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Video: reminded of Jo Cox murder, Johnson implies if more MPs are murdered it will be their own fault

Johnson flippant about murdered Labour MP – and blames any potential new deaths on MPs for making his life difficult

Tory PM Boris Johnson was reminded just now, by her successor Tracy Brabin, of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by a Brexit-inflamed right-wing extremist.

He responded with appalling flippancy and a scandalous doubling-down when asked to moderate his inflammatory language.

Brabin took Johnson and his MPs to task for their constant use of inciting terms for the Act passed to try to prevent a hard Brexit, such as ‘Surrender Act’ or ‘Capitulation Act’ and pointed out that she and other MPs are as patriotic as any on the Tory benches.

But Johnson not only dismissively responded to her question with repeated uses of the same inflammatory terms, but even appropriated Cox’s memory for his cause, saying that the best way to honour her would be to ‘get Brexit done’:

Cox was murdered in June 2016 while campaigning for remain.

Johnson even went on to imply that if any MPs are harmed or killed, it would be their own fault for getting in his way:


Johnson’s shameful refusal to apologise for his unlawful behaviour has just been eclipsed by his blaming of MPs if there are murders by the right-wing extremists he is inflaming.

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  1. BritainFirst is a fascist vehicle – and one that the dreadful Boris Johnson will happily flag a ride from to push his divide and conquer brexit.

    Even if I’d been the most avowed lexiter, Boris Johnson would make me drop it. Nothing on earth for which BJ’s quasi-fascist techniques are used could possibly be worth having.


    1. “Even if I’d been the most avowed lexiter, Boris Johnson would make me drop it…”
      This is precisely the reaction that Johnson and his associates are counting on from Labour: a rejection of a popular policy approved by a majority of voters, amounting in much of Labour’s heartland to a landslide, in order to dissassociate ourselves from supporters libelled, in liberal circles, as bigots, even fascists.
      Boris wants Labour to throw in its interests with the Lib Dems and the Blairites. He knows that such a course would lead to a disaster besides which the fate of PASOK would look welcome.

      1. bevin 25/09/2019 at 10:53 pm

        FFS – Do you actually believe this nonsense, or is this your feeble attempt at ‘alternative facts’.

      2. “a popular policy approved by a majority of voters, amounting in much of Labour’s heartland to a landslide,”

        I know Leavers have a slender connection with reality, but that distortion is a turd polished with a lot of elbow grease.

        But it still looks like what it is, and Brexit is still far right (now becoming fascist) policy.

      3. I agree but it was an attempt to keep my language temperate.☺

      4. I don’t think ‘facts’ – even ‘alternative’ is other than wildly inaccurate.

      5. You’re right bevin, “Boris wants Labour to throw in its interests with the Lib Dems and the Blairites. He knows that such a course would lead to a disaster” which is why I did my best to make sure my clp supported composite 14 (which we did).

        The comment was personal -if a lexiter *I* would ‘shy tory’ or keep stum my support rather than be seen as sharing an objective something so disagreeable to me as DogWhistle Johnson and his vulture-capitalist no deal brexit.

        Moreover, I’d be confident enough to keep stum UNTIL Labour negotiated its sensible brexit and axxept those leace terms – as should every lexiter in Labour.

      6. qwertboi 26/09/2019 at 12:45

        Are you having problems with your spellchecker ?

    2. Talk of murder?….This is the leader of a fascist conservative government whilst using Ireland as a politcal football.. who’s conservative party have sponsered terror and sectarianism in Ireland for hundreds of years,for little more tha n gerrymandered votes to prop up conservative party rule in Britain’.The ignorance of him and his media establishment cronys is breathtaking in their attempts to be speaking for the man in the street….That type of filth only ever speak for one narrow bigoted group,and thats the conservative and Unionist party

    3. I am one of those leave voters who has dropped lexit because of Boris Johnson and the rest of his disaster capitalist cabinet. I will do all I can to stop him and I back Corbyn to the hilt.

      1. Same here sue ..and hopefully the northern heartlands will not be swayed by Boris Johnson.His background and personality Will go down like a lead balloon.Despite being Labour,many in the heart lands will always be consevative in culture andwill not swop their allegiances to the Tory party….fingers crossed!

  2. This is what happens when a party’s addiction to power eclipses their morality.

  3. Omfg!
    Is it not time the petulant, puerile Clown was gagged and sent to Clownling snooty lord smug’s Nanny to put manners on?
    I cannot believe my ears!

  4. A useful exhibition. It’s clear : support Brexit; support the policy of a lying, inept, narcissistic hypocritical establishment psychopath, modelling himself on a long ragged-arsed parade of fascists. Not hard for Labour supporters to make a choice.

  5. Yes Johnson is a Neo-Liberal Right Wing Barbarian like Trump and an opportunist. He only went with Leave to win the Tory nationalist majority rank and file against the globalist minority.
    He will have been taught by Trump to be loyal to the financial oligarchs who owe loyalty to no country but capital is divided and the globalists will be peeved with Johnson that the amalgamation of the UK and German stock exchanges failed to go ahead because of the Referendum result.
    The financial oligarchs are trying to present Johnson of the establishment elite as the champion of the common man and woman (like Trump) who once having conned the masses will serve their interests as democracy is sidelined by the power of financialization, unaccountable central banks (and the EC Commission).
    Labour under Jeremy is really fighting for democracy and if Labour wins the GE then I will join the Labour Campaign for a Better Brexit to get democratic power back to individual states from financialization (but that is for the future) for now don’t fall for the Tory Election No Deal Trap.
    Expose Johnson as a Neo-Liberal, Trump Deal means chlorinated chicken and US firms taking our NHS and public services.
    Leavers voted to take back control not to give it to US companies!
    Time to take back control from Tory Neo-Liberalism!

  6. Tim. .. mattis might be …going to town on the torys..but it will not save the BBC or survive a Labour government and plans for democracy

  7. Talks of murder….The old northern mill towns were I was born We don’t miss the chimneys belching soot and poison from there mills and chimneys…We do miss the jobs and flight of capital after the cotton industry collapsed. .The towns have been abandoned by Labour and Torys for over half a century now.I hope that the towns are not exploited once again by global capitalism from a vote hungry Tory party.Hopfuly we can convince them that we are better than the Labour party of old and we have leader Jeremy Corbyn who will not leave them behind again.Bolton and the British public deserve better than more of the same….Half a century we have waited don’t let it slip away

  8. Some rather crass and transparent tactics on this thread, from the remain side. Please, let’s not compound a negotiated Brexit with no deal, fascist, populism.

    1. “Some rather crass and transparent tactics on this thread,”

      Such as? What are the sins of the Labour majority? Other than disagreement with the minority view?

  9. Flinging insults all around on the brexit argument only shows conference didnt bow down to intimidation by a vocal group of disaffected.. .didums did daddy make you cry?

  10. I heard on the radio that Johnson had said that the best way to honour Jo Cox was to get on with Brexit—something that she actually opposed.

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