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Breaking: drama as Johnson and Corbyn cross swords over GE after MPs take control of Commons business

Boris Johnson has been defeated this evening by 328 votes to 301 in the vote to allow MPs to take control of parliamentary business. He immediately responded by saying he will table a vote on a general election – but under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act (FTPA) that requires a two-thirds majority of MPs to support it.

Jeremy Corbyn has raised a point of order saying Labour will support the election motion until the bill preventing a no-deal Brexit has been passed.

Without that bill, Johnson might change the election date after the FTPA vote to push polling back until after the UK has crashed out of the EU – paralysing Parliament until the ‘cliff edge’.

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  1. I’m still musing on the Canning Cup – I think a tiny, scruffy one like the ‘Ashes’ one – maybe somebody could find out where Doris gets his hair cut for something to put inside it – like those burned cricket stumps?
    Or one of his wooden bus ‘art pieces’ I could burn?
    I’m not spending more than a fiver on a secondhand cup though. If it’s already engraved I’ve got an angle grinder.

  2. I’m interested to see the line-up of any Labour MPs (idf any) who nee to be de-selected after voting with the government tonight.

    Same with any ‘No Dealers’ tomorrow.

  3. Jeremy Corbyn is a genius – a modest, humble, unpretentious genius. Statesmanship and leadership becomes him. Thank you Jeremy.

    We will happily deselect any and all Labour MPs who disobey our wonderful, twice-elected Party Leader – no excuse acceptable. None at all.

    We want a Genera Election soon. When do we want it? As soon as we’ve killed Boris Johnson’s disaster-capitalsim-enabling No-Deal. dead.

    Join Labour now – and make our future better than any miserable third-way centrist could ever imagine.

    Democratic Socialism is here to say!

    1. Delighted as we all are with a number of Tory MPs getting their own back on Johnson and makiing him look the buffooon that he is, I think your ejaculation is somewhat premature. Keep calm and carry on. So far, so good.

      The steam is rising from incontinent Leavers as from piles of dung – undoubtedly a sign of a great move – there’s still a way to go to resolve this exercise in massive self-harm.

  4. 2nd paragraph presumably should say labour will NOT support the motion…..

  5. Labour will NOT support a motion for a General Election until the Bill that prevents a No Deal receives Royal Assent from the Queen.

    Jeremy Corbyn has played an absolute blinder, his 36 years in Parliament have given him the wisdom and the knowledge to defeat a blustering, pathetic amateur politician pretending to be PM.

    1. On Monday’s ‘Political Butterfly Effect’, R4 at 13.45, Alan Johnson of all people denied that Corbyn was to blame for losing the EU referendum.

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