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Breaking: withdrawal bill passes by 30 votes – as predicted

Boris Johnson’s withdrawal bill has passed in the Commons by a majority of thirty – as the SKWAWKBOX predicted this afternoon – which is good news for Labour, in spite of the prevailing narrative.

Alastair Campbell immediately attempted to spin the loss for ultra-remainers. claiming Johnson should have won by more.

The vote on the timetable for implementation is expected to be far tighter – and a narrow defeat for the government, around 314-316.

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    1. This has been the best available result. Those willing to see it will do so. Those not, won’t…

      1. I think I understand your reasoning SW – among my concerns is how easy it will be for the Tories to play dirty – not least covering up the financial hit to business in the run up to an early election with what they’ll call something like “The Transitional Assistance Fund,” passing off the need for such a fund as something they’d always predicted and, as the party of financial competence, had planned for all along.

        Obviously the amount “invested” won’t be a matter of simple addition and couldn’t possibly be calculated in time to be published before the election.

      2. SKWAWKBOX (SW) at 8:18 pm

        The fact remains that if all Labour MPs had followed the party whip then Boris’s power grabbing bill would have been defeated

    2. Optimistic fantasy analysis by Skwawky. In fact Johnson and the Tories have now completed the potentially election-winning narrative they needed – thanks to the endless sabotage by the Remainer MP majority in the Commons – most of whom we elected on manifesto promises to ‘respect the 2016 Referendum result’. And of course Labour’s utterly nonsensical, over-complicated latest Brexit position. The constant public declarations by key Shadow Cabinet members that Labour is a ‘Remain and Second Vote Party’ means we can wave goodbye to our millions of Leave supporters in our Labour heartlands. Few of them would elect a Labour government and trust the likes of Kier Starmer to negotiate a good Brexit Deal – knowing that he, and Labour as a party, would then undoubtedly campaign AGAINST their own negotiated deal – for REMAIN !!

      The endless, all-day-everyday, paid Remainer trolls like Steve H, Jack T, RH, etc, etc, can be simply ignored – with their cynical Polly Toynbee-ish nonsense about ‘lack of principles’ by the Labour MPs voting for the deal. Those MPs (most of whom are indeed personally Remainers) were honouring their 2017 Manifesto promises, and hence respecting the majority wishes of their local VOTERS, you arrogant remainer troll pillock.

      This clear-sighted Morning Star editorial today clearly lays out the looming disastrous electoral trap Labour’s adoption of outright Remain and Second Referendum has led it into:

  1. How many cowardly Labour MPs in Leave seats turned their backs on Labour and other Remainers and supported the Tories? We have a classic example of expediency over solidarity.

    1. It is somewhat ironic that by voting with the Tories in a desperate and misguided bid to save their jobs when a GE comes a fair few of them will end up being triggered.

      1. I gather the list of shame is :

        – Sarah Champion
        – Rosie Cooper
        – Jon Cruddas
        – Gloria De Piero
        – Jim Fitzpatrick
        – Caroline Flint
        – Mike Hill
        – Dan Jarvis
        – Emma Lewell-Buck
        – John Mann
        – Grahame Morris
        – Lisa Nandy

      2. Full list for both votes

        Voted for the Brexit bill at second reading:
        Sir Kevin Barron
        Sarah Champion
        Rosie Cooper
        Jon Cruddas
        Gloria De Piero
        Jim Fitzpatrick
        Caroline Flint
        Mike Hill
        Dan Jarvis
        Emma Lewell-Buck
        John Mann
        Grahame Morris
        Lisa Nandy
        Melanie Onn
        Stephanie Peacock
        Jo Platt
        Ruth Smeeth
        Laura Smith
        Gareth Snell.

        Voted for the programme motion:
        Sir Kevin Barron
        Jim Fitzpatrick
        Caroline Flint
        Kate Hoey
        John Mann

  2. Put nandy top of the list of sell out,and one didnt even look at the detail in the Bill…..

  3. The main issue is how to resist a “Brexit NOW,” election which Johnson has always been aiming for. It might well give him the majority to enable him and right wing Tories to radically upset this country’s future. If it can’t be stopped then Labour MUST win. I see the sense in ‘letting him win’ as then he’s she stuck with the consequences. By the Spring things would look very different after some months Out. The kudos of having ‘won’ may be wearing very thin. I also subscribe to the view Johnson may suffer the fate of Churchill in 1945, “thanks very much but no thanks”.

  4. Many MPs had no intention of honouring the result of the Referendum. Stop the usual lies & hypocrisy……the bourgeois smugs tell us the vote was only ‘advisory’ & the stupid public got it wrong, so we have to do it again so that MPs & MSM can be given another opportunity to show us the ‘right’ outcome’. Has this ever happened B4?

  5. It might have been a good idea if M.P’s canvassed their constituents to ascertain how many have changed their minds given that we now know much more about Brexit than we were told at the referendum..Just a thought..

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