Sky cuts speech by Labour’s official Brexit spokesperson but shows Watson’s personal opinion speech live

Keir Starmer and Tom Watson

Sky News cut away this morning from a positive speech about Labour’s actions and post-election plans by Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer for the breaking news that Boris Johnson’s proroguing of Parliament has been ruled unlawful. Fair enough.

But the broadcaster then went live to – and stayed with – Tom Watson’s ‘panicked speech‘ in which he is voicing his entirely personal and entirely nonsensical opinion that having another referendum would somehow be less divisive than a general election. It is a view that has no standing as Labour policy and directly contradicts it.

Author Michael Rosen summed up his view of Watson’s behaviour on Facebook this morning:

Many Labour members are echoing his thoughts – and union leader Dave Ward suggested an action plan for Watson:

But Sky News is enabling Watson by showcasing his opinion-speech as if it is a Labour policy announcement.

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  1. This is the result of the remainers cheering the gobshite on to get them what they want.

    No if’s, and no but’s about it. It’s on them every bit as much watson.

    1. “Wah! Wah!Wah!”

      Thanks for that intelligent analysis of why people don’t all agree with you, about what *you* want, Toffee.

      Mind you, the upsurge in rattle production will be welcome come Brexit.

      1. Yep, that’s right.

        It’s obviously MY fault the party’s where it’s at today for not calling fatboy slime out, isn’t it?

        Gobshite. Own your idiocy or button your lip.

      2. Temper, temper.

        “It’s obviously MY fault the party’s where it’s at today for not calling fatboy slime out, isn’t it?”

        I don’t think I said that, did I? Just as the reverse isn’t true, either.

        I think you mistake the red mist for ‘socialism’.

      3. Ok gobshite, we KNOW where you’re at.

        You’ve allowed watson to act as he fucking well pleases to get you your policy.

        And in some sort of futile masquerade you call for his head. But face it, you’d be fucked without him, because starmer hasn’t got the stones – but at least has some semblance of common decency – not to act like a c**t in going about forcing the party to change policy and therefore confusing the public as to WHAT the policy is.

        And now you’re trying to palm the blame off for that confusion to anyone else.

        Not working. You were rumbled a loooooong time ago.

      4. As you said before, O sticky one :

        ““Wah! Wah!Wah!”

        Those flying rattles again. Step outside and you’ll see that the world is a bigger place than your pram.

      5. Watson is playing to his constituents given that the trigger ballots are going on?

  2. Stop fucking twisting about it,
    To often on here we display our first class honours degree in the bleedin obvious,
    What will change with TWatsons intervention, nothing, because at conference we will adopt JC’s position, which has been by and large our policy for two years, to honour the result
    Lunatics for brexit are less than 20% on each side, but when we go to war, first against No Deal and then against No Brexit it will be 80/20
    The vast majority of the british people just want this finished once and for all, only Labour can bring country back together
    The maths on Cummings glove puppet giving up Scotland, Con/Remain seats in London and South West to win Labour Leave seats is the genius of a complete fuckwit,
    Back to quislings, only party can rid us of them, which is where we can take a lesson from Tories, they are the most ruthless political election winning machine this country has ever seen, which is why most on here have had to wait 40 years to see the end of them,
    Now get out the popcorn that’s an order !

    1. Doug agreed re the Conf position but that’s not the point is it , his public platform gives him exactly what he wants and that’s to damage the LP and Corbyn and the general public will never know , in any decent quantity anyway , just what is decided at Conf as the bastard MSM will never report it .

      1. Rob
        If the vexatious claims of AS broadcast ad nauseum across MSM and toilet papers for two years, hasnt worked, methinks TWatson has zero traction, he is entertaining nobody but himself,
        If Keir Starmer had stood up in front of TUC and given TWatson any oxygen then maybe it would be of concern
        My point is fundamentally this froth does not change the numbers

  3. Theres bigger fish to fry than Brrxit or not.. And we do not need the distraction of a Rogue deputy leader out of control and hellbent on stopping a General election and a Jeremy Corbyn goverment…..If we cannot remove Watson now then we are destroying any chance of rescuing the people of this country from an Evil cancerous TORY regime… We have rules to remove anyone who brings the party into disrepute… Get the Rabide dog out,and put him down and out!

  4. I am pleased that the court in Scotland backed democracy….and decided that the Queen 👑 was misled by Boris Johnson……But I worry about the accuracy of that statement.The Queen met in private with her privy council at Balmoral and decided to use the Royal prerogative to subvert democracy…..don’t forget….her council her decision The Queen and the Royal prerogative are the culprit in law…..although the suggestion came from the Tory regime….she sanctioned it and her privy council.If I was to shoot tom watson…..I wouldn’t get off the hook if I claimed I was advised to do it by a responsible member of parliament…We would both be guilty,but me more because I new the gun was loaded and pulled the trigger..,..Time for a complete democratic clearout after and if this nightmare ever finishes?

    1. “.The Queen met in private with her privy council at Balmoral and decided to use the Royal prerogative to subvert democracy”

      Your antagonism to the monarchy (which I share as a principle) distorts perception. Brenda was *always*, in the light of precedent, going to follow the advice of her First Minister. That’s the way it works. The constitution is in dire need of an overhaul, but, such as it is, this is the way it works. A president would have done the same.

      What is being played out in the courts was not for Brenda to judge – and you’d complain in other circumstances if she did.

      1. RH….And the privy council…..All inoccent bystanders…..ridiculous….The Royals out Tory the Torys and your lame excuses just further the establishment agenda!.You people are blind to the absolute insult to democracy the Royals are……RH she will not give you a gong ,a knighthood or anything else if you are a socialist…..but are you?

