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Johnson about to table new general election motion – own Attorney General steals his thunder

Attorney General spoils Johnson’s big announcement

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox appears to have spoiled Boris Johnson’s plan to spring a surprise general election motion later today – by revealing it in the House of Commons early.

Cox told MPs that the government will ‘shortly’ table a new motion to fix a date for the general election – probably 29 October – that will require a majority in the Commons of just one.

Cox earlier ranted and blustered at Opposition MPs in an attempt to divert attention from the government’s lack of contrition for its unlawful behaviour in deceptively proroguing Parliament – and from the Tories’ excuse that Johnson’s behaviour only became unlawful because the Supreme Court made a new law this week, which is of course not what the Law Lords said.

Cox’s nonsense – clearly a Cummings-driven stunt to fuel anger against Parliament among Brexiteers – provoked a furious response from Labour MP Barry Sheerman:

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  1. Indeed. Government strategy was predictable and confirmed by the oleaginous Cox. Simon Jenkins – like him or not – gives a good summary of the position today :

    “Johnson is still in reckless mode, wedded to Trumpian belligerence and brinkmanship. But to deplore this strategy does not render it implausible. Unless the Commons coheres behind an alternative leader or party grouping – of which it seems tribally incapable – Johnson remains prime minister. The Commons dares not even vote no confidence in him. If he lurches on into October without a deal, he or someone in the government’s name must ask Brussels to delay Brexit into the winter. When that is agreed, as it surely would be, an election would become unavoidable. Johnson would plead for a mandate again to “deliver Brexit, do or die”, blaming all and sundry for stopping him. With his enemies divided, he would probably win.”

    Thus the incentive for a quick GE is low. It is in the interest of Labour to let the effect of yesterday unwind and let Johnson dangle, whilst building the credibility of a new referendum without getting distracted.

    1. RH, Perhaps a case can be made for your conclusion, depending on the timetable that you envisage – but I don’t see how Simon Jenkins’ viewpoint lends any support to it at all.

      1. Read it again, and I think you’ll see the relevance with Johnson and Co. nurturing look-alike fascist populism. Listen for the term ‘Peeple Swill’ and look behind the clown mask to see a toothbrush moustache.

    2. I don’t think the opposition is necessarily ‘tribally incapable’, there is simply fundamental differences – the libdems don’t want an election because it will lose a lot of those switchers and it will expose them as a party with only 30 or so mps. Therefore they want to remove brexit without getting into power. Meanwhile, labour wants an election and a choice for the electors.

      1. pimatters.
        Currently the LibDems only have 18 MPs, including the defectors

    3. Further down the page Jenkins writes “The one alternative is a deal along the lines already agreed by Theresa May, and rejected time and again by the foolish Commons.”

      I don’t accept that rejecting May’s deal was foolish from Labour’s position.
      Foolish from the Tories’ position, certainly – but not from “the Commons’.”

  2. ITs becoming embarrassing to the country especially watching from abroad!The Chinese are lapping it up.One Chinese program described it as a dying former empire struggling to maintain an archaic monerchist parliament!.Johnson and his TORY regime represent the vile system that as plundered the country and are now being laughed at by even the Chinese…hypocritical yes but if we let this drift too long we may end up going cap in hand to Europe begging for a deal.?

    1. Thanks Joseph, very true. The world is pittying us and what the establishment tohriehys have done to UK.

      Well, we’ll have to make sure that even the neoliberal pretend-communist state broadcaster in China (which probably still has a lot to learn in mis-reporting and imbalanced news from the Kuenssberg/ BBC) sees a Britain on the verge of Labour – a vibrant renewed economy enlivened by worker democracy, McDonnell’s mutualism and a radical transformative government that harnesses a red Green New Deal and stimulates the return of social cohesion and hope.

  3. We don’t need to go cap in hand we already have an unofficial deal, that relies on getting a Labour government first

    1. We indeed don’t need to go ‘cap in hand’. The deal we have already – membership on our terms is the better than any other option!

      Simple (Apart fro three wasted years of delusion that only breeds duggie fascist fodder that is eaten up by people like Johnson and Cox)

      1. Sorry RH, but your opinion on the EU, namely that its some wonderful institution committed to the benefit of mankind rings truly false in my ears – we had a Referendum and Leave won, Parliament has failed to uphold said result and extract the UK from a neoliberal bastion that threw out anything ‘social’ many moons ago. If you are actually a Socialist who desires a real transformative government, membership pf the EU is incompatible with this and Ms Gina Miller et al will thwart via the UK or EU Court’s anything that smacks of nationalisation or re-nationalisation, indeed, any state aid whatsoever to our industries.

