1.4 million new voters register in just one month

Huge surge in registrations shows public’s engagement in general election result

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX reported Labour’s early surge – even before general election broadcast balance rules kick in – in voter intention polls. This rapid start has seen Labour exceed even the trajectory of the ‘Corbyn surge’ of 2017.

Labour’s ambition to govern has been buoyed by an additional factor – a huge surge in new voter registrations, with a majority of those registering in the age groups most likely to vote Labour.

1.4 million people registered to vote over the last month – with over 600,000 of those just in the last week:

Of those registering, the three largest categories by a distance are younger than 45 – age groups that largely vote Labour:

Every Labour supporter should be encouraging others to register. Some are doing it directly:

And as the Establishment panic grows and smears become more intense and more desperate, it is essential that Labour’s grassroots stick with iron discipline to ‘policies, policies, policies’ – and Labour’s vision for the kind of country the UK can be.

If you or someone you know are not registered to vote, you can do so online here. If you are a student studying in a marginal seat but living in a safe seat, make sure to register to vote in the marginal constituency. Registering for a postal vote is free and you do not have to give a reason for the request.

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  1. It is absolutely vital that people register to vote and we all need to do what we can to encourage this. Labour is also asking people to avail of postal voting . This is vital too as if we have bad weather many people will be deterred from going out to the polling station – older people, parents with small children, people living in rural areas , people without transport etc. So lets encourage this too.We need to pull out all the stops to get a much needed Corbyn led socialist government.

  2. Yes and get the students signed up for PVs in Univerity marginals – the Tories are trying to make it difficult for students to vote (and ALL citizens with ID required) because Boris and the CONservtives are Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarians!

    1. Yes Bazza You are absolutely right about students registering for postal votes- thanks for this,I left them out in error.and as we all know their votes will have a very big impact on the outcome of the election.

  3. For a transformation of society you just need to put an X against Labour.
    An X for a democratic, peaceful revolution, driven by a love for diverse working people.

  4. Ex Labour MP John Woodcock, who resigned from the party rather than face a disciplinary process over ‘sex-pest’ allegations, has joined the Tories as their new envoy on countering far-right and Islamist extremism. He joins John Mann the Tory anti-Semitism czar and Ian Austin the Tory trade envoy to Israel.

    1. Hmmm… SteveH, you’ve given me such a brilliant idea I almost feel like Lance to your Andy 🙂
      We’ve got all those out-of-date, bruised, bent and damaged goods wasting bench space, right? Why not brush the dust off, tidy ’em up a bit & offer a job lot to the Tories cheap? We’ll have to make them think it was their own idea again, obviously – I was certain they’d suss us with Woodcock but you were right. I mean – Woodcock – ffs.
      We’d only be binning them anyway – they’re starting to smell, they’re worth fuck all on the open market and at least we’d get something back to offset the fortune we spent on the useless Quislings.
      I’d suggest it to Jeremy but I think I remember him saying he had something important on this week… I think I’ll phone that deputy of his… fucker never saw a bandwagon he didn’t jump on.

      1. “they’re worth fuck all on the open market”

        Well, unfortunately’, using ‘open’ in the bent sense, I’ve always been amazed at the earnings that the chancers can command.

        Do you remember that ‘Dispatches’ documentary that set up some past-the-sell-by-date Blairite parliament fodder to show them falling over themselves to fill their boots in response to a ‘consultancy’ scam?

      2. The “Detectorists” reference was meant as a hint that I was just stringing words together for my own amusement 🙂

  5. Would have thought woodcock would be promoting far right extremism.Whats the big idea in this sick joke about extremisim,set a theif to catch a theif…I didnt realise the Tory party were into job creation for the unemployable?..

  6. We need to watch the ballot box counting as well…and the ballot box tally from polling stations,our older members will be aware of the dirty tricks,especially by the “Nice”lib dems at the count,Remember it takes a very sick individual to support the Torys and the libdems.!

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