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Voter applications up more than 54% compared to same period in 2017 GE

Huge surge in number of people applying for vote

Earlier this week the SKWAWKBOX reported that 1.4 million new registration applications had been made in just one month by UK voters eager to participate in the general election campaign.

But the overall rate of applications was accelerating – and in just the first eight days since the general election was announced, more than 820,000 people have applied.

But even more dramatically, a comparison on the government’s voter registration dashboard page shows that applications since the 2019 general election announcement are more than 280,000 – 54% – higher than they were in the equivalent period in 2017.

In the first eight days since Theresa May called her ‘snap’ general election, just over half a million people – 520,100 – applied for a vote. But in 2019’s first eight days, the number reached 820,200.

And an overwhelming majority are in the under-45 age groups that typically support Labour.

If you are not registered to vote, do so here. If you are a student in a marginal constituency, register to vote there rather than in a safe seat.


No wonder the Tories and their media allies are resorting to ever more desperate smears and that excitement among Labour supporters is growing fast about the prospect of implementing the party’s outstanding array of policies.

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    1. … or not, as the case may be.

      Just because you’re paranoid dosn’t mean that people aren’t registering for real..

  1. “… an overwhelming majority are in the under-45 age groups that typically support Labour.”

    … and support ‘Remain’. Good news indeed!

    1. Yes RH, it is the case that the economic illiterate would support the EU.

      And there was me believing the Labour Party and its purported electorate are opposed to neoliberalism and austerity on steroids as practiced on Mainland Europe under the auspices of the EU – I do recommend reading the economic and fiscal tracts in the Lisbon Treaty, its a real eye opener!

      Still, just goes to show how educational standards have declined in the UK since the onset of the love affair. with neoliberalism by both the Tories and Labour – me, I’ll oppose neoliberalism and austerity, which is quite usual if you are an actual Leftwinger RH!

      1. There are probably still one or two old Tories in nursing homes ranting about how Liberace was the best musician ever and going on and on about how everybody else is too stupid to see it 🙂

      2. Ah, Christopher – still copying the proud father who noticed that his son was ‘the only one in step’ at the passing out parade. 🙂

        ‘Leftwinger’ ? I think you confuse the term with ‘Crash and Burner’.

    2. “… an overwhelming majority are in the under-45 age groups that typically support Labour.”

      … and support ‘Remain’. Good news indeed!

      …and who may still end up voting Lib Dem!

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