        Thus, and unlike 2016, I’m now fully paid up for the Leave Camp, have nothing but disdain for our Parliament and desire and actual Socialist government that turns back 40 years of neoliberal economic madness.

        Here’s Prof. Wolfgang Streeck saying it all – please read as I find it most strange why Remainiacs on the Left fail to understand what the EEC became when it changed its name to the EU in the early 90s:

      2. christopher rogers, it’s not that pro-remain people on the left don’t recognise the systemic neoliberalism that Masstricht/Lisbon and the central bank directives unleashed, it’s that we think we can help fix them. JC’s “Remain and Reform” strategy was not deception to further neoliberalism, but determination to reform it.

      3. “your opinion on the EU, namely that its some wonderful institution”

        I’m afraid you’re suffering from a common Leaver dementia, Christopher.

        I have here explicitly stated that I don’t think that at all – like most, I just recognize that all Leave options have been shown much worse than the status quo.

        I’m watching Gove batting questions on the ‘Yellowhammer’ document. The fact of its existence is proof positive of the sheer nonsense of Brexit – and that takes no account of the opportunity costs of the past three years, let alone the interminable extension of the country’s decline if Brexit actually happens.

        Besides which … I’ve never supprted Tory policy.

      4. ” have nothing but disdain for our Parliament”

        That statement sort of screws you in terms of claiming any sort of real socialism.

        Go read the Putney Debates and repent.

        (BTW – Only the innumerate and the venal claim that ‘Leave won’. Leave was a minority pursuit, and parliament is reflecting the hard knock-on from this fact.)

        Sorry you were taken in by the Tory propaganda – but its a reversible situation.

        So – lets have that third referendum to test the up-to-date state of the Sun/Mail/Torygraph bullshit influence and give us a breathing space. 🙂

      5. christopher rogers – you need TWO things, even in your own terms, to fulfil the desire you express.
        You WANT out of the EU but you NEED a Labour government.

        Brexited under a newly-strengthened Tory government ‘we, the many’ lose ground faster and faster.
        We gain NOTHING.

        Tories seen as heroically delivering the brexit the people demanded, against an evil, undemocratic parliament.
        Tories seen as the defenders of democracy FFS.
        There’s a real chance that in five years only revolution will shift them.
        That’s because AI will in the meantime shift the balance of power further to the 1% in at least two ways – by increasing their holdings and therefore their contol over government policy – and by reducing the workforce.
        The right of the unemployed to the franchise (“The Unproductives” will be the expression they’ll use) will at the same time be ruthlessly targeted by the MSM as their growing numbers, growing understanding and growing cost to “The Economy” make them a growing threat to Tory misrule.

        It’ll still be years though before those brexit voters still living even begin to understand what a gigantic disaster they’ve inflicted on their children.

      6. christopher rogers again:
        I’ve only skimmed Streek’s article.
        Being quite bright, quite involved and having lived through the period he writes about, I skipped to the end where he, in summation, appears to agree with my own analysis which sees an EU belatedly beginning to recognise neoliberalism’s failings.

        Did you read it differently?

    2. Felixross…when I say we I speak as a member of the Labour party and when I was involved as chairman of a PLC I never thought I’d got a deal until the ink was dry and all contractual details covered by a lawyer.And I think the Torys are weak and at each others throats,we have an opportunity gifted by Johnson and if we wait too long we may give the Torys time to re group…..Timing is critical.!

  4. I found the watching the proceedings in today’s parliament sickening – the government had been chastised by the Supreme court but responded with an insouciance which is offensive and extremely disrespectful.
    Regarding Boris Johnson not agreeing with the supreme court judgement, go to any young offenders centre and you’ll find dozens of young criminals who like Johnson disagree that they broke the law but who are incarcerated none the less. They have had to take the consequences of their actions and Johnson should have to do so as well – as has been made absolutely clear by the Supreme Court nobody is above the law.he

      1. Allan, I’d bet a large sum (if I wasn’t implacably opposed to gambling) that “serving papers” will be as far as this or any other libel suit by Labour’s enemies gets.
        It costs almost nothing to serve papers and achieves their only realistic goal, which is to smear Labour in the media.
        The propaganda consists of nothing more than thousands of unproven and untested allegations – any court would find these little shits guilty of anything from vexatious litigation to perjury.
        JUST ONE failed “Labour AS” case would expose Israel’s anti-BSD project, as Netanyahu knows perfectly well – which is precisely why we hear of so many threats of legal action and no cases ever reach court, much less proceed to judgement.

    1. Allan Howard – Your comments re. the Supreme Court gleaned from the bog-paper Tory Sun are fascinating. What’s it like up Johnson’s arse?

