eat the little ones and they turn feral in weeks.
      Letting them get rancid is really bad housekeeping, dude. Get a maid.

  8. Linking your two stories from Nottingham: Team Boris shuts out the local press to avoid unpredictable questions. Full story at

    Poorly managed visit from Boris Johnson in Sutton leaves voters with unanswered questions

    As Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues his campaign trail through our area, a poorly managed visit to Sutton’s King’s Hospital has left plenty of unanswered questions.
    ‘Arrive at the hospital no later than 8.15am’, the Conservatives told us last night, as reporter Andrew Topping and photographer Brian Eyre scurried to the Sutton site expecting an exclusive interview.

    What your Chad, alongside BBC Radio Nottingham and a reporter from LBC, were greeted to, was a badly timed visit from the Prime Minister and his entourage – and the realisation that local press are at the back of the queue in this election trail.

    Mr Johnson was surrounded by cameras from national outlets as he paid visits to wards in King’s Mill Hospital, with the press pack well and truly given exclusivity to what went on in the hospital.

    But for your Chad and other local outlets, it was an hour and a half in a poorly-lit room, somewhere in Trust HQ, awaiting news about when the Prime Minister would, if ever, turn up for a chat.

    The national media was given about 30 minutes in a room with Mr Johnson, going over various new policies and talking about his visit to Sutton’s hospital.

    Yet the regional press was scurried into a mocked-up hospital ward for exactly four minutes and 42 seconds of discussion – split between three outlets.

    We were allowed to ask Mr Johnson just one question each, despite waiting nearly two hours and thinking we may get chance to hold a Prime Minister to account during what is arguably the most important general election in a lifetime.

    Your Chad wanted to quiz the Prime Minister on the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme and the unfair treatment of our former miners.

    We wanted to ask him about climate change, amidst the huge flooding and landfall in our area in the last 24 hours.

    We wanted to ask him about the underfunding of our transport and railways compared with other areas in the country.

    And we wanted to ask him about the rise in knife crime and the slashing to police resources since 2010, amid an ongoing murder investigation in Sutton.

    The people of Mansfield and Ashfield deserve to have these questions put to a sitting Prime Minister.

    They also deserve to have their issues addressed in a proper manner – not through a press call to launch a new NHS election offer.

    Our NHS staff are brilliant, and to host the Prime Minister and the press pack after a tumultuous week in which the hospital has risked OPEL 4 is testament to its dedication to its service.

    So we invite Mr Johnson to return to our area later in his campaign, and sit down to answer these questions with your Chad.

    1. “We were allowed to ask Mr Johnson just one question each, despite waiting nearly two hours and thinking we may get chance to hold a Prime Minister to account during what is arguably the most important general election in a lifetime.”

      Scrutiny is what Boris fears the most.
      The House of Lords have today exposed the extreme power grabs contained within the Tory Brexit Bill.

      1. Anyone interested in reading the full House of Lords Report on Boris’s Brexit Deal can find it at the link below. Is it any wonder he pulled it and decided to go for a GE instead as soon as it became evident that parliament was determined to scrutinise the detail

        Select Committee on the Constitution
        European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill: interim report
        2nd Report of Session 2019 – published 5 November 2019 – HL Paper 21

      CHAD: The region between the balls and the arse-hole; can be an erogenous zone for some.

      I’ve never actually been to Mansfield, Ashfield or Chad (FO advises against all but essential travel) so unfamiliar with the local issues – but if every local paper were granted access equal to that of the nationals – the truth might sneak out and risk a Labour win.
      And if every local paper copy-pasted its blog onto everybody else’s blog…

  9. Sixth formers locked up while the PM visits their school?
    Some of them will be voting on 12/12, and I am sure they are terrified about Climate Change and our planet. Johnson dismisses the floods , saying they are are not a national emergency.
    I am sure they are just filling in their UCAS forms and are worried how they will pay their tuition fees.
    I am sure they will #VoteLabour.

    It is a pity that the 16 and 17 year old who care just as mch won’t get to vote too this time. But they will.

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