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Breaking: Scottish court rules proroguing unlawful

Court rules on appeal that Johnson acted unlawfully

Scotland’s highest court has just ruled, on appeal, that Boris Johnson acted unlawfully in proroguing Parliament. The ruling is unlikely to lead to a recalling of Parliament now it has broken up, but MPs are already calling for it to happen.

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    1. It might be a good move for the Labour party to encourage the other mps to join Labour in taking back democracy by marching back into the main chamber and re.establish parliament……The pledge to be removed kicking and Screaming didn’t come off and maybe a disturbance to retake parliament might come good.Surely they now have the backing of the law,or is it a case of holiday blues?

      1. I wholeheartedly agree, it would almost certainly influence the outcome of the case if Parliament was back in session before Tuesday’s Supreme Court hearing.

        The Scottish judgement has declared the prorogation as null and void, or in other words as far as the law is concerned it is as it never took place so it appears there is absolutely nothing to stop MPs resuming their normal business. It doesn’t require any action by either the speaker or the PM because the court has ruled that prorogation never took place.

  1. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard “I voted Remain but…”.

    So many people are willing to jetison their opinions, even if they were only intuitive, in the face of overwhelming propaganda from the right wing MSM that it will be a miracle if we ever see a Corbyn Labour government.

    Dinosaurs on the left, particularly in the unions, whom many consider to be ‘sages’ are also contributing to the demise of the Corbyn project.

      1. Danny, I see what you did there πŸ™‚ portraying complying with the wishes of the membership as ‘surrendering to the right wing’. It’s views such as yours which are damaging Corbyn’s chances.

      2. Indeed – it’s a bit transparent, isn’t it?

        It’s the reversal of the truth that slays me – ‘Remain’ as a ‘right wing’ project.

      3. “Corbynism thereby collapsed into Blairism” is a phrase the ‘professor’ has used before – his lapdog penney displays the same lack of originality.
        Copy-pasting phrases from a library saved in Word may be an efficient way to get words on screen but it does leave the ‘writer’ open to the humiliation of being found out and shown up for a serial auto-plagiarist by an unqualified old manual worker like me.

  2. Ever heard of ‘The Politics of the Judiciary’ by J.A.G. Griffith? Most famous British law monograph of 20th century. Showed that the judiciary almost invariably side with the Establishment and defend the capitalist system. That they should side with Remain and therefore seek to uphold the EU’s constitutional protection for the system of private enterprise is unsurprising.

    1. FFS the ‘Tooting Popular Front’ now supports Boris Johnson sidelining democracy over the rule of law

    2. “Showed that the judiciary almost invariably side with the Establishment”

      Well! What a revelation:the law is about the status quo. By definition.

      But, of course, it’s not ‘invariable’. Which is why governments don’t like judicial review. And why the Scottish High Court has ruled as it has.

      Next revelation? Oh yes – a Brexiteer called Jones has decided that democracy over a second referendum means the ‘end of the Corbyn Project’. Quelle surprise.


      1. “Breaking – Judiciary Supports Established Order”
        As a child I suspected universities of helping the establishment to crush original thought.
        I was wrong in part – mostly they just steer those lacking that capacity toward careers where the lack is an asset – like the law, business administration, politics etc.

  3. As the intentions of Boris Johnson lie at the heart of this case it would seem logical for the Supreme Court to call Boris to give evidence.

    The thought of Boris giving evidence under oath before the most senior court in the land is a pleasing one.

    1. Yes. It would provide a bit of comic relief in this parade of bovine idiocy that is Brexit.

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