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Conference speakers and reaction suggest Thornberry and co have badly misjudged member views on Brexit

Speeches supporting Corbyn position receiving far bigger reaction than those calling for full-remain position
Delegates applauding a pro-Corbyn-position speech

The overwhelming majority of speakers supporting the competing full-remain and pro-Corbyn motions being debated at Labour’s conference now ahead of a crucial vote this evening are calling for the party to support Corbyn’s position of not committing the party to a remain stance when nobody knows the details of the deal Labour will negotiate in government.

Activist Michael Calderbank and respected elections analyst Charlie Mansell commented on the clear phenomenon:

The reaction to those speakers also seems considerably more enthusiastic than to those trying to box Corbyn into a full-remain position.

A view of the conference floor responding to a speech supporting Corbyn/NEC position

Unison and a number of smaller unions have reneged on a commitment only 11 days ago to support the Corbyn/NEC position. Because of this, the vote is expected to be tight – but the views of members seem strongly in favour of Corbyn.

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  1. It’s depressing watching the party flush any chance at winning a GE down the pan. Even worse is that the preforming seals clapping are likely to be worst hit by tory brexit and the following purge of the poor and working classes.

  2. We’ve had the chicken coup – and that failed miserably. True to Hodge’s threat, “not giving up till Corbyn ceases to be leader”, they tried again. For many C13 is actually a brexit coup.

    The leader’s preferred composite (C14) is being passed. It enables the people to chose either a Sensible brexit or Remain. It is not only the better option, it also ensures that Labour has a massive chance of being the next government of the UK

    These incorrigible rightist reprobates will certainly try again. We’v got their number. We will stay focussed and win GE19 – which (other than ejecting the rightist insurgents) will tell the coup planners what we think of them.

  3. What has flushed Labour’s general election chances down the toilet is not the choice between full-remain and Corbyn-NEC-fudge. It’s the appalling capitulation over holding a second referendum. This sell-out will go down like a bucketload of cold sick in the 406 parliamentary constituencies which voted Leave.

    1. Not sure that’s true. I Iive in a leave constituency and know a lot of people who voted leave. If they had a referendum on No Deal or remain most would vote remain

  4. NEC C14 wins. The brexit coup fails.

    Halelujah! Labour WILL be the next government and Jeremy Corbyn its Prime Minister.

    Now where’s the insurgents? Planning their next move no doubt.

    1. Emily thorn…has cooked her goose this time Clive Lewis is on a warning and our knight of the realm keir is still floating..Watson’s blown it and many others have been unmasked for attempting a soft coup.Not a bad week for democracy and Jeremy Corbyn,but we need to be disciplined going into the election campaign.

  5. If 14 is passed then rightly or wrongly Labour will be classed as a Brexit party right up there with the Tories,UKIP,The Brexit Party the BNP and the other dregs of the far right.

    None of the people who voted for those parties are going to vote labour’s soft Brexit pole up the arse edition. They want a full hard brexit so they can make a fortune on the markets, lead a right wing coup or just to get rid of the Muzzies and fuzzie wuzzies.(yes I am aware most Islamic countries are not in the eu, brexiteers not so much.)

    We all ready know from research that most northern towns that voted brexit did so on the back of the tory and UKIP votes with only a marginal amount of Labour Brexiteers Woh run the gamut from racist (See hartlepool) to far left wingnuts(see toffee penny)

    Were going to get hammered in a GE so badly if our position is we have no position yet, but we can negotiate a deal better than remaining. Which is so much a fantasy position that not even Boris or the other tory loons say it anymore.

    Basicly I genuinely see one of 2 things happening we either get hammered in the GE, or we scrape some kind of win due to the Tories throwing it we then Brexit and labour take the blame and cease to exist.

    1. There is a debate to be had. There’s still a card vote to be had.

      What’s clear is that the sight of the Party conference falling about in disarray with an ill-prepared strategy and chaotic central management doesn’t impress anybody.

      At present the chaotic management, ‘Whethefukawe’ lack of direction and desperation to avoid a card vote is a solid gift to the Tories and LibDems.

  6. Left Wing Democratic Socialists in Labour are up against poorly read Right Wing Labour members and niave Lefties who fail to recognise that the EC they eulogise has been captured by Neo-Liberalism and ts four freedoms – free movement of people, goods, services, and capital, all primarily to serve Neo-Liberal capitalism and our uncritical thinkers are so grateful for the crumbs they would commit Labour to Remain, selling the poorest and those left behind down the river and commiting electoral suicide in the process, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Even the EC in its social democratic days when it was there to counter the then perceived threat of the USSR, to promote capitalism, and to give Europe a bigger voice on the World stage, it served capital.
    The Social Chapter of 1972 was primarily capital’s supporters reaction to France 1968 and union militancy in the 1970s.
    “Share power to keep power.”
    Hopefully Jeremy will get through the vote but I feel like screaming at comrades – think critically! Read! See Wolfgang Streekt in the latest brilliant New Left Review.
    I have always argued Neo-Liberalism’s greatest victory was to stop (sone of) the Left from dreaming.
    To quote Bob Marley from The Redemption Song “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.”

    1. “See Wolfgang Streekt in the latest brilliant New Left Review.”
      There is a link at the MoA blog-week in review.

  7. Thornberry is not just bad on Brexit she is sickening on Syria (and the Skripals) and vile on Venezuela. The worst kind of poodle imperialism.

    1. Bevin its the cult of Lawyers…remember Tony Blair…A good barrister will always be manipulative and know when to deliver the killer punch.They are the heart and soul of the establishment and should not be surprised by the manouvering and ambition.Its im their DNA

  8. You cannot really believe that the views expressed by a relatively small proportion of Labour members attending conference are representative of the totality of the Labour membership.

    You’re fast turning into the left wing equivalent of the Daily Mail.

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