Video: Tory Grayling squirms when asked “What DO Russians get for their donations”?

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Tory front-bencher Chris Grayling appeared on BBC Question Time last night and faced an uncomfortable challenge from an audience member – echoed and amplified by host David Dimbleby:

What do they [the Russians] get back from giving money to the Tory party?

Russian oligarchs and businessmen have given huge sums of money to the Tories.

While Theresa May and Boris Johnson have been happy to rattle sabres based on assumptions about Russian guilt in the Salisbury nerve-agent attack, they have suddenly become sticklers for the ‘rule of law’ if asked about the possibility of freezing the cash of Russian oligarchs and businessmen.

Watch Grayling squirm and answer questions that hadn’t been asked – anything rather than answer the one that had been asked:


The Tories are deeply compromised when it comes to Russia – and Russian money. They cannot be trusted.

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  1. Government is a matter of trust.

    A weak Tory leader is using a national security incident for personal and party gain. She is acting without evidence to create the perception that her unstable government has strength.

    Theresa May is untrustworthy. She is therefore not fit to be prime minister.

    1. What toerag IS? In fact, there are scant few MP’s (All persuasions) worthy of being MP’s alone – nevermind Prime Minister.

      We need only look at who funds some labour MP’s like illeagle & flint (for example) to see who’s who…

  2. I agree with Internal Affairs. This clip shows clearly that the tories cannot be trusted. This country deserves better than being milked by these scroungers!

  3. Kier Starmer took the tories case apart last night. He also sorted out the guy from RT. along with the Irish Lady from the EU. The hard truth of a Tory Brexit hit the Brexiteers between the eyes. Kier did a fantastic job last night. He defended Jeremy Corbyn’s comments at PMQs and rightly pointed out there is an agreed system of bodies to be involved in such a serious attack. We should not jump to conclusions without the proper evidence. A good night for labour on the BBC for a change. Even the plants were quietened last night.

  4. The Telegraph is reporting today that it has been established that the toxin was brought in to the UK in the daughter’s suitcase. This opens up an endless number of possibilities about when how and by whom it was put there. The Russian Government could certainly be said to be still a suspect but the earlier impression that had been given by the MSM that agents of the Russian Government entered the UK to carry out this crime appears to be unlikely. Proof that Russian agents had been present in the UK for this very purpose would have of course have been pretty damming evidence but it no longer seems to have beeen the situation.
    It strikes me that the investigation in to this appalling incident is far from complete and that there is as yet insufficient evidence to declare with confidence that anyone is the guilty party. It may turn out that the Russian government is to blame but it is already clear that the whole incident is not as open and shut as May would have us believe. It may even be the case that the would be killers had intended the daughter to come in to contact with the toxin while she was in Russia. Rather incoveniently for them she may have however simply chucked whatever item that had been spiked in to her suitcase and not come into contact with it until she got back to the UK and unpacked her luggage. The possibilities are endless but I am sure that given enough tome the investigating authorities will get to the real truth of it.

    1. Yes, of course Kevin; she was packing her suitcase and just happened to come across a phial (or whatever) that she had never seen before and had somehow been placed in her apartment, and she thought to herself:”Ah, this looks very interesting, so I’m going to put it in my suitcase and take it to England with me, and then I’ll open it when I get to dad’s place”.

      Yes, THAT’S obviously what happened. Makes perfect sense.

      1. …and once she’d handed in her suitcase at the check-in desk, what happened to it next?

      2. Yes, I realise that Steve, but I just wanted to ‘prompt’ you to spell it out. So now let’s follow this particular scenario through, although I have to say at the outset that it does seem very odd – given all that we have been told – that it’s taken them TEN days or so to figure this out and come to that conclusion/assessment.

        But before ‘looking’ at the ‘suitcase’ scenario, can I ask you the following:

        Do you think it’s plausible that Vladimir Putin would somehow one day just suddenly have the idea to try and bump off a former Russian intelligence officer who had been living in England for eight years, and to plan to have it done just several months before the World Cup football taking place there in Russia, and just TWO days before the celibratory events that were due to take place to mark 100 days to go until it starts, and to have it done in such a way that it could potentially contaminate dozens or even hundreds of other people?

        And THAT’S just for starters!

        In the past few days – since we were told that the substance was Novichok – I just happened to come across a number of articles that happened to mention that Novichok can be administered/delivered in TWO ways, one of which would take effect within minutes, and the other which would not take effect for an hour or two or more. My point is of course that if you were planning such an operation, why on Earth would you choose the slow way and NOT the fast way. At the time, I didn’t realise the significance of what I was reading, otherwise I would have saved said aricles to my favourites, but that said, I’m 99% certain that I DID save one such article to my favs, or my docs, one that went in to great detail, and I’ll see if I can find it at some point (and if I do, I’ll post a link to it).

