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Excl: Labour will whip for GE today. 12/12 set to be D-Day

‘Mainstream’ media insisting Labour trying to avoid general election – but Labour will ‘whip’ MPs to vote for one as Corbyn re-asserts control

Contrary to claims by the corporate and Establishment media that Labour is trying to avoid a general election, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will whip Labour MPs today to vote for one.

The date is likely to be set for 12 December.

Corbyn has always been eager to fight the Tories at the ballot box and his view has prevailed over that of few self-interested and habitually-negative back-benchers.

Labour will also back an amendment to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote.

Corbyn was backed unanimously by Shadow Cabinet members – including Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. All the major trade unions also back Corbyn’s decision.

Labour’s campaign will be about the issues that really matter – and only those: reversing the misery, poverty and cuts inflicted by almost a decade of Tory government and building a country to be proud of for generations. With a manifesto set to eclipse its 2017 sensation, this is Labour’s winning ground.

Bring. It. On.

Update – within minutes of the publication of this exclusive, Sky News was reporting it, to the displeasure of centrist MP Stella Creasy:

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  1. Skwawky
    If we all get off our fat arses and get out there and get amongst them , do what you can , forget internal shite and concentrate on finishing cheap and nasty Tory party
    Congratulations you have just been quoted live on Sky news
    We have all the best policies, members and supporters, enjoy the campaign
    Fight the good fight

    1. I couldn’t have put it better myself,Doug…I’ve been saying this for weeks..Let the people know about the great policies Labour have…Posters, banners,loud speakers the lot..Jeremy is an honest and compassionate man, unlike the present incumbent. So, what’s not to like?..

    2. Forget the internal shite, God, to put it bluntly I’d never in a million years go and knock doors for Dame Margaret Hodge and the other bastards inhabiting our benches in Parliament – what’s the point of a Labour Government, if, should JC ever get elected, the bastards will move to heave him out of 10 Downing Street and instal someone more to the liking of Alistair Campbell.

      To put it bluntly, when casting a ballot I’d at least like to have the choice of someone with some Socialist principles, and not the likes of Chris ‘bloody’ Bryant, Harriet ‘outsider’ Harman or the bloody ice cream sales man.

      Indeed, had the Party adopted Open Selection we’d actually have had some decent individuals to get behind, instead, most of the detestable’s are still in-situ and very much anti-Corbyn, as well as anti the membership – oh, and the suspensions and expulsions continue apace, but we are to bury the hatchet!!!

      1. Christopher
        I was appealing to the detestables,
        Surely this is the most right wing government we have faced
        And we ain’t seen nothing yet, to support them in any way would be unforgivable
        There only hope is remain and reform the party, never mind there only hope for another referendum
        When you have them by the balls then surely their hearts and minds will follow
        Well at least for the next 7 weeks !

      2. Doug,

        Reinforcing my own contempt for the Labour Rightwing shitebags, we’ve had the pleasure of Owen ‘Biggus Dickus’ Smith slagging Corbyn off again earlier today about failing to campaign enough for Remain in the 2016 Referendum – and this blighter expects loyal Party members to knock doors for him – its a shame a decent ‘real’ Socialist ain’t standing in his seat, I’d be down there like a shot to canvas.

      3. Christopher
        I’m still praying for that waste of an honest milk shake to select a north east seat
        Man of the people Nigel Farage

    3. How on earth do such people succeed at selection boards. I mean that in all honesty. How did she do it? Mind you she will have plenty of TWs on her side inside. Regards.

  2. We have to win this GE to save our NHS,
    This PM cannot be trusted , the Tory party has been taken over by those who have a visceral hatred of the NHS,
    They are already negotiating to sell it to American Health Companies
    Only the Labour party can stop this country losing the pride of britain, our NHS

    1. Doug. Its going to be okay,we may vomit but in the end we all know that even an elected scumbag Labour mp will add to the Labour majority win and otherwise its the end of the project and a socialist government

  3. Politicians always end up letting us down and not to fulfil all their promises… BUT, if Labour deliver only on a fraction of what they propose, we’ll all be much better off.


    1. Jack T
      You and yours are in thel last chance saloon,
      Fight for a JC and Labour government to get your 2nd referendum

    2. …… you can back the Blairites & the Lib.Dems if you have any problem with Socialists who voted Leave.

  4. So, assuming Skwawkie is correct , and Labour in the Commons will finally vote for a General Election – (against the wishes of so many on the PLP Right who know that for them in Labour’s Leave-voting heartland constituencies an election will in many cases spell electoral defeat) – WILL Labour be able, as Skwawkbox optimistically claims, be able to stick to the strategy that : “Labour’s campaign will be about the issues that really matter – and only those:” By which Skwawkie means “WE WONT MENTION BREXIT” ?

    Of course it bloody well wont ! On the doorstep and in media interviews, that key extra ‘policy elephant in the room’ will be Labour’s disastrous policy on BREXIT- ie, in all but name, to quote John McDonnell and Abbott and many more of the Shadow Cabinet in so many high profile recent interviews and that recent London Remainer/PV march – ” Labour is a Remain Party – and wants a Confirmatory Vote(a second Referendum)”. THAT toxic policy position (and also that new maintained and broadened Freedom of Movement Conference commitment) alone will cost us the coming General Election – outweighing all our promises on re-nationalising the utilities and railways and saving our NHS. And of course , INSIDE the neoliberal EU, or with a Labour re-negotiated Deal that keeps us inside those Single Market Rules, most of our ambitious policy commitments, on renationalisation, and even running budget deficits above the allowed 3% of GDP EU maximum limit, are impossible anyway !

