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Ellman facing triggers next week

Liverpool Riverside MP has fraught relationship with local members

Liverpool Riverside MP Louise Ellman is facing trigger ballots in the coming week, after local Labour members asked the north-west regional office for a schedule for the ballots to decide whether Ms Ellman will face a selection contest.

The MP has a tense relationship with her constituency party (CLP), after making a string of accusations against local members and against the party leadership – memorably criticising Jeremy Corbyn for participating briefly in an event she attended herself in full.

Any Riverside members who have not been notified of their branch meeting should contact their branch and CLP secretaries for details.

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    1. Whaddaya mean? Wallasey hasn’t triggered (ill)eagle – yet…(I’m still hopeful) 🙂

      Oh, you meant mouthpuece philips. My bad☺

      1. When they’re referred to as ‘gobshite’ it’s almost a raffle, innit? .

      2. From what I hear there is no chance – Angela has made her peace locally and Paul Davis the vice chair who supported Jeremy Corbyn during the coup and was unfairly suspended been hung out to dry and remains suspended

  1. Trigger ballots – the promise that RARELY delivers.

    When Dame Louise Joyce Ellman was re-elected in 2001, her constituency turnout was the lowest in the country at 34.1%.

    This women tests the loyalty of Labour supporters in Liverpool Riverside, many neighbourhoods and households of which are economically deprived on relative and absolute measures.

    Uban blight and the return of widespread generational poverty marks this constituency, the third safest Labour seat in the country.

    Dame Louise does not belong here. She voted “very strongly for” the Iraq War, “very strongly against” an investigation into that war, and “very strongly for” renewal of Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons programme.

    Moreover, in September 2019, Ellman “shared the fears” of other Jews living in the UK about the prospect of a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn and understood why they “would seriously consider leaving the country”.

    If Liverpool Riverside clp fails on this one, it should undertake a collective transfer to the LibDems.

  2. It’s difficult to fathom what’s going on in Ellman’s CLP. Just a week ago there was a No Confidence motion (two, in fact, first one tabled in one branch, then another tabled in a different branch), which didn’t make sense to me when there’s a GE in the pipeline AND other CLPs were voting on re-selection. Why bother with No Confidence motions when the most obvious thing in the world was to hold a trigger ballot, which they are now doing, just a week later. Can anyone make sense of it?

    Oh, right, and one of the No Confidence motions was scheduled to be held on the very eve of Yom Kippur and, totally predictably, received reams of negative and critical news coverage:

    1. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I posted the following Morning Star article last week, but here it is again for anyone who missed it (here’s an excerpt):

      In Liverpool Riverside only months after many of us joined (or rejoined) the party following the election of Corbyn as leader, these unsubstantiated attacks began.

      A local councillor — also the election agent of our local MP Louise Ellman — tweeted: “thought I would never hear the anti-semitism views [sic] I heard from two members at a Labour Party meeting on Friday.” From this tweet onwards the attacks on new and left-wing party members in Liverpool has rarely ceased.

      The idea that Labour activists in Liverpool (many of whom are ardent life-long anti-racist campaigners) would tolerate any kind of anti-semitic behaviour in party meetings is an insult and smear to our constituency…

  3. I posted the following comment on the Electronic Intifada’s website a couple of days ago re Chris Williamson:

    The bit I can’t quite get my head round is the judge ruling that there was “nothing in the new allegations, the timing of the letter of 3 September or the decision to suspend that entitles me to take the view upon the papers that the Labour party is acting either unfairly or other than in good faith.”

    Surely the judge can’t actually be saying that the new allegations brought against Chris just a week before the court case and the decision to suspend him (again!) were done fairly and in good faith, when just about everyone on the planet can see quite clearly that it was a mega cynical ploy done in ultra bad faith. So please someone, tell me that I’ve got it wrong and he is, in effect saying something else – eg that he can’t make a ruling on whether it was done fairly and in good faith because of whatever.

    Anyway, I dare say the Blairite psychopaths behind this whole ploy had it all worked out what they were going to do within days of Chris announcing that he was going to take the party to court, and I bet that amongst themselves they can’t stop laughing their heads off, as no doubt they were in the weeks and months beforehand at the prospect of doing it!

    The thing is that unless these new allegations pertain to things that Chris supposedly said or did in the past few weeks, why would you wait until a week before the court case to notify him. Would be good if someone leaked the allegations to a newspaper (which the rest of the MSM would then cover) so that we can see for ourselves what they were/are AND just how preposterous (as Chris said) they are, and also WHEN they happened. I imagine that most people, like myself, have assumed that it was LP insiders who compiled the new raft of allegations, but it would be good to know who it was if it wasn’t.

    What complete and utterly despicable creatures these people are putting decent, honest and totally innocent folk through all of this, including Jeremy of course. It’s hard to believe they are actually human!


    i hope CLPs around the country will be writing to Jennie Formby to condemn this totally fraudulent and outrageous and corrupt bit of blatant chicanery. Whoever they are they should be immediately dismiissed!

  4. Hope Louise remembers to turn up – her forgetfulness is legendary
    I am referring her bad memory in respect of an event at which an 85 year old Jewish concentration camp survivor and peace activist, the late Hajo Mayar spoke, was heckled and harassed by pro Israeli yobs and was, following his death and Corbyn’s successful leadership bid, denounced as an antisemite.
    Both Louise and Jeremy attended the event and at the time Louise wrote an article for Tribune condemning the disgusting way Mr Mayar had been treated.
    Roll on about 4 years and the MSM announce that Jeremy attended an event addressed by an antisemite. ( guilt by association as usual) Louise expressed outrage and condemned Jeremy outright . She did not remember that she had also attended. Then the article she had written was unearthed and she was left with egg all over her face. Naturally this received little or no coverage in the MSM and Louise has never publicly addressed the issue. Maybe she forgot to do that as well.
    I hope the people of Riverside remember all this when deciding whether or not to re-select Louise for this safe Labour seat

  5. Blairites 27 members and supporters 0
    When will we win one,
    Dont hold your breath, there is something rotten in the heart of Rome

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