Video: LibDems caught trying to hide screeching u-turn over no-confidence vote timing

Swinson attacked Labour for refusing to call early vote of no confidence – LibDems now claim she was ‘always very clear’ timing not right

The LibDems have been caught out attempting to whitewash party leader Jo Swinson’s ‘childish’ rush to hold a no-confidence vote – by claiming that she was ‘always very clear’ that it wasn’t the right time for one.

LibDem MP and spokesperson Christine Jardine was asked on Sky News this morning whether the party would be pushing for a no-confidence vote in the Tory government – and responded with the LibDems’ new version of history:

Jo has always been very clear, before we do that we have to know what the next step is, and we have to be sure that by doing that, we’re not going to accidentally make it easier to crash out without a deal.

Unfortunately for the LibDems, the records show very differently – so differently that it’s damning of their lack of substance that they’re even making the attempt:

Not only was Swinson not ‘always very clear’ that waiting was the best route, but she tabled her own motion of no-confidence actively pushed and attacked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for not joining in with her attempt:

Happily, Corbyn new better – and Labour rejected her ‘childish’ haste:

Unsurprisingly, Jardine was not challenged by the interviewer about this recasting of history.

Quite rightly, Corbyn insists that the right time to move the no-confidence vote is when Johnson can no longer use it to paralyse Parliament and force through his no-deal goal.

The ‘childish’ Swinson and her party appear to have seen the light – but are still behaving just as immaturely, claim ‘it wasn’t me’ and pretending they were on the right side of the issue all along.

Unfortunately, their blundering and petulance has helped Johnson along the road to his no-deal nirvana – and they continue to do so.

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  1. Altered state. Lies are de riguer. Trust of any kind will be the casualty and then theres nothing much in the way of autoritarianism and anarchy and violence

  2. Whatever else – Swinson is palpably tenth rate. Can’t even create a convincing fiction.

    That said, they are pumping resources into Sheffield Hallam and, given the last debacle of the Labour selection in the constituency, their chances of regaining the seat are pretty good.

  3. It amazes me how the MSM have so casually whitewashed Swinson’s record when she was a Tory minister.

  4. Perhaps Swinson’s blundering and petulance are not so childish. Perhaps they are designed to keep the door open for another Tory/ Lib Dem coalition – different leader but same ambition and pro austerity politics.

  5. Just a straight up out right liar ,,, utterly bear faced , this is why so many folks have given up on MPs and politics in general .

  6. Their latest attempt at relevance,
    They are now saying it will be JC’s fault if No Deal happens because he refused to listen to Jo Swindle and allow someone else to lead GNU
    People see through these games and those who dont google if,
    Only opposition can take GNU forward, if you cannot support GNU then be honest and take the consequences
    VONC is a waste of time if you cannot trust other parties, leave it to Wor Betty to sort Cummings glove puppet, much more entertaining
    Good article on Jon Lansman in Electronic Intifada today, seems we were right, he is part of the problem

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