Claim Labour whips/front-benchers resigning over whipped GE vote is fake news. It’s Johnson who’s ‘frit’

Right-wing back-bencher’s claim being used to undermine Labour unity – but not happening

Right-wing Labour back-bencher Barry Sheerman has claimed on social media that ‘Labour frontbenchers & whips [are] resigning over decision to vote for December election‘.

Predictably, this is being used by Labour’s opponents in an attempt to sow division and deny the fact that Corbyn’s decision to ‘whip’ MPs in favour of an election has wrong-footed Boris Johnson so badly that Number 10 is now briefing journalists that he will withdraw his election bill if a single amendment to it succeeds.

Johnson is ‘frit’, to use one of his own favourite expressions.

In fact, the Shadow Cabinet agreed unanimously with Corbyn’s decision – and Labour insiders are quietly pleased with the prospect of a December election when the massive Tory damage to people and the fabric of our society will be most keenly felt.

And if Boris Johnson proceeds to withdraw the general election bill this afternoon, the whole country will know it’s the boorish blonde buffoon who is running scared.

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  1. Is there no lower bound these Rightists blighters within our ranks won’t stoop to destroy the chance of an actual Left-of-Centre Labour Administration. Sheerman should be Suspended for bringing the Party into disrepute – instead, and as with crooked McNicol, he’ll probably get a Peerage even if he loses his seat at the GE. Scoundrels the lot of em.

  2. I’m hearing that Pat McFadden, Anna Turley, Kevan Jones and Paul Farrelly have all declared they will vote against – all on the right as far as I know.

    1. All Blairites. Farrelly (Newcastle-Under Lyme MP) is stepping down so he’s got nothing to lose going full Blairite now. Sue Moffat is a cracking & passionate socialist candidate on the shortlist for N-U-L who would make a fantastic MP and support JC

  3. I hear Labour front benchers & whips always check wiv Barry before they do anyfink.

  4. It would not make sense for an MP to resign because another Labour candidate is selected. I think a Labour government will be flexible allowing People’s vote after election, remainders to vote for remain and leavers to endorse a leave deal. Everybody wins. The campaign period will expose how bad Boris deal is.

  5. Bet the blonde’s making more trips to the toilet than usual today.
    Something you ate, Doris?

  6. Two of the amendments , the ones demanding voting rights in the now imminent General Election, for EU nationals and 16 and 17 year olds , are blatant cynical wrecking amendments from the PV Second Referendum mob. There is no way these large extra voter blocs could be signed up in the timescale available – or Parliament accept such an extension to the franchise without a period of discussion. So in this case Johnson and co are perfectly correct not to accept such blatant time-wasting amendments ( which have been carefully chosen by the PV mob because of their superficial right-on woke credentials).

    The idea that Johnson/Cummings and his Tory chums are in any way ‘frit’ that Labour, after Johnson’s three attempts to invoke a snap General Election, have finally agreed to back one, is ludicrous spinning from Skwawkbox. In fact Johnson and Cummings now have their ‘we are the champions of Brexit, and, we are going to outspend Labour on the NHS, Policing, and Education’ bullshit narrative fully in place for this snap election. Labour, in contrast, hasn’t got rid of a single one of our treacherous Right Wing PLP majority (except for the few who jumped ship) – and as Skwawkbox’s latest spinning effort shows, daren’t even mention our current confused position on Brexit – which to most people is simply a hard Remain and Second Referendum position ! So which party is more fucked-up going into this Election ? Labour , or the Tories ? It’s LABOUR, folks. Our Party, hobbled by its unsellable, dishonest, slippery, (in our Leave heartlands) pro EU Brexit posture, and its still overwhelming treacherous PLP Right Wing majority.

    Lefties on here are seriously deluding themselves about the imminent historic defeat we face in just a few desperate weeks. That looming defeat is largely due to the endless sabotage of the Labour Right, but also to the political failings of what passes for the Labour Left – and particularly a few treacherous leading old Labour Left individuals – take a bow, McDonnell, Abbott and Jon Lansman. .

    1. Bad Penney

      Your negative, black-crow-of-death trolling is getting VERY BORING and you’re going to need a BIG hole to hide in when Corbyn wins. No one here seems to want him to lose more than you (and Danny) but no one here needs your bullshit.

      Get digging…and do a trench for Boris while you’re at it.