    The political cognitive dissonance of our non-socialist Left Liberal majority membership, ie, wanting all the benefits of a Left Labour Government, but wanting to stay in the neoliberal straightjacket of the EU as well – has already LOST us the next General Election. Deny this all you want Left Liberal ‘Corbynistas, but come the Exit Poll on Election night the harsh consequences of the crap politics of what passes for the Labour ‘Left’ , plus the endless cynical sabotage of the Labour Right – and the more recent Brexit policy treachery of fake old PLP Lefties like McDonnell and Abbott, will be all too tragically evident.

    1. Bad Penny
      We need to win this GE to save our NHS
      Only Labour honours the vote, let’s see what’s in the conservative party manifesto, if it’s not No Deal, Brexit party will destroy them
      Neither they or Revoke party can end the brexit nightmare, only JC and Labour brings the country back together
      Never ever forget this is a cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess,
      Time to finish them for it

    2. Bad Penny,

      Hear bloody hear – we were told that by moving to a full out Remain position the Party was guaranteed to win a GE – my arse, just look at Facebook in Leave areas and see what usually non-political persons are saying about Labour – feelings are strong in my neck of the woods, South East Wales, alas, Labour can afford to lose the heartlands and win London, for all the good that will do us.

  5. Lets talk about labour strategy.

    Labour must focus on everything other than Brexit and bring the other parties on their own turf where they have no answer, yes. But they (Other parties and journalists) will do all they can to drag it back to this single issue. Therefore, Labour needs their ready line of attack ready. It must be a simple true message.

    The Tories, in true narcissistic personality disorder sufferers, will do all they can to shift the blame on Corbyn. We already had a taste of that. Complete avoidance of the Brexit topic will indirectly confirm this. We need to be prepared.

    A “broken record” tactic is one way to deal with manipulative people. Here are some suggestions: May waited nearly a year before declaring A50. She declared an election instead of getting brexit done. Johnson suspended parliament instead of getting brexit done. Labour, in each conference, said they’d support the result of the referendum.

    As for the ultra remain attacks, I suggest the message should be about respecting democracy, but they never accepted having our rights and protections going down the drain. Democracy, workers rights, environmental protections, protecting our jobs. They should also repeat ad nauseam that they voted for a second ref when the libdem leader went AWOL.

    To fend off criticism of sitting on the fence: they can suggest the “anti establishment” card (but not too openly because they risk looking like swivel eyed conspiracy loons) and anti politics card: they act in the country’s interest, not in order to please a core demographic in targeted marginal. They are there to act the right way, not to merely look like they’re acting the right way.

    Finally, the real people the campaign leadership need to win are columnists and editors. They need to make them understand they are particopsnts in the system, not outside observers. And that’s it’s about good governance, not personality. A Tory Gov is not in their interest.

    These were my humble suggestions.

    I never feared about an election like that ever before. For many, it’s a matter of life and death (another message to push)

    1. Ben
      ‘They act in the country’s interest’
      Is the knockout response, the others have made it clear they are prepared to shove half the country under a bus

    2. ” the real people the campaign leadership need to win are columnists and editors. ”
      Please don’t hold your breath. These people were purchased a long time ago. they’d been unemployed if they followed your lead.

      1. I’m not (see what happened to Mail’s Peter Oborne) but that’s where the battlefield really is. And there are ways to look like you’re doing your job while not doing it…

  6. I’m watching Chuckup and Peter Kyle on politic live and it’s very entertaining, looks like JC has shit in their corn flakes

  7. My worry is that Labour has not shown itself very adept at strategy, tactics or media savviness since the 2010 election, and I haven’t seen much evidence of change.

    Good policies aren’t enough unless they cut through.

  8. I think this will prove disastrous for labour,the election will inevitably focus on brexit ,however much Labour try to change the narrative.They are lagging in the polls and constantly sabotaged from within as well as having the entire msm against them.The blairites want Corbyn to lose and will do whatever they can go achieve that,hoping that they can force his resignation if he loses.People are disillusioned with politics and politicians and so deeply divided that there is no hope for any amicable resolution .

    1. The truth is that Labour was trapped into this by an alliance of the SNP, LibDems and Tories.

      Once it was obvious that there was (essentially) a *Tory* majority, Labour were compelled to sound enthusiastic.

      Despite the brave noises, Labour was inevitably out-manouevered into a position of compliance. It has to make the best of a battle ground not of its own choosing. The Lumpen Leavers will not be bright enough to work out that it was the Tories who pulled the Brexit bill, thus contradicting their pretence about ‘getting Brexit done’, and that an election is a Tory choice.

      You’re right that the hard core of the Blair supporting PLP will look to a defeat, whilst the Toytown Left (who equally despise the wider membership and its realities) will also keep their contribution to dissension alive with ironic claims about the need for ‘solidarity’.

      Certainly, it is critical that wider Labour ignores both of these siren voices – a defeat will make it impossible for Corbyn to continue, and, in this scenario, support will drop away, leaving the *actual* neoliberal right with the upper hand, aligned with an unreformed administrative structure around an NEC that is a dog’s dinner.

      1. RH, that’s it in a coconut shell.

        We started losing from the day after the referendum because we had the wrong tactics but more importantly, the wrong policy.

        If we can pull this back it will be a miracle.

  9. Happy Christmas and solidarity comrades!especially those that need cheering up…!why so glum chum we have finaly got an election that we can win!

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