Three things that bury Johnson’s ‘man of the people’ shtick

No amount of posturing or play-acting can hide the truth: privileged thug for sale

Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson, strings pulled by ‘adviser’ Dominic Cummings, is desperately peddling a gross lie in the hope that enough voters will swallow it: that he is on the side of the people against the Establishment.

In spite of his posturing, Johnson is not just with the Establishment. He is the Establishment – son of a wealthy former MEP, his family privilege goes back generations. Johnson is descended from families of German royalty and nobility and a minister to the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman empire on one side of his family and from a privately-educated, knighted barrister on the other.

But Johnson’s own character and history are the decisive factors in exposing the lie he is peddling – and three simple examples are enough to bury it.

1. The arrogance of privilege

Boris Johnson, seated, with David Cameron (standing, second from left)

Boris Johnson was a member of the notorious Bullingdon Club of wealthy young men with a taste for vandalism at Oxford University and was pictured alongside fellow members – including former Tory PM David Cameron.

The infamously callous and cowardly initiation ritual for Bullingdon members is to burn a £50 note in front of a homeless person – rubbing their wealth and privilege cruelly in the face of the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Johnson was also forced to hide in bushes from police – also alongside Cameron – after trashing a restaurant. And in spite of his attempt to distance himself from the image of remainer ‘toff’ Cameron, he regularly attends Bullingdon events with him.

2. The abandoner of children

Questions about Johnson’s offspring are reflected in his Wikipedia entry

Johnson’s approach to family life is characterised mainly by contempt for it. He is a serial cheat and so irresponsible in regard to the consequences that there are doubts about how many children he actually has, with some reports stating that he has a second ‘love-child’ as well as four children by marriage and a court-confirmed daughter by a former lover.

Johnson was forced by a court ruling to acknowledge his illegitimate daughter publicly. During the recent Tory leadership contest, he refused to say how many children he has. He is rarely seen in public with his children.

3. Russian stooge for hire

Just last year, Johnson was revealed to have agreed to play a tennis match with the wife of a Russian oligarch in return for a £160,000 donation. He had refused to confirm it for four years after the event.

Johnson’s connections with Russian cash are not limited to a tennis match. One of the chief donors to Johnson’s leadership campaign is the anti-EU head of a company that suffered losses when the EU imposed sanctions on Russia after the shooting down of a Malaysian Airlines plane – and fined £22 million for restrictive practices the EU described as a ‘cartel’.

Johnson has also been revealed to be ‘good friends’ with a man expelled as a Russian spy.

Johnson’s party also has form – the Tories have accepted over £800,000 in donations from Russian oligarchs.


The idea of Boris Johnson being on side of the people is the most blatant of lies and a mockery of working class people – and nobody has to dig very deep to uncover the truth.

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  1. Dudes…you really need to figure out a way to get rid of the whole system of aristocracy. Do you really need a bunch of inbred elitists whose family trees don’t branch?

    1. No, we don’t need the fuckers but neither do we want to burden our children with the knowledge that their Utopia was built on a genocidal cull.
      That is what you meant by “get rid of” I take it?
      I suppose we could send all the kids to Disneyland for a week…

      1. David.. I would hope that in the 21st century we could get rid of the aristocracy but that doesn’t mean murder them.I wouldn’t even swear at them.I might even wave goodbye as they set off to pastures new on the Royal Yacht…good bye and all the best hope you havnt let the German slip

    2. That chest reminds me of a picture of Dr. Death playing football. I think Owen is more well-endowned in the upper body shake stakes. I could be wrong though, usually am. Cheers.

    1. I have had some lovely times celebrating Bastille day in France Lovely people part of democratic Republic ….They really have a good sense of humour regarding the aristocracy ,but then again they havnt got any to bankroll and the hundreds of hangers on.?

      1. .. but they still have their own elite and aristocracy – despite ‘Liberty, Fraternity and Equality’.

    2. You don’t have to guillotine them. 🙂

      That’s right – You don’t. I’m in favour of the stout hemp rope, meself. Less mess, less carbon footprint than the steel for a guillotine blade, satisfies the vegans AND it’s a lot more fun watching the bastards twitch. 👍

      1. Turbocharged road roller on an airfield.
        No, you can’t drive. My idea, my dibs.

    3. “Abolish the system”

      How, exactly?

