W Mids Labour board sends support to Formby – and censure to Watson

Letter sent to Labour’s general secretary and deputy leader – with very difference content

Labour’s West Midlands regional board voted unanimously last week to send a letter of support to Jennie Formby, who is fighting cancer, after her mistreatment by the party’s deputy leader Tom Watson.

The same meeting of the board also agreed unanimously to send a very different letter to Tom Watson about his conduct toward Ms Formby.

No board representative wished to comment about the details of each letter. However, other regional Labour boards and regional Momentum groups have sent messages supporting Formby and criticising Watson in the strongest terms.

Watson has also been attacked by Labour MPs – including front-benchers – and NEC members for his behaviour, with some saying he has breached the Equalities Act by harassing her.

Tom Watson has been contacted for comment.

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  1. ‘The same meeting of the board also agreed unanimously to send a very different letter to Tom Watson about his conduct toward Ms Formby.’

    Should’ve been a political death warrant. A shame West Bromwich East CLP don’t appear to have the cojones.

    Maybe they’ve been advised by rh.

  2. Why the hell didn’t the constituency vote to trigger ballot him. Smug git.Does this mean we will have to put up with this smug prat for another 5 years?

    1. It looks like we’ll have to hope the constituency as a whole boot him out.

      And if that doesn’t happen then it’s down to the 70% of members who wanted a 2nd ref/remain option (Hopefully a socialist MP with a backbone rather than another centrist/careerist) to at least try to redeem themselves by removing him as deputy leader.

  3. Saddens me to say this, but what does it matter WHAT is written to/about Twatson. There have been Twitterstorms aplenty- zilch result. Petitions calling for his resignation- nada. Polls for his replacement- nothing.

    Sad truth is that the Labour Party is totally impotent, and wilfully carries these harmful parasites and there’s no blowback on them.

    Am f###ing sick of it.

    1. Well to be realistic wlbcarepants, twitterstorms and petitions and polls were hardly ever going to lead to him having to stand down, so to cite THEM as somehow being examples of the LP being impotent is just complete and total……er……pants, if you don’t mind me saying so.

      1. You choose to miss the point by a country mile. There are no shortage of examples to give regarding parasites being allowed to attack the host with complete impunity, and unless you are as thick as mince, you know that.

      2. Oh, I see, so you’ve now changed the point you were making! Do you really think and believe that the vast majority of people can’t see that your post was complete bunkum, and that you and your chums use the ‘likes’ to try and convince readers that you said something valid when it was in fact complete twaddle. I mean as if a poll or a petition or a twitterstorm calling for Watson to stand down is gonna lead to him standing down. You know it’s not, so why would you talk in terms of them being ineffective. You’re just spouting garbage!

        As for parasites attacking the host, THEY of course regard the LP as theirs, and with more than a little help from their media buddies and the JLM and CAA and LFI and CST and EHRC and the Tories etc, they are determined to take it back.

        So anyway, just exactly WHO are you blaming for the parasites being allowed to get away with attacking the host, as you put it, with impunity? Funny how you don’t mention who they are!

  4. What are the rules of engagement when it comes to the MSM and toilet papers,
    Call out commentators when they attack us, the truth wins everytime,
    Latest is Labour brexit is to complicated for the British people,
    Isn’t that the People’s Vote position, Brexiteers were too thick to vote,
    Need people who can cut them down to size,
    The young’uns are fecking brilliant and media seem a bit wary of abusing them,
    Grace Blakely, Ash Sarkar, Faiza Shaheen, Kate Bell
    And god bless Len Mccluskey , just need Geordie Galloway and Chris Williamson back on board

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