Images show Corbyn has nothing to fear from cold-weather election campaign

2017 and 2018 snaps show Labour leader at home in the snow – with an added twist

In a speech on Thursday morning, Jeremy Corbyn will tell the UK that he and Labour have no fear of a winter election campaign:

Labour will be out there in every city, town and village with the biggest and most confident campaign that our country has ever seen bringing a message of hope and change to every community. Even if the rivers freeze over, we’re going out to offer real change for the many not the few.

But images from the 2017 general election campaign and early 2018 suggest that this is not just rhetoric – and Corbyn has demonstrated he’s at ease in the elements.

In late April 2017, not long after the general election had been called, Corbyn visited Scotland as part of his gruelling campaign. He was greeted by a snowstorm, but a picture captured that while aides grimaced, Corbyn was untroubled:

As London endured a cold snap in February 2018, Corbyn was captured in a couple of pictures enjoying a snowball fight between balconies at his Westminster office:

The images quickly went viral – and inspired an equally viral video by that holds a very relevant message for the 2019 winter campaign:

Gove slipped in the inclement weather and provided the opportunity for a Labour boost at his expense.

And in calling an election during the coldest and, for many people, the most testing time of the year, the Tories have made the mistake of giving people struggling with cold, low wages, cuts to services, financial and fuel poverty a choice between trudging on into more of the same and worse to come under continued Tory predations – or choosing hope and real change under Labour.

Labour and its leader are ready for the task.

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  1. Are you going to refuse to open your gifts this Christmas…Vote for the Jeremy Corbyn Labour party and make this a caring sharing Christmas!

  2. Cancelled my standing order to Labour a little while ago and some depressed-sounding young fella from Newcastle phoned me yesterday.
    Wasn’t prepared for the call and just mumbled something about the right wing wreckers not backing Corbyn and left it at that.

    Since then I’ve been trying to think what one thing would signal enough of a change in Labour that I could renew my payments – I actually hate myself for not contributing but not as much as I hate the thought of Blairites benefiting from the contributions of decent socialists.
    I was tempted to call Chris Williamson’s reinstatement the trigger but I think I need more than that now.
    The party’s been dragging its feet over reselections & union block votes, it’s folded under fake AS allegations, it hasn’t defended Corbyn EVER – despite his having MASSIVELY boosted the party’s fortunes – and so much else.
    Now I think I’d want EVERY Labour MP to sign a letter to The Times getting UNCONDITIONALLY behind Corbyn and our manifesto and guaranteeing NO COUP ATTEMPTS FOR A FULL TERM – before I’d sign up again.

    On the other hand if Jeremy launched a new, genuinely socialist party tomorrow the dregs of ‘Labour’ (sadly they’d probably get to keep the name and the money Corbyn earned them) would probably have to join the LibDems to survive.

    Dear Jeremy,
    I could probably scrape a £monkey together by tomorrow if it helps get it done, mate… 🙂

      1. Err, no, I didn’t mean to imply that but I can see why someone might read my comment that way 🙁

  3. Survation has us 8% behind
    Which on face value means we are in a much better starting position than 2017
    We all know how this works once the campaign kicks in, so heads down arse up and dont stop lads and lasses

  4. “Survation has us 8% behind”

    One-off poll results aren’t much of a guide without taking into account the margins of error and the spread among polls- amongst other things.

    The best estimate overall is that the Party is about where it was in 2017 at the same point. Couple that with what is recognised as unprecedented voter volatility, and, basically, it’s up for grabs but not a dead cert.

  5. I am with Corbyn till after the election campaign,and win or loose we need to democratize the Labour party and have a spring cleanout.I genuinely believe that the public will not reject Labour if we can get our policys and manifesto out.We can do nothing for now with our enemy within,so we have to ignore them for now and put our trust in the people and the only peoples vote that matters.The general election solidarity comrades

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