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Left sweeps board of members’ reps on vital NCC – but result is reminder left must maintain local efforts

All three left-slate candidates elected to party’s senior disciplinary body

Having already won the re-election of its two candidates to the important Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) before this week’s annual conference in Brighton, the left has won a clean sweep of the three positions being contested on the National Constitutional Committee (NCC), Labour’s senior disciplinary body.

Gary Heather, Jabran Hussain and Stephen Marks all won by a considerable margin among constituency delegates at conference.

However, there was a drop in the left’s share – a reminder of how important it is for left-wingers to maintain focus and organisation at a local level, as the right has clearly succeeded in slightly increasing its representation at the party’s conference:

Any lapse of focus at local level can have long-term national impact and these results are an important alert.

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  1. I cast no aspersions on any of these individuals – I don’t know them.

    But ‘left’ or ‘right’ is no guarantee of anything. What I want is intelligence, relevant experience and knowledge, honesty and integrity. Those are the qualities that have been sadly lacking in disciplinary cases distorted to sectarian ends.

    … and Chris Williamson, Jackie Walker etc. still twist in the wind.

    (Note : John Lansman describes himself as ‘left’ 🙁 )

    Perhaps, above all, we need implementation of revisions to the disciplinary framework, including the putting of the IHRA document to one side as a definitive document. But I guess the chickens will stay on their roosts.

    1. What we don’t want is any more apparatchiks with agendas of their own.We need them to administrate a fair and democratic party apparatus,when we get one.

      1. I agree, John. The point I was making is that apparatchiks come with all sorts of directional labels. In my experience the term ‘left’ is actually more open to abuse amongst apparatchiks.

  2. ‘…a reminder of how important it is for left-wingers to maintain focus and organisation at a local level , as the right has clearly succeeded in slightly increasing its representation at the party’s conference’

    I have always said that we on the left should concede that the right is more organized than us in the party, either due to their knowledge of party rules and machinery acquired during all those New Labour years, or their entrenched and embedded positions within the party machinery which they are able to leverage quite ruthlessly to their advantage. Regrettably, one of the few people who tried to organize the left in the party – his Democracy Roadshow comes to mind – CW, remains suspended – again, another vicious trait of the right – to get some of the most able left members suspended or expelled. We can’t even get TW to be politely reprimanded for his awful political actions, let alone to muster enough numbers to get him deselected.

    We are soon going to be faced with the same situation again: campaigning for right wing parliamentary candidates after failing to get them deselected, who will waste no time in decampaigning JC and the party in the coming general elections campaign. Some people say BJ may actually win the elections on account of our Brexit position or another. I say BJ may win the elections on account of our wrecking right wing parliamentary candidates who will stop at nothing to prevent JC’s winning.

  3. At the moment, there is no due process in the LP, members are suspended before they have had the chance to defend themselves. Where were the ‘left’ when these ridiculous and completely unfair procedures put in place and approved?

    1. Indeed. The ‘left’ (or some of its 57 varieties) hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory or effectiveness on this issue as some of its friends disappeared down the chute. The ‘left’ of the PLP has, particularly, been mainly cowed into silence rather than speaking truth unto power – apart from some notable examples.

      Have you heard a concerted outburst against the cowing of Waterstones, or even a defense of free speech re. the banner that was taken down in Brighton? Even JC has been cowed rather more than the original smasher of money changers with the initials.

      The Palestinians haven’t, and aren’t going to, benefit from this scaredy-cat approach that has conceded everything to Israel over the last century.

      1. As I just said in another thread, the Waterstones event was cancelled by the CEO in New York (on some feeble and pathetic pretext), and NOT by the staff of the Brighton branch on account of being intimidated. And as for the MSM not reportinging it, they were hardly going to cover the event even if it HAD been cancelled due to intimidation, cos they are hardly going to draw attention to a book that exposes the smear campaign that THEY have been a party to.

        As for the banner or poster, could you explain just exactly how JC was cowed. The reality is that if he, or whoever, HADN’T asked the police to take it down, the MSM would have been reporting that JC and everyone attending the conference didn’t attempt to do anything about it. WE (on the left) may know that it was making a valid point – and the MSM and the BOD and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM etc all know that it was depicting the reality of the situation of course – but they are playing the smear campaign game and, as such, it was anti-semitic and a far left conspiracy theory.

        But you didn’t think of THAT of course!

      2. Allan, the Latuff banner to which you referred was not anti-Semitic, it was anti-Netanyahu, JC should simply have said that he was not going to get involved. He had no need to side with the Zionists who attacked and damaged it. I’m afraid that this is yet another dreadful case of appeasement of those who do not want JC to be our next PM.

      3. Allan you implied that JC was not cowed, I disagreed, don’t dodge.

      4. It saddens me, but JC *was* cowed. The Lobby succeeded.

        I don’t load on blame – he’s had more than most mortals in terms of lies and intimidation thrown at him.

        But he is cowed on this issue and thus truth and the Palestinian cause suffers.