      1. I’ll assume that’s a No, and you were just talking shit.

        Anyway, In a post on another thread yesterday you said the following

        BTW – Still no reporting (that I’ve seen) of the terrorist activity that led to the cancellation of the Waterstone’s book launch.

        Another quite amazing exhibition of double standards.

        The thing is of course that the MSM are/were hardly going to report and cover an incident that draws attention to a book that exposes the smear campaign that they have been a party to. Then again, according to Tony Greenstein’s article, the decision was taken by the CEO James Daunt in New York, and NOT the people working in the shop due to intimidation, as was being said initially.

      2. Yes, there’s video clip of it in the Tony Greenstein article I linked to above.

      3. RH, I had to read Allan’s posts twice – first time I thought he was quoting the S*n as an authority – later I guessed he was employing irony.
        I haven’t read the articles or whatever they were that he linked to – I’d no more read it than the Beano.

  5. Thankyou allan your research is appreciated and lve just finished the exellent article by craig murrey and will get through the others…always educational even if the veiws clash with socialist thinking sometimes

  6. The most interesting bit of Commons proceedings today was not the bullshitting by Geoffrey Cox, but Gove answering questions on the practical chaos of Brexit outlined in the ‘Yellowhammer’ document. It was a marvellous exposure of the crap that is Brexit.

    He was suavely effective in shovelling shit (if you’re impressed by this sort of thing) – but, of course, the sum effect of the visitor from Mars sitting in the gallery was to ask ‘What sort of moron would devise this theatrical piece of idiot theatre called ‘Brexit’?)

    The much maligned Starmer was a forensic asset to the Party in asking the awkward questions.

  7. Regarding the book, it occurred to me earlier that, sad to say, it seems very unlikely that many of the millions of people who have been duped and deceived into believing there’s an anti-semitism crisis on the left of the LP will ever get to read the book, or even get to hear about it, and the vast majority of people who do buy a copy and read it will be those (on the left AND the right!) who already know the whole thing has been manufactured. Anyway, I still haven’t got over the fact that in the national poll that the authors did, on average the respoedents believed that 30% of LP members had been reported for anti-semitism. That’s just extraordinary, and absolutely staggering, and I could never have imagined that people would think and believe it was anywhere near that figure, but it is of course testament to just how successful and effective the smear campaign has been. I mean do none of them ever stop and think to themselves why on earth so many people who happen to be members of the LP would have any reason to hate Jews. Oh right, but then they’ve also been led to believe that many of us are bullies and thugs and homophobes and misogynists, etc, etc, etc, and the joke of it is that just about ALL of us on the left are the complete opposite, and strive for a more caring society and a world free from wars and hunger and poverty and the poisoning and destruction of the planet we live on, and it is precisely for that reason that the smear campaign and the demonising of Jeremy and the left is happening. But it is of course inconceivable to the vast majority of people out there that the whole thing is a contrived black op propaganda initiative by the Few and their minions, and the Few and their minions KNOW it.

    1. Oh, this post was meant to appear just under Maria’s further up the page, but I blew it!

      1. PS A world in which we are ALL free, and there is no left or right, but only what’s best for all of us and the planet, and transform our reality and attain a higher state of consciousness, and become who and what we really are, and become ONE again

        Here;s hoping anyway!.

    2. “the vast majority of people who do buy a copy and read it will be those (on the left AND the right!) who already know the whole thing has been manufactured.”

      That is largely true, but every little helps. It is, for instance something else to come back at interviewers with : “Have you seen the actual evidence? Let me enlighten you ….”

      … instead of another rather poor apologetic performance that effectively endorses the scam narrative.

      ” Anyway, I still haven’t got over the fact that in the national poll that the authors did, on average the respoedents believed that 30% of LP members had been reported for anti-semitism.”

      I wasn’t at all surprised, particularly given Greg Philo’s previous work on the Israel /Palestine media narrative (most people in earlier research thought that it was the Palestinians who were the invaders of Israel!). But I agree that it’s shocking.

      But, its only part of the propaganda picture. One can say in general ‘Twas always thus’ – but there were, at one time newspapers of the left, the editor of the Guardian once came out with recorded evidence of pressure from the Israel Lobby, and the BBC did give more semblance of balance. So … it wasn’t quite ‘thus’.

      Now … we can clearly put down a major part of Corbyn’s low rating to a consistent media attack : the evidence is there. Similarly, the narrow Brexit ‘victory’ was clearly engineered by the plutocrat press of international capital – you hear the headlines being quoted.

      Even for an old sceptic like me, the across-the-board blanking of the truth on antisemitism has been remarkable. So – I’m not surprised.

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