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Grassroots #ChukaLovesAParty video smashes Umunna’s 2019

Well worth 58 seconds of your life – and another few seconds to share

A short video by grassroots Labour members – released to coincide with Chuka Umunna’s first LibDem party conference – is going viral after perfectly summing up the former Labour, former TIG, former CUK MP’s year and performance – and taking down the opportunist LibDems as a bonus.

It’s more than worth the fifty-eight seconds it takes to watch it – and the few extra seconds to share the joy:

Compare and contrast with the LibDems’ own, official attempt at a video – which is going viral for all the wrong reasons, though the end results are much the same.

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  1. We need to draw moustaches on all the pictures of him – just in case he tries to grow one and sneak back in…

  2. Yes we know that animals like him usually frequent the Sewers,but when are we to get rid of the other rats tearing the Labour party apart and damaging our election campaign and a Labour government….I find it difficult to smile anymore when I think that my subscription and hundreds of thousands of our party members are being conned by the enemy within…..How much longer do we wait for democracy in our party and our country….The people deserve better than the like of Chuka and his supporters inside our party!

  3. Hullo Joseph. I couldn’t agree more. Why did they join? The rebellion can be matched up. The chicken coup, A/S and on.You couldn’t make it up, could you?

  4. AlexanderscotishI find it difficult to even begin to understand the workings of the minds of these vermin that infect the Labour party.It cannot be just money,but I do know that in my early life working on the secure unit inside the mental hospital,I met and talked to psychopaths,We unfortunately have let them have free reign inside the Labour party and many disguised as functioning mps!.Do any of them understand the lives that have been destroyed and familys wrecked by their sick behaviour….I doubt it?

  5. I don’t know if it’s psychopathy or not, but now you’ve got me wondering whether being so close to the pinnacle of power as one of the 650 – yet failing to rise to the ultimate height – makes some people resentful at what they see as ‘being overlooked’ rather than grateful for the chance to contribute in the position they have achieved.
    How to know if they were twats before they were MP’s or if parliament turned them into twats? I don’t know.
    My sense though is that we should avoid the likes of ‘politics’ students with self-defined ‘career paths’ – ie people with overweening ambition since childhood – like the plague.

  6. Go to look up article on ‘brexit disaster capatalism’
    £8 billion gambled on No Deal by supporters of Boris Johnson
    As my grandad used to say
    ‘if you want to know what’s happening follow the money’

  7. ” we should avoid the likes of ‘politics’ students with self-defined ‘career paths’

    I think thats’s more to the point. There is a lot of antagonism towards the number of older people in politics. Obviously, there has to be a balance, but I don’t think you should be an elected Labour Party representative without a significant degree of experience and activity outside politics.

    Otherwise you end up with people like Chris Leslie who, quite unawares, let it slip that he couldn’t make up his mind which party tp join.

    .. and, lets’s face it, we have plenty of evidence that an Oxford PPE degree is a truly awful preparation for the role of MP.

    1. RH…I want a politician that has empathy with those who are not going to be the rising stars or captains of industry.Somone irrespective of background or what levels of educational achievements they have. I want to see loyalty to the Labour party membership first and a true socialist who believes in a radical democratic change for the Labour party and the country., .,and last but not least someone that reflects a good understanding of how society works,because without that they are lambs to the slaughter on entering parliament. ?

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