    2. While those 2 ammendments were always likely 2 lose, Socialists will bear in mind a saying by Johnny Void, who says ‘when people have nothing 2 lose they have everything 2 gain’. Dominic has made a major error, it is untested, he actually thinks that Johnson will go 2 N England, reel off people versus parliament shpiel & every dumb northern cunt will vote 4 the blonde putz. This is bullshit concocted like the antisemitic shite by the Media Militia. U need 2 get out your ivory tower Penney, & acknowledge that Johnson is about 2 get a fucking kicking. There is nothing 2 show 4 the Tory decade of trash, except misery, in choosing Johnson Tories r hoist by their fucking petard. Tories chose a fucking freak as a wrecking ball. Now Tories require complete destruction.

      1. Good to see the much-missed Johnny Void remembered. And yes, Boris is in for a kicking a la Churchill in 1945.

        Can’t fucking wait!

  7. Will Barry Sheerman escape facing his planned for trigger ballot on Monday 4/11.

      1. It looks like he and others have escaped, all further trigger ballots have now been cancelled and the incumbent MPs have been automatically re-selected.

  8. Excellent @skwawkbox! Johnson boxed in and frit indeed! Labour absolutely right to put #CountryOverParty by guarding against Bojo slipping a Chlorinated chicken Trump deal in during a GE. Labour now fighting to win power on 12 Dec now, as JC says, we heard no deal is off the table. #BringItOn

  9. Interesting that the ‘Fatberg’ proposed endorsing the Scots Nats policy of using school children to stack the election polls in favour of Remain. Looks like school teachers are also doing a good job @ promoting their own bourgeois values & inter-generational warfare.

    1. What fascinating codswallop – ”fascinating’ in the sense of desperate avoidance of extending the franchise in the cause of perpetuating xenophobia. Reminds one of previous interest groups doing the same at every stage of democratic progress.

      I think I’d back Corbyn on this one.

  10. Amongst all the shite of avid Brexiteers desperately concerned to stop 16 and 17 year-olds and EU nationals voting whilst preserving the rights of the comfortable and addled to do so (if Ha’penny is against it, there’s fair odds that it’s s good, democratic idea) , there is an interesting article about the current motivations of Mr Toad and Co. throwing a strop about successfully getting their bill to a second reading and then pushing the opposition parties into a GE :

    I’m not a particular fan of Stephen Bush, but he’s onto a likely explanation for the unexplained here.

    1. Why don’t we just get toddlers to vote as well RH, that way Remainiacs can indoctrinate their kids how wonderful the EU is, well, that’s if they are Middle Class Metropolitan dwellers, for the rest, perhaps they’d be best advised to read some history and economic history concerning de-polulation in the Baltic States, massive youth unemployment, needless, perpetual austerity, vandalism in Cyprus & Greece and installing an actual ex Goldman Sach’s banker as the favoured PM in Italy. Gosh, lets not even mention on going events in France or the rise of fascism on much of the European Mainland, all courtesy of your neoliberal loving political elite. As a Socialist, I’ll stick with the UK governing itself, maybe with a decent Constitution and a Government not in hock to bankers and lobbyists.

      1. What an illogical ramble, Christopher. You can do better than that. 16 & 17 year olds aren’t ‘toddlers’ – and we’re talking about extending the franchise – which real socialists (as opposed to fantasists) would support, even if they’re afraid that better democracy is the enemy of Brexit – a point I understand – the aristocracy had the same view about the dangers of their world being upset.

        As to Brexit itself – well, of course the younger and better educated probably don’t read the Mai, Expressl and Sun and can work out from the damage already done what the future hods for them when those in their dotage drop of the collective perch.

      2. 16 & 17 year olds aren’t ‘toddlers’

        Usually said by the same idiots that demand the UK ‘bring home’ vermin like shamina begum – who’s ‘ just a child’ apparently.

  11. This “debate” is so pathetic one could almost believe the Tories are filibustering with ill intent.
    I guess they’re just filling the allotted time repeating each other and themselves hoping their electors, hearing them speak, will remember their fucking names.

    What a tedious bunch of trainspotters and car park attendants they are.


    “10 Tory MPs expelled from party over over Brexit have whip restored”

    Wow. Nobody could ever have predicted that.

  13. Selection processes
    All trigger ballots have been paused.
    meaning that Labour MPs who have not yet been re-selected will now be automatically readopted
    All seats that have not yet selected a Labour candidate and are not currently represented by a Labour MP will now have their candidate picked by panels composed of representatives from Labour’s ruling body, regional board and local party.
    Labour held seats where the incumbent is stepping down or has defected will be allowed to hold their selection meeting if it was due to take place this week.

  14. Just in case anyone missed it the GE bill has passed the first stage 438 to 20

  15. GE strapline No 2
    People see JC as a liability, a vote loser
    Response should be
    Lets see who is a liability in the live TV debate between JC and Cummings glove puppet
    Let the people make up their own minds who can be trusted to run the country

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