Breaking: Ellman’s local Labour party rejects her antisemitism accusations

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Louise Ellman

Liverpool Riverside CLP (constituency Labour party) has issued a strongly-worded statement rejecting recent accusations regarding antisemitism by its MP, Louise Ellman. Ms Ellman was recently seen telling a TV interviewer that she was “appalled” to find out that Jeremy Corbyn had attended an event featuring Holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer – when she attended it herself.

A statement by the group’s Chair dismisses her ‘vitriol’ and reaffirms its ‘overwhelming’ support for party leader Jeremy Corbyn:

It is sad to hear Dame Louise Ellman, the M.P. for Liverpool Riverside CLP, speak with such vitriol against both the Leader of the Labour Party and members of the Labour Party.

Dame Ellman’s accusation, made at the Jewish Labour Movement Conference and reported today on the ITV News, that anti-Semitism is “persistent and endemic in the party” is not supported by the facts.

PoliticsHome, at the end of July, stated that there were 50 complaints regarding antisemitism against Labour Party members outstanding, out of a membership of just under 600,000 members. The numbers speak for themselves.

For an M.P. of Dame Ellman’s experience to suggest that it is almost an everyday occurrence and ‘endemic’ is stoking the fires of this debate rather than helping the Party resolve it and is a direct attack on the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. They do little to address the current issue with regard to antisemitism as it exists.

As Jeremy Corbyn stated ‘Antisemitic abuse has no place in our Party or movement. No one with such views acts in my name, or the name of our Party. They are not our supporters.’

Liverpool Riverside CLP overwhelmingly supports Jeremy Corbyn in his statement and can only wonder at the motive for Dame Louise Ellman’s comments.

Tim Hayden
Chair Liverpool Riverside CLP

Ms Ellman has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Doesn’t the Recall law apply in these cases? A petition of 10% of voters means a by election or reselection? No?

  2. Refer to your constituents, ellman. You said that’s what many MP’s do (And it’s safe to assume which ones, too, isn’t it?) , so practice what you preach.

    And it’s about time Wavertree put berger in it’s place…Then onto the conference to implement mandatory reselection and let them do their squealing elsewhere.

    1. Great start to the week , things just get better and better , next up VONC in Ryan that’ll top it off nicely , bout time we had some good news

  3. The Far Right US Billionaire Barbarians “the emergency committee of capital” must be laughing their socks off as they pour millions into the Far Right around the World and individual Barbarians (including here).
    As the Right Wing & Liberal media (on behalf of capital); Right Wing Conservative Jewish forces (trying to impose their dominant narrative of total uncritical support for Israel, on the wonderfully diverse Jewish community); and Right Wing Labour MPs (opportunists using this to try to get rid of JC because they have no ideas and can’t win democratically with a debate on ideas) attack the ONE force that will SMASH the Far Right – Labour, the trade unions, and diverse communities standing together!
    “Ye are many-they are few” – Shelley,
    The Masque Of Anarchy.
    Solidarity! No Pasaran!

  4. So that’s 0.0083% of the party, ffs these people are bathsh!t crazy if they think that’s “endemic”. It’s a shame the media refuse to do their job & hold these accusations without substance up to the light!

  5. It’s as if everyone on the right watching “House of Cards” took it for inspiration – a manifesto – a “How to Do Thatcherism” or a “Machiavelli Made Simple” – instead of a salutary warning on the dangers of imagining yourself supremely intellectually endowed and your opponents idiots.
    Good to see them being found out at last.

  6. Boooo! 🙁

    Screeching’s said he’s not going just now on ch4 news….

    Think again, little wesley. In a few weeks time you won’t be contesting your seat next time round. 😀

    1. Pathetic little weasely screeching doesn’t sound ANYWHERE near as bellicose as he used to – Like just last week, before today’s ‘triple whammy’.

      Little weasley’s arse has gone the moment his opponent’s sleeves have rolled up.


  7. The tone of the language on this site is an absolute disgrace.I am shocked at the aggressive language used by people who I presume and I may be wrong are supporters of the Labour Party. I thought Jeremy Corbyn wanted kinder politics, I wonder what he would think of this?

    1. I take it, maureen, your comment’s aimed at me? Well guess what?


      I don’t need be a party member to be accused of nazism. I only need hold a contrary view to those who’d rather hand the toerags carte-blanche to run riot in carrying out their financial holocaust on the poor & sick – while over-exaggerating their wild claims and achieve maximum collateral damage to the policies I agree with.

      Hypocrites one and all.

      If anyone has a reason to take being called antisemitic, an enoch-supporter or even a nazi, personally, it’s me, and those like me.

      Therefore, I’ll retaliate with everything in my arsenal. They want to denounce me? You’re royally fooked if you think I’ll roll over. I’ll show them up exactly for what they really are.

      Jeremy might be mild mannered to the point of being forbearing at times…But I’m NOT, and I’ll make NO apology for it, alright?

