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Video: Jeremy Corbyn’s full, incredible campaign-launch speech

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has launched Labour’s general election campaign with a huge, inspiring speech in which he asks the UK’s people, “Whose side are you on?” – contrasting bankers and nurses, the poor and the billionaire media mogul – and promises the biggest Labour campaign ever, whatever the weather.

Watch the full speech below – and share widely. Something is happening. This is our chance:

Speech starts from 18 minutes

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    1. He didnt make me cry but it was close
      Bit i liked a lot was when he said it wasnt about him, which works very well on so many levels
      One practical way to make this work would be to ask supporters to chant
      ‘Not for Sale’
      Instead of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’
      Not for sale could win this GE on its own

  1. Strapline for GE No 4

    Definition of insanity is
    Relying on the polls
    He who pays the piper, calls the tune,
    Can you point to anything that indicates they are anymore reliable than they were in 2017
    If the answer is Yes, then Labour are in a stronger position in 2019

    1. Doug, I only look at the Survation polls and they tend to have it a lot closer than the rest. Averaging 4%, which is easily over turned. It has to be remembered they were the only ones to predict the last election accurately.

  2. 2points on academies and youth unemployment
    Academies have not been inspected for 10 years, their standards are debateable, their cost is indisputably higher and headmasters regularly taking obscene salaries out of what is a private business
    Youth unemployment has been artificially manipulated by not allowing 16/18 year olds to claim benefit, they now have two choices, stay on or take an apprenticeship

  3. Great speech by Jeremy.
    Just one observation. He needs to get his glasses fixed. The continuous motion of pushing them back up his note was irritating.
    It became almost a tic !

  4. Amazing reporting on PM today. “It’s class war”…….”It’s the politics of envy”. Dear Laura, please use every letter in the alphabet, especially the letter ‘T’.

    1. What’s genuinely amazing is that we haven’t reached “the politics of rip-their-fuckin’eads-off” yet.

  5. BBC up to usual tricks on R4, implying it’s a “class war”

    The BBC must be dealt with by a future radical govt!

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