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BBC puts out fake news to cover Tory tax cuts for richest – gets taken apart in six tweets

Once again Establishment media resort to propaganda for Tories

One of many points in Jeremy Corbyn’s outstanding campaign-launch speech yesterday was Corbyn’s criticism of the Tories for cutting taxes for the richest. Appallingly unsurprisingly, the BBC immediately rode to Boris Johnson’s rescue with a claim that the Tories haven’t really cut taxes for the richest – not all that much, honest guv.

But the excellent Steve Howell looked at the BBC’s weak and misleading argument – and dismantled it this morning in just six succinct tweets, including handy charts to prove his points:

In short, not only was Corbyn entirely correct the Tories have massively slashed taxes, but those cuts have driven an obscene increase in the wealth of the very richest during a decade in which enormous misery and poverty have been consciously inflicted on millions and our public services have been starved of cash.

It is as unsurprising as it is appalling that the BBC – which hid Boris Johnson’s humiliation yesterday after he was booed out of an NHS hospital by angry staff and patients – has yet again helped the Tories justify their actions and to cover their tracks when they are exposed.

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  1. Steve Howell’s rapier-sharp tweets are exactl right: Of course Jeremy’s right that the toe-rags have “slashed” taxes for the 1% – not for anyone else. They can only do this by rigging the system and being offensively pro-plutocrat. Goes without saying that they are viciously anti-poor and anti-working class at the same time. Grotesque levels of in-work poverty and 1. 5 million foodbank visits tells us all we need to know. Jeremy is right.

    1. I’m hoping he might one day prove that spontaneous human combustion isn’t a myth after all.
      All that grease and fat – it’s got to be possible.

  2. Yes the Tories and Lib Dems gave tax cuts to the rich and big business as part of their class politics to protect THEM from austerity, and austerity was only ever meant for US, working people!
    We are clearly up against Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarians and the Tories some argue populated the BBC with their middle class politcal imbeciles to add to the bias they get from the right wing newspapers?
    The Barbarians can’t win on ideas, they have none and have to resort to the dark arts.
    Saw an interesting report recently, the 1% globally have gained 22 trillion dollars since the 2008 financial crash (caused by the banks, £241b of fines in USA for the banks for their role in sub prime lending) and working people globally in the same period have lost £900 billion!
    We need left wing democratic sociialist party’s in every country to follow Labour.’s example under JC!

  3. BBC Ministry of Truth ‘digital expert’ has pronounced on BorisBots.
    Apparently the pre-teen bubblehead has personally contacted a lot of real humans who were only pretending to be bots by inserting fake snippets into their tweets.
    So relax… it was all just a bit of a joke that caught the public’s imagination and got copied a bit. Nothing to see here.

    The fact that a few real humans used sarcastic bot-like comments to make fun of real Tory bots has been used by the BBC to make the audience believe there is no real problem – and that if there was the left are as guilty as the right – and anyway the BBC’s Botfinder General is on the case keeping viewers safe from fake news propaganda so they’ll be free to choose the best Boris for the job.
    They’ll stop at nothing.

    On a completely different subject – anyone know what Campdroid and Mandelbrot are up to these days?

  4. Lies…..Damned Lies &…………Public Service Broadcasting (aka BBC & Channel 4)

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