      2. RH…what constitution? There isn’t one…..thats why we are in such a mess…honestly….the king with no cloths…..I wouldn’t want you as my defence barrister….you ignore the evidence in front of you….Queen meets privey council in private no records….Queen signs the Royal prerogative…..Parliament dissolved for an unspecified period?…..guilty as charged……HRH…persistent offender with form…..Somtimes flogging a dead horse by trying to democratize the undemocratic is just pi55ing in the wind…..And stop digging when you are in a hole RH

      3. ” your lame excuses”

        Oh Joseph. You do write some daft stuff at times.Your analogies are just off the wall (“If I was to shoot tom watson”) , and you can’t separate ‘excuses’ from an appraisal of reality.

        “The Queen and the Royal prerogative are the culprit in law”

        Even the Scottish judgment doesn’t make that claim – it puts the blame squarely on the government.

        “she will not give you a gong ,a knighthood or anything else if you are a socialist…..but are you?”

        Stop posturing. Socialism isn’t wild fantasy, and shouting at the barometer won’t change the weather.

    2. All the…. dot dot dots… in your…. comments…. make… it… diffi… cult to read.

      Just use a full stop, or a comma, or a semicolon.

      I have no idea if I agree with your comments because I always stop reading them….!

  5. At least Sky News were at the TUC while the BBC stuck with its routine scheduling..

    Watson continues to prove he is the worst Deputy Leader the Labour Party has ever had but it is time the National Executive Committee issued a statement condemning his actions and if need be warning him and a few other prominent members of the Shadow Cabinet that the Annual Conference determines Labour’s policy not individual matter how important they think they are..

    1. Oh how I dearly wish that the NEC would stamp on this fxxxers neck , once and for all .I hope that he get s a hell of a reception at Conf this year if he dares to show his face and he will . Maybe a large banner across the conf hall held up by members in the audience with RESIGN written on it bit like a the support shown for Palestine last year with flags .

      1. Think it through.

        Open warfare on Watson would simply feed the propaganda press, and its through that filter that most Labour voters will see it.

        Rather than ‘anti’ protests, I’d rather see an even bigger show of support for Palestine. Even though they will attempt to distort that, too, it will be a hook to open up debate.

      2. ”Think it through.

        Open warfare on Watson would simply feed the propaganda press, and its through that filter that most Labour voters will see it.”

        And there it is, folks.

        People like me were ‘kowtowing to the extremist right’ by not being on board for a remain option.

        But hey?! If we all allow watson to act like a c**t unfettered, then maybe the right wing MSM will throw them a bone.

        Jesus wept. Have you EVER heard so much abject, hypocritical SHITE in all your life?

        No, me neither. Small wonder non-labour member and the floating vote haven’t got a jar of glue on where the party stands.

      3. RH, our “feed[ing] the propaganda press” is a non-issue. They’ll give Watson and Labour’s other parasites all the free advertising and help they need to destroy Corbyn and wreck socialism whatever we do – but we always knew that, didn’t we?

        I would definitely have liked McCluskey & JC to be far more critical of him in their comments today though.

        Hard to know how much ‘average voters’ understand at any given time – logically one would hope that the wilder the accusations of the MSM become the more likely the voters would be to smell a rat but as has been said, “No-one ever lost money betting on the stupidity of the (American) public.”

  6. Like everyone, I enjoy the indulgent attitude to the hard times we are having when it comes to the Watson show and its wide appeal in the regular press. However we need to note that the Left has not mounted any effective challenge to him. Ever since McDonnell and Corbyn have had to move from the champions of the Left to the Chairing role, we have had no Left replacements. The small number of secure and reliable Leftists have taken up (more neutralised, holding it together) positions; a few others have been suspended or otherwise sidelined. My opinion is we should stop talking about Watson the hard time the Left have; put out of mind the expectation that Corbyn and McDonnell are in much of a position to do anything and seek means to rebuild the Left that they once fought for.

  7. The full judgment from the English High Court has now been published.

    ““The constitutional arrangements of the United Kingdom have evolved to achieve a balance between the three branches of the state; and the relationship between the executive and parliament is governed in part by statute and in part by convention … This is territory into which the courts should be slow indeed to intrude by recognising an expanded concept of parliamentary sovereignty.”

    So … over to NI and then the Supreme Court.

    1. Men in wigs…….just an load of tosh to admit we’ve bugger all of a constitution.because it satisfys the establishment.! Thanks to the plain English society for describing the bleeding obvious…innit mate!

      1. … and your point is? (Apart from the agreed standpoint that the constitution needs drastic revision and another basis).

        In the meantime …..????

        Ironically, I’m watching Andrew Neil (someone to whom I’m normally totally allergic) demolishing the government far more effectively than you, using the various recent court judgments.

        Illogical and ill-focused rants don’t make a socialist programme.

        More immediately, they don’t win elections.

      2. RH……..And neither do I prop up the rotten nasty state by cap doffing politics that only help to perpetuate the system of an anti working class sham of democracy by our Elitist judiciary.Yes RH men in wigs ….your Lordships ..your honours and your Highness.Yes at nearly 70 years old and worked and lived amongst the parasites I am entitled to point out the childish and ludicrous system we struggle under.Most of them have spent more time buggering little boys at there privalaged public schools and come out with the most bizzare judgments,depending on how long they’ve spent at the Bar 🍸and inns of course….are you Temple or Blackfriars and make mine a large one?…What sort of nonsense can we expect from our Supreme court…probably down to the toxication levels of their Lordships!Apart from that everything in the garden is lovely?

  8. Ps Somtimes pointing to the obvious in a rant can make us step back and look at what our taxes perpetuate RH…We are so used to it we can be lulled into acceptance.Tolerating the intolerable is counter productive..Have a good day comrades

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