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Johnson first PM since 1896 to lose first Commons vote

Boris Johnson has become the first Prime Minister since Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, the third Marquess of Salisbury, to lose his first House of Commons vote, according to BBC Newsnight.


Boris Johnson is even more chaotic and incompetent than his predecessor – and that’s a very low bar to limbo under. His implosion, sacking twenty-one Tory MPs in pique after his humiliation on Tuesday night, has made him a laughing-stock.

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  1. Loved it seeing him go into meltdown when Corbyn accepted the election but only after no deal was finally off the table, I’m sure that’s what all the sackings were about, a fit of pique from a very unstable man

  2. So now Tory and Lib Dem followers both realise they have elected lemons ….. don’t they???

    1. There will be a lot of duggies in the country who won’t see it that way. Keep an ear on the vox pops and watch their propaganda press.

  3. Anyone choosing Cummings as strategist and Rees Mogg as parliamentary tactician is looking for trouble.

  4. The bridge between Johnson and the lib dems is that nicey nice jo Johnson,she’s the link for Swanson and I do not rule out a sleazy plan to throw a spanner in the works against Corbyn …..I think its going to be a long week in politics,especially with all the disloyalty inside our PLP.It’s really going too well for Labour….that worrys me being a pessimist.But with all the leakers and traitors lurking can you blame me…ps I am not suffering from insomnia I had breakfast 2hrs ago ovelooking the mekong river…..

  5. Without looking him up I’d bet that Gascoyne-Cecil won a few votes after his bad start.
    Would anyone back Mr. Toad to find his winning streak? πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t think I’ve seen a comment from ANY of the Corbyn-haters today.
    I expect they’re just busy.
    Probably queuing at CCHQ for their wages in case Johnson does a runner.

    1. David…. They are sleeping and have you joined the night shift? .Afternoon for me but its fun on the gravyard shift,Hope Johnson had a few nightmares,but probably had to self medicate after the crockery smashing session on returning from parliament.Hope he kept his temper in check….worried about her indoors and the new puppy…..not forgetting the 🐱cat…..What an absolute shambles of our establishment lackey Borris Dr piffel Johnson…..Even the Tory minded expats are laughing at him here in phu Quock….

  7. It is worth noting that a very similar fate would befall Corbyn if he were to pursue Left policies. The Blairites would separate themselves from the Labour Party and,the House of Commons would “take control” of events to force the abandonment of the government’s programme.

    1. Utter cobblers, as usual, Danny.

      The Blairites would soon change their tune and fall magically into line if Corbyn were to win an election. Anything to prolong their careers, which is, after all, their bottom line. The basis for their hostility towards Corbyn has always rested on their mantra that he’s unelectable.

      1. timfrom, I’m convinced Blairites would still work against Corbyn if he’d won a majority of 100+.
        In public they’d mea culpa and sing his praises and they’d be more careful than before about any serious coup attempt – but it’d happen at the first promising opportunity – and any leader’s popularity waxes and wanes.
        Just look at Doris πŸ™‚
        The ‘unelectable’ thing was just a tool like the AS smears – their objection to Corbyn is fundamentally that they reject socialism as a concept – they’re tories who know they’re not posh enough for the real Tories so they joined Blair’s pale imitation.

      2. Yes, but even if they do reject Socialism as a concept, don’t they reject unemployment as a concept even more?

      3. As far as I know our current constitution only allows us to deselect the dross at election time – if we don’t get rid of them before this GE we’re stuck with them however big a majority we win.
        I really don’t see them falling into line.
        They’ll be a stone in our shoe for as long as they can.

  8. I wrote a couple of days ago that Johnson was an idiot, but still a master tactician.

    I’ve never been so wrong. He is an all round idiot and I never thought he could actually be THAT bad. When I read that he called Corbyn a “big girl blouse” in the HoC, my shoulders dropped and i laughed!

    Which beg the question of how on earth this guy got so much support from his own MPs and a huge section of the press?

    I have my little explanation. I compare it to a stock market bubble: everyone wants it because it goes up in value. it goes up in value because everyone wants it. But everyone loses sight whether the business actually makes something of any value… then it crashes because the business was crap. Everyone supported Johnson because everyone said he was popular, even though they, individually, thought he was an idiot. So they got him in, cause they thought he was the one who’ll annihilate Corbyn.

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