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Ex-Tory ‘rebels’ fall for Johnson/Cummings ruse – and BLOCK opposition attempt to prevent no-deal

Former Tory MPs refuse to support attempt to control Commons business between now and 31 October

MPs kicked out of the Tory party at the insistence of Boris Johnson’s handler Dominic Cummings for voting against Johnson have now sided with Johnson to block an attempt by MPs to prevent him from wasting parliamentary time in the run-up to the 31 October Brexit deadline.

Opposition MPs wanted to bring an ‘SO24’ motion to allow them to take control of Commons business between now and the end of the month, in case Johnson simply marks time in the hope of tipping the UK out of the EU by default.

However, the ex-Tories appear to have reverted to type in what commentators are calling a sign that they have swallowed the Johnson-Cummings line that removing no-deal from the table weakens any negotiations toward a new deal.

A deal that the EU has already said is unworkable and has not even been properly laid out by the UK.

Hook, line and sinker – and another demonstration that you can never trust a Tory. Not even an ex-one.

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  1. Bears in he woods.

    The one time a Tory can find his/her Seat with both hands – Election Time!

  2. I see Rory Stewart, ‘the only good tory in the village’ now wants to be an anti-politics London mayor – so that the post won’t be taken by any of those nasty, radical not-centrist not-rory politicians he’s been working to undermine from the inside for ages – ever since they made the idiotic mistake of rejecting his bid for Prime Messiah.

    1. The Labour choice is Sadiq Khan. I am far from sure that I would not prefer Rory Stewart. At least when he attacks Corbyn it can’t be portrayed as his own side having no faith in him. I’m not even sure that Stewart isn’t marginally to the left of Khan.

      1. U ultraviolet. A lot of good Labour party members worked hard to get the son of a Bus driver elected.The first job for Khan was to attempt to chuck Corbyn under a bus,and attack at every opportunity the Labour party….Treacherous and will not be allowed to use the loyalty of activists again

  3. Only “ex-tory” by name, certainly not by nature! With the ones still nursing bruised bums from being booted out so unceremoniously, any sane person would stay far away from the Clown’s toxicity.

  4. The reviled “No Deal” remains the only way to bring about a settlement whereby Labour could lawfully nationalise our privately owned economy.

    By opposing “No Deal” the now almost totally non-socialist and left-liberal Labour “Left” by contrast are now campaigning to have capitalism guaranteed for ever by force of supranational law.

    1. I don’t EVER recall Danny being abusive or resorting to foul language, or trying to disparage and undermine what someone says by such means, but the likes of JackT and timfrom and one or two others on here do it all the time. Please wise up to them if you haven’t done so already!

      PS Perhaps at some point when I’ve got time, I’ll collate a list of their Sun/Mail-type gutter tactics and post them on here!

      1. Oh right, and the shills – who are constantly monitoring the site – are always quick to get their put-downs in so as to try and influence people reading through the comments section, and in THIS particular case, what Danny said AND the article he linked to – ie they don’t want too many people to read it before they get their disparaging slights in!

      2. Afterthought: And another one of their tactics is to post at least a couple of put-downs in relatively quick succession, the idea being that if MORE than one poster has slagged them off, then THAT will ‘reinforce’ in the minds of readers that what the poster said was unworthy of consideration. It was a tactic that the anti-camera (speed cameras) propagandists used to use all the time when I used to expose their lies and falsehoods, as I did for many years – ie the pompous-sounding Association of British Drivers and Pistonheads and Safe Speed so-called etc, the speedfreaks/boy-racers friends and defenders! Average speed cameras were the worst thing ever as far as THEY were concerned, even worse than static cams, and were gonna cause MORE crashes/fatalities/injuries etc, despite the fact that they actually reduced fatal and serious injury collisions by between 50 to 90% wherever they were installed! And THAT tells you ALL you need to know about THEM!

        Anyway, always think to check the times that the ‘disparagers’ posted, and you’ll see a pattern.

      3. Oh, PLEASE do, “Allan”. You’ve been threatening to do this for ages. I’ve got the popcorn in and everything!

  5. The Torys are bound by the laws of nature and greed to regroup and will take any actions necessary to override parliament and that includes the dreaded royal prerogative and the lack of a written constitution.. IT’s simply an accident waiting to happen..

  6. The European Union is not the main obstacle standing in the way of a Labour government carrying out left-wing policies at Westminster. Yes, there are EU competition rules that can be used to obstruct some forms of public ownership. But these can be both challenged and circumvented. For example, the EU insists the management of railway infrastructure and services must be separated.
    The Netherlands and Spain got around this by establishing two separate state-owned companies, one to deal with the track and the other to run the trains. Remind you of anything? Oh, and Network Rail is already in public ownership.

    Hundreds of German cities and communities have established local, publicly-owned saving banks, while hundreds more have taken energy into public ownership over the past 20 years. In 2010, the city of Paris took its water supply out of the hands of two multinational companies and placed it under municipal ownership and control.

    The socialist-green coalition government that runs Luxembourg has just declared that use of its entire public transport system will be free of charge from 2019 onwards, There are many other examples of public ownership, progressive taxation and improvements in welfare benefits that demonstrate how a number of European Union countries are far in advance of the UK and USA when it comes to defying neoliberalism.

    Article 345 (ex Article 295 TEC)
    “The Treaties shall in no way prejudice the rules in Member States governing the system of property ownership.”
    Who owns SNCF? Deutsche Bahn? RENFE? Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane? Trenitalia? NMBS/SNCB (Belgium) ?

    1. Excellent post – I’d add that the EU laws that deny socialism the possibility to thrive were drawn in times of plenty – and that times have changed.
      ’08 can no longer be considered a ‘glitch’ of neoliberalism since it’s about to be repeated – or an aftershock at least – and coming at a time when reserves are depleted it may even be worse than ’08.

      Neoliberalism is shit out of ideas, in case nobody’s noticed.

      When market profits were easy and Brown thought he’d personally cured boom and bust, neoliberalism appeared to the conservative hive mind to be god’s plan for the world – but those days are long gone. Without the tech giant ‘intangibles’ propping them up ‘the markets’ would be half the size.

      Trunt, BloJob and others are raising the spectre of right wing populism we thought we’d killed in 1945.
      Populism, shrinking economies, looming recession, civil unrest and foreknowledge of inevitable AI job losses must be making many EU leaders rethink its direction to some degree at least.

      If I’m right on any one of the above this would be a crazy time to jump into the unknown.
      “EU law doesn’t allow nationalisation,” while partially true today, assumes the EU is not only blind to developments but insane.

  7. The simplest way fir Boris to get round the Ben Act seems to have ben missed. simply he writes the letter in the prescribed way by the required date, thus complying with the letter of the law. It is unlikely that the Act requires him to accept an offer made because that would be seen as tying his hands. He can therefore reject the EU offer and remain within the law. I am sure the Tory lawyers have seen this. that is why they are so circumspect in their answers, saying simply if the law require he writes the letter, he will, said with a smug look on their faces.

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