      You don’t like it? Tough titty. I’m not asking for, nor require your permission to be irate. I refuse to be thought-policed. Those so-called labour MP’s and causing such wilful friction and distraction from the infinitely more prevalent and pressing issues of the day, are every bit as guilty and contemptible as the toerags who are killing the weakest off in the toerag’s financial pogrom.

      Just like (perhaps hundreds of) thousands of ‘ordinary’ people, I have every reason to fear being the next victim of Govt cuts and ‘reforms’ infinitely more so than berger has of being ‘The next Jo Cox’ she insinuates she’ll be. The statistics prove that.

      …But you wouldn’t know it. And berger isn’t arsed that you wouldn’t know it. Nor ellman, nor mann, nor the rest of them.

      So BOLLOCKS to them. They haven’t shown anywhere near the inclination to fight for my interest, and for those of people like me. They havent done what they were elected to do, or represent the interests of those they were elected to represent.

      1. Toffee: Do you have a link to an article in which Berger insinuates that she could be the next Jo Cox? Thanks.

        And does anyone recall which MP it was that falsely claimed – ie fabricated – that she had received a death threat, or something to that effect (on twitter I think)? It was around a couple of years ago if I remember correctly.

      2. @Allan Howard.

        No, I don’t have a link. I don’t need one.

        Are you perchance just like berger; and in need of a sense of British irony?

        You see, berger apparently also needs a bodyguard while in Liverpool…where her her constituency is. She doesn’t need one while at her constituency, though.

        So ask yourself why that is?

    2. You obviously can’t tell the difference between being aggressive and being angry. Have you nothing to say about the numerous false and contrived and bogus allegations of anti-semitism (and bullying and sexual abuse and homophobia etc, etc) during the past three years since JC was elected leader. Does letting off a bit of steam (about the false accusations and the false accusers) even remotely compare with the the black propaganda operation to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and demonise him and the left and, as such, undermine democracy. Have you nothing to say in support of the innocent people who have been victimised and falsely accused, or the people and organisations that use the very thing that led to the holocaust as a weapon against their political opponents.

      And if you’ve not seen it, check out The Lobby, in which you can witness first hand someone being falsely accused of anti-semitism (in Pt 3) by Joan Ryan at the Labour Party conference a couple of years ago (and see how the whole ‘anti-semitism’ thing is being orchestrated, and has been from the outset):


      1. ‘Have you nothing to say about the numerous false and contrived and bogus allegations of anti-semitism (and bullying and sexual abuse and homophobia etc, etc) during the past three years since JC was elected leader. ‘

        Have you nothing to say in support of the innocent people who have been victimised and falsely accused, or the people and organisations that use the very thing that led to the holocaust as a weapon against their political opponents.


        Are those questions (Both without the correct punctuation) directed at me?

        If so, my answer is as follows:

        Are you for f**king real?

      2. No Toffee, of course it wasn’t, it was in response to Maureen. At the point where I started composing/typing out my response, there were no responses to what she said, and your response to her obviously appeared whilst I WAS typing it out, apart from which, the various posts seem to be all over the place now. Had it occured to me that MY response wouldn’t be directly under hers, I would probably have thought to specify ‘Maureen’. My apologies.

      3. No need to apologise, Allan.

        Au contrere, it’s me must apologise for not reading in context and deducing who your post was referring to first time around.

        Memo to self…check times and read more attentively in future :S )

      4. Thanks Toffee, but I really should ALWAYS try to remember to specify who I’m responding to AND also bear in mind that OTHER posts may appear in the meantime, especially in view of the fact that I’m a very SLOW two-fingered typists AND tend to get diverted in the middle of it (when I suddenly think of something else I meant to check out/research).

  8. Well said Tim. I agree with everything you say.

    But on a personal note, I’d like to say that I think the time has now come when we all must have our say as to whether we still have any confidence in Louise’s performance as OUR Parliamentary Representative here in Liverpool Riverside CLP.

    In 2016 she was quoted in The Guardian as stating: “I am accountable but I do not follow CLP instructions.”. And, judging from her subsequent performance, it would seem her stance hasn’t changed one iota since then.

    Well, since she refuses to represent the views of her own CLP and the vast majority of Labour voters, whom she very well knows support Jeremy Corbyn to the hilt, I think we should follow her advice and hold her to account.

    We have been silent on this issue for too long.

  9. In their statement, Liverpool Riverside CLP say that:

    ‘PoliticsHome, at the end of July, stated that there were 50 complaints regarding antisemitism against Labour Party members outstanding….’

    In a recent skwawkbox post we learnt that only one in fourty-four cases of complaints are upheld by the NEC (precisely because the vast majority of them are bogus and contrived!), so if PoliticsHome is correct, then of the fifty cases, probably only ONE (or two) will be upheld in the end.


    1. This is particularly eloquent from TG, Allan H, so thanks for referencing it. The biggest shock for me, over the past year or so, is not the “endemic” antisemitism in the LP – 50/600000 cases under review but the endemic Zionism (as well as the malice and rank stupidity of the RW) and the deafening silence of people like Joan Ryan, when they are confronted with what Zionism actually means.

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