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Breaking: December GE is on

MPs vote to hold general election 12 Dec
Confirmed: pre-Christmas general election

A general election will be held 12 December after MPs voted by 438 to 20 for the election bill. Labour whipped its MPs to support the bill as Jeremy Corbyn’s wishes prevailed. An attempt by the LibDems to bring the election forward to 9 December was defeated 315-295.

The bill still needs approval in the Lords, but this is expected to be without problem.

Labour’s campaign will be all about bread-and-butter, real-life issues in a country blighted by almost a decade of Tory government and in which over four million children are hungry and in poverty.

Bring it on.

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  1. Yes Neo-Liberal Tories initially with Neo-Liberal Lib Dems gave tax cuts to rich and big business to protect them from Austerity so for 10 years it has been Tory Austerity for working people!
    The Tories have simply put back HS2 for 5 years to garner them £8b to CON the public that Austerity is over (well 15% of it) but what after 5 years when this pittance runs out?
    But why doesn’t Labour be bold – scrap HS2 completely – undo the Tory “Beeching” & open up branch train lines, stimulate economy from below, help environment (attract people out of cars onto rail, more freight on rail) help rural communities & wellbeing citizens by opening up countryside to citizens.

  2. Need to get students signed up for PVs in marginal university seats before they go home for Xmas!
    All I want for Christnas is a Corbyn Labour Govt!

      1. Yes Vote For Labour’s Christmas Box – 201 crackers for a better more caring, sharing society – A SOCIETY OF GOOD WILL! Labour Carol Singers, A Santa Canvass? Stuff the Neo-Liberal Tories and Neo-Liberal Lib Dems Turkeys! Vote Labour Xmas Cards with a Dove of Peace! Go for it comrades, use your socialist inaginations!

  3. BBC coverage poor, reporters gave own opinion on Labour’s tactics (wrong) and Labour policy on Brexit (wrong), seriously think a group of GCE political students could have done better, oh well as BBC haven’t the balls or whatever to stand up to Tories re free TV licences for over 75s because of Osborne’s cut – Labour will.
    Need to get BBC run by and for the people!

    1. We need to review the whole issue of the BBC licences – the BBC would be better named the CBC – the Conservative Broadcasting Corp. Why should we fund daily Tory party political broadcasts masquerading as news or current affairs programmes? Why should we pay 6 figure salaries to BBC reporters who as Bazza says give their own ( Tory) opinions and relay inaccurate information in fact sometimes deliberately spread misinformation about us and our leadership team?

      1. I imagine the media are collectively shitting themselves about a Corbyn govt cos they know then the game will be up. No more Tory monopoly of the press and, unless they mend their ways, no more licence fee for the BBC.

        Britain will then no longer be a conservative nation, a change that will be a mere 100 years overdue!

  4. Students sign up to vote in Uni marginals! 16-17 year olds, Labour tried to get you a vote, so you can help Labour in the elections to transform society and your future plus to try to save the planet!

  5. Chocks away! As Che Guevara said: Hasta la Victoria Siempre! (Yours until Victory always!) #BringItOn

  6. Absolute disaster,we are loosing the brilliant election tactician Owen…..who,he’s stepping down that fearless crusader for big pharma!..Owen..who?..smith or jones.,He will be sadly missed by..who?

  7. Maybe someone can explain the amendments to the election bill,which will allow voting for EU citizens in the General election and 16and 17years to vote as well. Can the cons still stop an election if amendments are added?….It is very difficult to get any accurate reporting from the news outlets because most of the reporters are poorly researched and trained on anything other than gossip and innuendo Total ignorence on the workings of parliament seems to be standard procedures?.. Help!

    1. Just read the metro,and Young people and EU citizens being ignored by amendment chosen by Doug Hoyle deputy speaker Time Zone problems and poor reporting by media.

      1. Wise up, Joseph. The ‘amendment’ proposing votes for EU citizens and 16 and 17 year olds was simply a cynical wrecking manoeuvre from the Remainer Right – chosen for its superficial right-on content. But of course it would be totally impossible to register these large extra voting blocs in the time available, and without Parliamentary scrutiny of such a significant increase in the franchise.

        The only reason the Remainer Right want to give the vote to schoolkids is that they reckon this group of citizens, with no experience of the harsh realities of working life in a situation of unlimited labour supply, and neoliberalism generally, will be easily fooled into believing the propaganda bullshit that the neoliberal EU is some sort of benign ‘internationalist’ guarantor of peace and liberty . In contrast, if the smug middle class Remainer Guardianistas could get away with it they would undoubtedly take the vote AWAY from poorer people entirely – for their sheer affrontery in ignoring the all-knowing wisdom of their ‘social betters’ and daring to vote Leave !

  8. What a bastard!

    Looks like yet another 4+ years of angela (ill)eagle. 😬

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