Video: Labour – we want a GE as soon as no-deal eliminated, because Johnson can’t be trusted

Shadow Cabinet members make clear that MPs can’t trust Boris Johnson

Senior Labour MPs have responded to Boris Johnson’s petulance after losing his attempt last night to rush his Brexit deal through Parliament in just three days. Even though Johnson got his bill through its second reading as the SKWAWKBOX had predicted, he then ‘paused’ it, flounced off and said he wanted a general election instead.

In other words, having failed to keep his promise to take the UK out of the EU by 31 October, he wants to throw away the opportunity to do so just a week or two late – and instead push for a general election that would delay Brexit even further, after a December general election.

And which might delay it until the middle of next year.

If there was any doubt that Johnson has no genuine interest in democracy or giving leave voters what they voted for, he has removed it. Johnson is for Johnson.

Shadow Cabinet ministers have responded publicly to Johnson’s tantrum by stating the obvious: since he cannot be trusted, Labour can only support a general election once a no-deal Brexit has been put out of his reach – any promise he makes in the meantime is worthless.

Labour Party chair Ian Lavery spoke to the BBC in the immediate aftermath of Johnson’s flounce, telling viewers that Labour is prepared to negotiate – but that MPs’ complete lack of trust in Johnson meant it was out of the question to make any concessions on the basis of his promises, so no-deal had to be taken off the table:

Richard Burgon appeared this morning to remind the country of the scale of ‘Tory-created crises’ that the country desperately needs a Labour government to put right, as well as the need to sort out Brexit:

But like Lavery, in an interview on Radio 4’s Today programme he made clear that MPs can’t trust Johnson and an election can only be called once the risk of a no-deal exit is eliminated:

Labour is absolutely right. Johnson’s deal passed last night – he can ‘get Brexit done’ by the middle of November if he wants to do so in a sane fashion – with no need whatsoever to wait until the end of January even if the EU offers an extension until then.

But he has promised his hard-right MPs that they can still have a no-deal Brexit – so his motives cannot be trusted and Labour must not play the game by his rules.

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    1. Unfortunately, Ian Lavery is simply incorrect, or is deliberately bullshitting this upbeat rubbish about Labour champing at the bit for an election – the majority of Labour MPs, in Leaver seats certainly ,do NOT want a General Election in the near future on any terms – because they know full well that they would be turfed out of their gravy train jobs for life by vengeful Leave-supporting Labour ex-voters for betraying their 2017 Manifesto promise ‘to respect the Referendum decision’. All the majority of the PLP want is a reversal of the 2016 Referendum decision, one way or another, and the continuation of that EU gravy train for them and their privileged children. And most of our politically ignorant Left Liberal middle class membership seem to think likewise. The mass of our poorer working class voter base, who experience the EU set-up very differently (eg, unlimited labour supply, deindustrialisation, endless privatisation, ) will prove the fear so many Labour MPs have of a General Election , well founded.

  1. Labours message on Brexit simply isn’t strong enough and isn’t cutting through ! They need to reiterate time and time again that they want a;

    ‘Safe and Sane Brexit’ that will protect our NHS etc

    Keep it simple like the Tories have > Get Brexit done so we can get on.

    We, Labour need to skewer their message by saying the Tories Brexit is a ‘Sell Out Kamakaze Brexit’ that puts OUR NHS on a silver USA platter

    1. The only way Labour can ultimately achieve clarity is by telling it as it is – i.e that no Brexit is better than the status quo, and that it was always a minority interest.

      People recognize that everything else is incoherent mumbling to avoid that obvious truth. The only question is how to get into the position where the transition to the facts looks credible rather than just expedient.

      Presently, the pragmatic route is, obviously, via a proper vote.

      1. RH Democracy first?….stick with the agreed policy

  2. What an utterly diabolical situation. The UK has a known liar as PM, and MPs openly distrust him.

    You couldn’t make this crap up.

  3. …….but then most MPs are liars every time their lips move or vote for Article 50.

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