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Full list of 21 MPs kicked out after Johnson’s humiliation

List includes former Chancellor, ‘father of the House’ and former Home Secretary Ken Clarke, former party vice-Chair Stephen Hammond, former Thatcher aide Oliver Letwin and Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames
Former Chancellor Philip Hammond

The full list of Tory MPs kicked out of the party for voting against Boris Johnson is as follows:

  • Guto Bebb, Aberconwy
  • Richard Benyon, Newbury
  • Steve Brine, Winchester
  • Alistair Burt, NE Beds
  • Greg Clark, Tunbridge Wells
  • Ken Clarke, Rushcliffe
  • David Gauke, SW Herts
  • Justine Greening, Putney
  • Dominic Grieve, Beaconsfield
  • Sam Gyimah, E Surrey
  • Philip Hammond, Runneymede and Weybridge
  • Stephen Hammond, Wimbledon
  • Richard Harrington, Watford
  • Margot James, Stourbridge
  • Oliver Letwin, W Dorset
  • Anne Milton, Guildford
  • Caroline Nokes, Romsey and Soton N
  • Antoinette Sandbach, Eddisbury
  • Nicholas Soames, Mid Sussex
  • Rory Stewart, Penrith and the Border
  • Ed Vaizey, Wantage

Rory Stewart announced tonight at the GQ awards evening that he is quitting politics – as he was presented with an award:

It is not yet clear whether this will trigger a by-election or he will wait until the next – and potentially imminent – general election, but ‘ceases to be a politician’ suggests immediacy.


Boris Johnson has been touted as a change from Theresa May’s weakness and chaos. Yes – he’s worse.

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  1. What was the Cummings coincidence your tweet alluded to? (I not on Twitter)

  2. Gosh! Does Boris’ non-selection of the treacherous traitor MPs mean that The Conservative and Unionist Party is NOT a actually a democracy? No? Its membership simply does as it’s told by its dictatoral party leader (preferably in latin)?

    Can’t be? What about the rule of the people? Are they just words?

    Vote for the democratic Labour party and end austerity.

    The Conservative Party has run its course. It has nothing to recommend it. No legitimacy, no authority, no relevance. Not even a no-strings trade deal with nobody in particular.


  3. But it still has many people in the country who say they will vote Conservative, or the so-called Brexit Party (maybe in a pact).

    1. Joe kalliszczac…..After todays fiasco even the torys and kippers will be looking for a steady honest pair of hands like Corbyn…….none of the policys are particularly socialist or revolutionary,fear of Johnson will give the keys to drowning st to the first socialist PM

  4. I didn’t want to say anything – but I couldn’t help thinking JC must secretly have envied BloJob a little bit when he just deselected 21 stroppy MP’s with a phone call for not doing as they were told… and their first offences mostly I think 🙂

    1. Absolutely spot on David…….but if we take the chance of an election we can dump some baggage……but I am sure the traitors like Blair will try to stop an election…..He’s and his supporters most deffinatly do not want an election now that Corbyn can win by being handed on a plate by a lunatic dictator of a Tory regime……how often does luck play in a election?

  5. The unelected Tory regime…..have now a dictator….Borris Johnson. The few thousand Tory faithful hopefully realise that they are responsible for unleashing the first insane fanatic on the public since oliver Cromwell fed and watered his horses inside ELY cathedral after destroying the statues paintings and alter.and executing the priests..We are now stuck with an entitled lunatic,who has turned on is own party grandees such as Nicolas Sommes of the Churchill dynasty and a establishment Big beast….Their Will be genuine shock even amongst Boris and his supporters and we must move on an election before the Torys regroup and disown him…..We need to make sure that the centrist and blairights don’t talk down an election…….remember many of them will be without a job before Xmass if we have an election.Boris Johnson’s ego Will push him into an election that we will win and dump a lot of baggage doing it….We may never get another chance for a true socialist Labour government……..

  6. Just don’t tell your children that that nice Mr. Corbyn tied Mr. Toad up in knots.
    And then stepped on him.

  7. So if he ejects all those Tories, he will no longer have the numbers to do any damn thing.

    Clearly there must be a general election at some point, his majority is well and truly demolished.

    Unless the LibDems come to his rescue and prop up the Tories again, but their price would be another referendum, presumably.

    He cannot call an election at the time he chooses without the help of Labour and they will want guarantees that it will not stop a no deal, so again he is blocked from his apparent chosen course.

    I assume there is some method to all this madness, but it is hard to see it.

  8. I’m wondering what sort of coffin-dodging crank(s) will replace them and what sort of criteria they’ll have to meet to get nominated/selected.


    (1) ”An infant’s laugh. A new kitten in the household. Being bought a drink by a former classmate you haven’t seen since leaving Eton/Harrow/Winchester/Rugby…”

    If any of these scenes (Not an exhaustive list) solicit any sort of emotional pleasure, please report to party HQ for immediate dismissal.

    (2) DWP Sanctioning. Homeless people being physically attacked. OAP’s being forced to choose between heating & eating in winter. The deportation of British citizens for no reason other than the colour of their skin.

    If any of these scenes (Far from an exhaustive list) elicit indifference or mild sexual impulses, then congratulations! You are very slightly more than worthless to the party.

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