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Video: Gardiner back on fire: Labour won’t ‘roll over and have tummy tickled’ by Trump or hold hand in garden

Labour’s star performer in GE2017 on form in 2019, too

Barry Gardiner became a favourite among Labour supporters during the 2017 general election campaign for his turns of phrase and his polite-but-ruthless handling of biased media interviewers – and in separate interviews this morning he showed he has lost none of his touch.

Gardiner was asked about Donald Trump’s attack on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his responses were classic Gardiner:


To most people an attack by Trump is surely a huge endorsement for Jeremy Corbyn. Great work by Barry Gardiner to make that so clear in such memorable terms.

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    1. Until I see him in a Nehru suit and stroking a white cat as he smilingly pulls the trapdoor lever I’m sticking with Donald Pleasence 🙂

  1. I never realised that there is a Skwawkbox channel on youtube. Good stuff – and well done the OUTSTANDING Barry “polite-but-ruthless” Gardiner!

  2. Excellent interviews .Because of the way he reacted to constant interruptions previously – saying I can’t hear if you speak over me, followed by a period of dead silence causing the red faced interviewer to repeat her comment – Barry is usually allowed to finish what he is saying. Other Labour interviewees take note and do likewise.

  3. That was a hell of a first day for us, but never ever underestimate how low the cheap and nasty Tory party will go
    They will refuse to debate us, they will refuse to cost their manifesto commitments, they can only steal our policies
    It will be another tirade of personal abuse the MSM and toilet papers to doing their dirty work
    Barry Gardiner is an essential part of taking on the smears, who else should we put forward?
    Someone had a great response to abuse of women in politics
    They said no one gets more abuse than Diane Abbott and he was also aware of how much anti semitic abuse his ex colleague Luciana Berger got on social media
    Methinks that’s a no brainer, it’s a modern curse

    1. I think I remember having a discussion with a brexiter here ages ago – can’t remember who or when – who tried to rubbish my contention that the Brexit party would dilute the Tory vote far more than Labour’s if it stood candidates in a GE, and might even help us to a bigger majority than in a straight Labour/Tory contest.
      Obviously to form a coalition they’d need actually to win seats.
      Equally obviously Lib Dems, however well they do, can’t support Brexit-or-dead Tories after making remain an article of faith.
      Is this the mainstream view now?

      1. Oh well. We know were the TORY and the brexit torys stand The libdems are capable of anything.and only survive by being the political Chameleon.I think That Jeremy Corbyn has taken the risk that the Labour voters in the heartlands Will have too much to loose to back the Tory or Brexit party.I think it’s a calculated risk but what other choice did we have,We should be able to book the removal van for the 13th December and no ifs or buts from piffel and the floozy.We CANNOT allow squatting on public property…..

  4. “To most people an attack by Trump” would feel like being struck by the clenched fists of a suckling infant.
    Doesn’t stop him strutting like Mussolini though.

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