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Breaking: Johnson’s rush-timetable defeated

Boris Johnson’s rushed timetable for exiting the EU has been defeated in the Commons, by a margin of 308-322 – slightly larger than the SKWAWKBOX predicted – just after his withdrawal bill passed its second reading.

Johnson is likely to move to a short ‘technical extension’ to allow implementation, meaning a mid-November exit date. This is good news for Labour and would mean a likely February 2020 date for a general election. He has paused the bill temporarily.

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  1. Here is the list of those who have abandoned their principles.

    Voted for the Brexit bill at second reading:
    Sir Kevin Barron
    Sarah Champion
    Rosie Cooper
    Jon Cruddas
    Gloria De Piero
    Jim Fitzpatrick
    Caroline Flint
    Mike Hill
    Dan Jarvis
    Emma Lewell-Buck
    John Mann
    Grahame Morris
    Lisa Nandy
    Melanie Onn
    Stephanie Peacock
    Jo Platt
    Ruth Smeeth
    Laura Smith
    Gareth Snell.

    Voted for the programme motion:
    Sir Kevin Barron
    Jim Fitzpatrick
    Caroline Flint
    Kate Hoey
    John Mann

    1. Why do you expect any of them to have principles? You’re just a cow to them. For milking and occasional slaughter.

      Best modern example of principles is Nick Clegg. Oh how he bleated for your cause. Even though he wasn’t an MP anymore, he championed the cause of remain.

      Because of his principles…

      And what happened to Clegg? He shot off to America to work for Facebook, and in a heartbeat too. Surely his principles would have made him stay? Because remain was everything to him…

      1. Nick Clegg’s actions are of no consequence to me apart from to serve as a reminder of how duplicitous the LibDems were in government. Swinson continues the tradition in so called opposition.

    2. Optimistic fantasy analysis, Skwawky. In fact Johnson and the Tories have now completed the potentially election-winning narrative they needed – thanks to the endless sabotage by the Remainer MP majority in the Commons – most of whom we elected on manifesto promises to ‘respect the 2016 Referendum result’. And of course Labour’s utterly nonsensical, over-complicated latest Brexit position. The constant public declarations by key Shadow Cabinet members that Labour is a ‘Remain and Second Vote Party’ means we can wave goodbye to our millions of Leave supporters in our Labour heartlands. Few of them would elect a Labour government and trust the likes of Kier Starmer to negotiate a good Brexit Deal – knowing that he, and Labour as a party, would then undoubtedly campaign AGAINST their own negotiated deal – for REMAIN !!

      The endless, all-day-everyday, paid Remainer trolls like Steve H, Jack T, RH, etc, etc, can be simply ignored – with their cynical Polly Toynbee-ish nonsense about ‘lack of principles’ by the Labour MPs voting for the deal. Those MPs (most of whom are indeed personally Remainers) were honouring their 2017 Manifesto promises, and hence respecting the majority wishes of their local VOTERS, you arrogant remainer troll pillock.

      This Morning Star editorial clearly lays out the looming disastrous electoral trap Labour’s adoption of Remain and Second Referendum has led it into:

    1. Unfortunately Joseph Caroline Flint has already been re-selected by her CLP so she is safe.

      1. Steve H..joking but everyone can hope,for loyalty going into a general election,but seems not

  2. Ceterus Paribus
    EU should offer extension till January and Cummings glove puppet will call GE which Labour will support
    Dear Santa
    Can you bring me a radical socialist government for Christmas,
    Tell your helpers they are now honorary members of Unite and you their branch Secretary
    No more starving children, period poverty or foodbanks would be nice Also please can you close down the tax havens favoured by those naughty boys and girls in the cheap and nasty Tory party,
    Cheers doug

    1. Sorry to disagree, but I think the really important question, which every sane person wants answered is ‘Where does he want the ditch dug?’.

      Orderly queues, people….

  3. Above Labour MPs are careerist opportunists who if had been in Remain areas would be rampant Remainers.
    Whilst I support Labour’s Better Brexit from a socialist analysis after 40 years of pro-Neo-Liberal MPs (Tories, Lib Dems, Right Wing Labour) assisting in the erosion of democracy (with the assistance of the Neo-Liberal EC) and giving primacy to the market economy (Neo-Liberal capitalism).
    Agree Skwawky, tonight a good result.
    No Deal or Deal?
    Ditch or No Ditch?
    Die or do?
    Pull or pause?
    Latter in all cases and the Tory MPs mugs gave the game away.
    Boris has Bad Brexit.
    Labour could make it a Better Brexit – include workers rights protections, environmental protections etc.
    If Johnson gets in Trump/Johnson Trade Deal means chlorinated US chicken and the selling of our NHS by the Neo-Liberal fundamentalists – the Tories.
    If can get Labour Govt – add as Steve says Norway minus and with customs union ends need Irish North Sea border and different rules N Ireland.
    Is everything to play for.

    1. I will be surprised if this rejection of the timetable leads to anything favourable to Labour – either through the amendment route, the GE route or a combination.

      The Labour (alleged) defectors have already confirmed votes leaking to the LDs and Greens, I reckon.

  4. Rush Timetable? How long does it take MPs to read 120 pages (assuming that’s a skill they have mastered).

    Environmental & Worker’s Rights have been ‘sold’ to Johnson by the European Union.

    1. No. A group of pseudo-Labour MPs has just sold what the Tories have left of them.

      I’m, interested in your support for Johnson’s crap arguments about the timetable of a far-reaching bill.

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