      3. “So now let’s follow this particular scenario through”

        Thanks for your generous offer, and ‘tempting’ though it may be, I’ll resist the urge to join you down the rabbit hole of endless speculation on this occasion

      4. You are putting words in to my mouth Allan I offered no theories as to how the toxin got in to the daughter’s suitcase. In fact I said that the discovery that it was in the suitcase raised an “endless number of possibilities about when how and by whom it was put there.” The rather juvenile scenario that you put forward is entirely of your own invention and I would certainly agree that it is so silly as to be extremely unlikely. Just one more sensible possibility is that at some point a familiar item in her suitcase may have be subtituted with a similar but contaminated item without her ever being aware of it. But my point is without any proper evidence I can’t say just becuase I find the Russian government objectionable it must be the guilty party. This is a crime that needs tp be thoroughly investigated before anyone is held to be responsible

      5. I think most people can see the absurdity of Putin doing such a thing at such a time, or doing it the way it was supposedly done (or doing it at all for that matter). And THAT of course is why I don’t believe it happened, and the whole thing – and much that preceded it in the past few months – was a set-up primarily concocted and contrived to do a demolition job on Jeremy Corbyn.

        There’s no speculation involved – or rabbit holes – just common sense.

        And the PTB and their media chums will be milking this one until the cows come home, as they ARE of course!

      6. I really don’t think your unsubstantiated conspiracy theories are particularly helpful. By all means carry on digging for evidence but for all our sakes please give the it a rest and keep your thoughts to yourself until you have some evidence to support your theories.

    2. Steve: I assume – contrary to Kevin’s theory – that what you’re saying is that the poison – ie the item/container that it was in – was put in her suitcase at some point after she checked it in? In other words, when she got to her dad’s place, and was at some point unpacking, she came across something that she HADN’T packed and had never seen before, and then opened it (and was then contaminated). Is THAT what you mean?

      1. Oh come on, think about it. Do you honestly think that it is beyond the wit of the Russian Intelligence Services to either replace an item they know she habitually carries or to contaminate an item already there? I was simply pointing out that once your luggage is out of your direct control you have absolutely no idea what happens to either the case or its contents. If you want to carry on arguing the toss, please feel free

      2. Steve: My response to your 2.00pm post ended up on the page further up. Just to confuse things!. Perhaps you could respond at the very bottom of the comments, and we can take it from there, otherwise it could get ultra confusing for anyone following our tete a tete. Cheers

  5. The more focus on Russia’s London oligarch money, the more the City of London Corporation becomes an issue. Without the Corporation’s tax haven archipelago, there would be no Russia oligarch money in the UK. Clement Attlee, who proposed abolition of the City, couldn’t have imagined how much trouble would have been avoided if he’d have gotten it done. Russian oligarch criminality is quite literally the tip of the iceberg.

  6. “If the American people knew what we get up to, they would chase us down the street and lynch us”. George W H Bush

    He may have been referring to the American Establishment, but it of course applies to the Elites, so-called, in general. Putting aside the obvious that even if they DID know, they were never going to get the opportunity to chase them anywhere, the key point is in the ‘If’.

    In other words, the implication is that they – the ‘people’ that is – DON’T know of course (the majority, that is – and those that DO can be dismissed as conspiracy theorists), and Bush said it knowing full well WHY the majority DON’T know what they get up to – ie the things they do – and that is because it is literally inconceivable to them, 9.11 being a good example of precisely THAT, and it would quite literally blow their minds if they DID.

    We are conditioned from an early age – by movies and books and whatever – to believe that the good guys always win and the baddies always get their comeuppance, but the reality is that the ‘strong’ have always exploited and contolled the rest of us and, as such, enriched themselves by whatever means they deem necessary.

    There are many aspects to it all of course, but I just wanted to make the point that the reason THEY get away with the things they DO is because it is literally inconceivable to the majority of people that anyone could do such things, and THEY – the PTB – know it.

    And THAT is why they will get away with their False Flag op in Salisbury, concocted and designed to take JC out.

  7. Not wishing to draw any conclusion from a TV programme McMaffia, but it is possible that a Russian maffia gang actually targeted the daughter to get back at her father. Just as depicted in the series, they target all family members, the possibilities are endless, people with little respect for human life will fund anything.

    We should also not forget that Thatcher dispatched her so called
    team of advisers on how to dismantle the Russian state industries.

    Tories and modern day Russia have a lot to answer for.

  8. The audience member was @UltraSoprano #JessicaLeschnikoff; a Disability and Momentum Activist. Nothing to do with the average Russian: it’s Russian Influencers that are the problem; bring in #MagnitskyAct and watch Tory donor funding dry up!

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