Streatham Labour members complain at ‘damaging’ ‘opportunist u-turn’ by would-be candidate

Lambeth councillor’s selection statement contrasts with earlier position
Lambeth councillor Jennifer Brathwaite

Labour members in Streatham have complained to the SKWAWKBOX about an ‘opportunist u-turn’ in her selection statement in the contest to replace defector Chuka Umunna as Labour’s candidate in the coming general election.

Jennifer Brathwaite, deputy leader of the ‘Blairite-dominated‘ Lambeth Council, has stated that:

However, in 2017 she expressed a very different position:

One Streatham member told the SKWAWKBOX:

Chuka Umunna was widely derided for his own opportunist u-turn on the position Jennifer Brathwaite was applauding – and now she’s done the same. We don’t need another Chuka and this can only be damaging for our general election effort.

Cllr Brathwaite was contacted for comment. The selection vote takes place tomorrow.

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  1. Well – that’s a prize piece of non-news!

    ‘Candidate Shows Ability To Learn’

    That’s the problem with the True BLeavers – they’re stuck in the dark past and unable to catch up with even Labour policy.

    1. The past is something to learn from lest we confuse ‘learning’ with hypocrisy….much like learning to trust the hypocrisy of the NEC who impose their own values & shortlists. Streatham had an all-female BAME shortlist imposed as the pro- Corbyn candidate, although the right gender was the wrong colour & was disqualified from standing. Everyone equal in Opportunity & Law, the class war is over.

  2. Why bother complaining about this candidates apparent u-turn from her position of nearly 3 years ago?- there has been a lot of water under the bridge since then .Streatham will select its PPC tomorrow and if they don’t like this candidate they can vote for somebody else. – simple

  3. I agree. We have a settled policy of letting the electorate decide the Brexit outcome in a confirmatory vote so ripping each other apart over Brexit in the run-up to a GE is verging on the ridiculous.

    Why would we want to follow the Tories into self-destructive oblivion. When Labour wins the GE it will not be MPs making the decision over Brexit because we are the only party who have guaranteed to trust the people to make the final decision about whether to leave or remain in the EU, the worlds largest single market.

  4. Would the statement have been acceptable if she’d previously admitted to having changed her mind and explained her reasons for doing so?
    If so would she be required to repeat that admission every time she spoke on the subject until the end of time?
    Is there any evidence that this isn’t a partial quotation? Or that she’s saying different things to different audiences?
    I’d never heard of the lady until this post and I have no insight into her views beyond this one statement.
    Need more information if I’m going to join in any dogpile, sorry.

    Going back to copy-pasting this all over the BBC News Twitter feed if I may be excused. Sadly I don’t have the profile to make it stick.

    BOO Boris! said the doctor.
    BOO Boris! said the nurse.
    SHHH! said the BBC.

  5. In the early days after the referendum the Labour right wing assumed that they had to respect the result. Hence we had the Labour Campaign for the Single Market – remember that? – aiming at some form of EEA Brexit.

    That sunk without trace once the Right decided they could get away with treating the referendum result with contempt, essentially treating the electorate with the distain with which they treated Labour Party members throughout the Kinnock-Blair-Brown years.

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