      Then how do you prevent a takeover by another system of privilege?

      That’s not an argument against change – just a genuine questions about assertions that have been made for centuries and haven’t gone anywhere.

      (And forget ‘Abolish the HoL’ – take that as a given about a symptom rather than a cause).

  2. Well Said Skwawkbox.

    And when they bleat “will of the people” to justify their vulture capitalist no-deal brexit their mendacity is obvious and shameless.

    Not a single one of them commemorated the bicentenary of Peterloo last month. In fact Boris Bullingdon Johnson probably imagines himself giving the order to the cavalry to ride into the crowd of 60,000+ workers peacefully demonstrating for parliamentary representation. Will of the people -tohriehys like Boris Johnson made sure that working males didn’t all get the vote until 1928 (yes, universal suffrage didn’t exist in UK until 1928, thanks to the Tohriehys).

    Neither would Johnson have supported the repeal of the Combination Acts five years after Peterloo. He’d have made sure ‘the people’ never acquired the right to form trade unions and express their needs, much less fight for them.

    He’s a dog-whistling reactionary, a mercenary servant and beneficiary of Capital. He’s no narodnik, he’s a hard-right populist who FEARS the will of the people and never respects or promotes it – unless it gives him money or power, which of course their rotten brexit is certain to do.

  3. He is related to a privately educated knighted Barrister Squawk box says.? My god I didnt know that the he was related to Sir keir Starmer. Doesn’t it explain a lot about the leadership ambitions of the anointed?and boris pifel Johnson well he could be related to HRH and that wouldn’t impress me.or any socialist!

  4. Worst thing that pisses me off about him is people who say that he has to be extremely clever to pass off as being so idiotic…

    Wish they’d just go away & die in the same ditch as the gobshite.

  5. SQuawk box….Sorry to pick you up on the reporting but I don’t remember anything proven of the shooting down of the Malaysian flight by Russia or anyone else.?

    1. It was a messy business about the supply of arms to the Ukrainian rebels – with Russia’s sticky fingers shown to be all over the place. Eastern oligarchy v. Western oligarchy. Take your pick.

      1. There is no evidence supporting Russian involvement in the shooting down of MH17.If there were we would never have heard the last of it,but some people on the left continue to give the lies from the West and the UK and USA in particular credence.Why?

  6. Definition of a Pyschopath; Superficial charm and glibness.
    Inflated sense of self-worth.
    Constant need for stimulation.
    Lying pathologically.
    Conning others; being manipulative.
    Lack of remorse or guilt.
    Shallow emotions.
    Callousness; lack of empathy.

    1. How long will it be before a dictionary says under the entry for psychopath, see ‘Boris Johnson’?

  7. These are the Neo-Liberal Right Wing Barbarians we are up against, funded by oligarchs but they are the true little people of the planet as the stuff their mouths with gold and screw working people; you could almost pity them, they know better and live useless lives.
    They are also the true global scroungers so close tax havens offshore and tax loopholes, make the rich and TNCs pay their full tax, nationalise land and banks, have windfall taxes on big business (we are only getting back the proceeds of our surplus labour they have legally nicked), financial transaction tax 1% not piddling 01% Robin Hood Tax, end all tax subsidies and reliefs private schools and on private health, have democratic control of capital supply.
    Boris Alexander de Phelfel Johnson’s target audience is Leavers but they voted to take back control from an undemocratic EC and unaccountable ECB and EC Commission they did not vote to give control of UK public services and our NHS to Trump and private US firms.

    1. Not really – ‘oligarch’ is used to describe a certain particular form of floating turd that emerged in Russia when there was a grab of public assets by the new mafia. It’s not a distinction that elevates US capitalists.

  8. De piffle plays tennis with oligarch’s missuses for largesse.

    They don’t just pay for the tennis, do they? All those penthouse suites don’t buy themselves and grossly inflate the property bubble which gives the economy a false reading and creates the illusion that the toerags have got it under control…

    Therefore, Bazza’s point is valid.

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