    2. Sadly Jack T, Jon Lansman threatens good people’s support for slates endorsed by him and, if we are not careful, they will become even more devalued by this man’s manouvering and politicing.

      Me personally, I already check the individual’s record before giving him or her my support rather than entrusting a marketing label to denote quality. Where Lansman and the CLPD difffer, I usually go with the CLPD recommendation.

    3. And Jack, why ask where were the left when the procedures were put in place as if to say they could have done something/anything about it, when you know of course that the Party has been run by the Blairites for donkeys years and the ‘left’ didn’t get a look in. But what would it matter anyway even if people COULD defend themselves, as the corporate media and the BBC and the Jewish newspapers and the BOD and the JLM etc, etc would STILL be condemning them as guilty. It’s a black op Smear Campaign, or hadn’t you picked up on that!

      Anyway, thanks for being honest and admitting, in effect, that you’re not yourself on the left (as with a few others that regularly comment on here!).

      1. Allan, I am not a member of the executive of the LP and have no power to influence decisions taken by the executive. However, I’m referring to those on the left who do have power to influence decisions but who fail to use it.
        In response to your childish comment about me not being on the left. I may not be on YOUR left which supports taking no action against smears but I am on the left which believes in fighting back.

      2. And just HOW do you go about taking action against smears Jack when the corporate media and the BBC is the mouthpiece of the Establishment? And more to the point, why do you and a few other im-posters on here pretend otherwise!

        And I guess you missed the bit about the Blairites having controlled the Party for donkeys years AND how it wouldn’t make any difference if people could defend themselves as the corporate media et al would STILL condemn them as guilty.

        THAT’S what a smear campaign IS Jack!

      3. Allan, if you can’t make a case without attributing to others an argument or position which they do not support, it would be better not to try.

      4. It really is amazing how you leave the massive big elephant in the room out of your thinking Jack, like a few others who regularly comment on here, but then I guess if you had to take THAT into consideration then you and the other Corbyn bashers on here couldn’t repeatedly keep criticising him for appeasing the saboteurs and not fighting back and taking it to them and other such complete and utter testicles.

        Anyway, perhaps you could remind us what happened when the LP DID fire back re the Panaroma hatchet job and how it was reported right across the MSM and the Jewish newspapers as such. Or how they reacted to Ken (Livingstone) each and every time he tried to explain that he was referring to an historical fact.

        BE *real* Jack! A smear campaign is a smear campaign!!

      5. As I’ve said a couple of times Jack, what would it matter anyway even if people COULD defend themselves, as the corporate media and the BBC and the Jewish newspapers and the BOD and the JLM etc, etc would STILL be condemning them as guilty.


        And I couldn’t help but notice that you avoided answering the other question I asked you – ie just HOW do you go about taking action against smears when the corporate media and the BBC is the mouthpiece of the Establishment?

        I await your answer with baited breath.

      6. Allan please remind me when it was that the leadership decided to fight back?

      7. Jack, you’re obviously tired and your brain’s not working properly, so maybe you should go to beddybyes, and I’ll put my questions to you another time, although I expect you’ll just go on avoiding answering them!

        Sweet dreams.

      8. Allan, it would be more honest of you to admit you do not have an answer. You might wish to wash your white flag, it would be dry by the morning.

      9. Oh Jack, you’re so transparent it’s ricidiculous – ie the reason you don’t answer is because you HAVE no answers.

  4. No I think some of the Left are a bit fed up being told the slate to vote for when having a say in actually selecting it could boost the left turnout!
    Same with the Left NEC slate whose margins have been dropping lately with many saying they will now not vote for Lanman.
    Need to act on this or the right could gain a seat/s which would put JCs majority at a threat.

  5. Thanks for the good news Skwawkbox. I’m so happy. The Coryn Project part 1, to increase Labour party democracy, is strengthened every time a left slate wins, now we have to make sure that the Corbyn Project part 2, to transform the nation, happens.

    JC4PM –

  6. The cabals are holding on to many CLP having managed to alienate most newer members. Should limit officers posts to 3 years

  7. Was at Conference and spoke to the activist who held the Latuff banner. He was attacked 3 times and his banner was damaged repeatedly. The police intervened BUT confiscated the banner and reported the activist. NO ACTION was taken against the people who attacked the banner.

    1. Yes – this is the reality of the supression that is going on.

      … but which is somewhat a minor problem in comparison with the continued racism and ethnic cleansing of Israel’s colonial settler nature and its effect on the Palestiian people.

      Meanwhile Allan Howard seems to content to stare at his computer screen and whistle ‘Zippety Doo-Dah’

  8. Corbyn failed to get on the front foot with the lying Zionist scum and their friends inside and outside the LP.As we have seen when failing to confront the Blairites and take them on back in the day,we lost all influence for a political generation and it culminated in the Brexit vote from all those people who felt that mainstream politics,and NuLabour in particular had deserted them,(and they were correct).I am not sure what the longer term effects of appeasing the Zionists will be, but as RH has correctly pointed out,the Palestinians are already paying the price of the failure to stand up to the racists of Zionist Israel.

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