Veterans for Peace and Liverpool groups arrange anti-war film-showing and discussion

Film-makers will attend as panellists for discussion of ‘military-industrial complex

Liverpool Peace Action, a cooperation of Liverpool Momentum, Merseyside Stop The War and Veterans For Peace UK, has arranged a special event on 26 October to discuss the commercialisation and promotion of war by the Establishment via the ‘military-industrial complex’.

The event will involve two documentaries over two sessions lasting the day. Each session will include Q&A panels made up of creative teams and activists – including the films’ makers, Mic Dixon (War School) and Andrew Feinstein (Shadow World).

The event’s registration page explains:

War School, a documentary by Mic Dixon, is based around veterans talking about their experiences of war as opposed to the messages espoused in recruitment campaigns. It questions how new government strategies and funding are being used to promote support for Britain’s wars and not our Armed Forces. Following the journeys of former SAS soldier turned peace activist Ben Griffin and other veterans who now reject war the film exposes the misrepresentations of the recruitment process and how ever younger children are being targeted by militarism.

Shadow World is a multi-award winning documentary based on anti-apartheid activist, former ANC member and Mandela MP Andrew Feinstein’s book The Shadow World: Inside The Global Arms Trade. It shows the relationship between the global arms trade, governments worldwide, profit and the human cost. It discusses how war has become more about improving shareholder profit margins than solving any actual problems, with the reasons for fighting becoming more and more irrelevant as the act of war itself becomes just another market place to exploit for corporate gain.

WARNING War School and Shadow World contain scenes of war and its consequences which some viewers may find distressing.

The free event will run from 9.30am to 5pm on Saturday 26 October at the Quakers Religious Society of Friends building, 22 School Lane, Liverpool L13BT. Tickets can be reserved here.

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  1. The Legacy of the American War machine,still lives on,across here in SEast asia,I have seen the effect of the disgusting illegal secret war with millions of tons of Bombs dropped on the civillians by a US carpet bombings across Cambodia and Laos……The birth defects from bombing of the rice fields with chemical and Napalm are here to see Babies being born with birth defects are common ,Unexploded ordinance cost lives daily,the locals use the Bomb craters now for water storage,……We are all aware of Vietnam and some compensation has reluctantly been paid for the Chemical bombing.But nothing for Cambodia and Laos.Their are NGOs working to alleviate some of the legacy of war…..but the Americans even play the dirty war by inserting CIA operatives to destabalise the region despite the damage already caused……Will we ever in the United nations ever stand up for the victims of America’s dirty wars..?

    1. It’s not just the US, even if its interventions are relatively recent history.

      The ‘Great Satan’ has many heads, and the reverberations continue for decades. The effects of the European colonial wars in Africa continue to rumble on; China and Russia (of the major powers) have also left paw-prints on the face of the globe … and that’s before we get to ‘local’ disputes..

      1. China and Russia have been concentrated in there own region The USA have exported terror world wide,,….And don’t forget to study your map before replying RH……way past my bedtime

  2. Regards Andrew Feinstein’s book (which I just checked out on Amazon):

    ‘Essential reading for anyone who cares about justice, transparency and accountability in both the public and private spheres, and for anyone who believes that it is more important to invest in saving lives than in the machinery of death’ Archbishop Desmond Tutu

    ‘Andrew Feinstein has written an authoritative guide to the business of war. Chilling, heartbreaking and enraging’ Arundhati Roy

    ‘The nobility and justice of Feinstein’s sentiments are indisputable. The arms trade is a loathsome commerce conducted by people who wear suits and occupy big boardroom tables, but should have trouble sleeping at night’ Max Hastings

    Needless to say, they have no trouble whatsoever sleeping at night. And neither do the share-holders in the Industrial Military Complex.

  3. The WarTrade has existed since criminal elements needed weapons to suppress their populations and appoint themselves as Kings and Queens. A good take on 20th/21st century War progression can be found in a 3 hr + video on YouTube entitled “ From J.F.K. to 9/11 a Richman’s Trick “ I don’t endorse it all but it is nonetheless a good compilation that raises some interesting questions.
    Ironically the latest stories on Epstein from Mintpress and others highlights the connections with organised crime families and International Intelligence Services and their connection to arms industry and fomentation of War across the World

  4. RIP……for Tim Bell….Thatchers right hand man….evil personified…Both of them who profited from the misery of millions of native S.Afrikans by proping up and profiting from Apartheid.There must be a special place in Hell for these two evil individuals,and hopefully they will not rest in peace….they don’t deserve it!

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