Swinson’s £14k from fracker looks even more disastrous after new quake smashes last week’s record by almost 20x

Last week’s then-record ‘induced’ quake of 1.6 on Richter scale dwarfed by new record quake today
Jo Swinson tried to defend large donation from fracking director

Last week, the SKWAWKBOX published video of LibDem leader Jo Swinson squirming as she attempted to defend a donation of £14,000 that she had received from a director of a company with multiple fracking licences. It looked appalling in the aftermath of a new record was set that day for a fracking-induced earthquake of 1.6 magnitude on the Richter Scale.

But this week, that record was smashed by a new record at the same site – a quake with a magnitude of 2.9.

While the almost-doubling of the Richter measurement looks bad enough, the logarithmic nature of the scale means that the new quake was very nearly twenty times bigger than last week’s then-record.

If Swinson’s acceptance of the donation from a director of Warwick Energy, which holds multiple UK fracking licences – and her attempt to defend it – looked bad last week, it looks disastrous now:

Even the fracking company involved in the Blackpool site admitted structural damage to local properties is likely if the trend continues.

Labour has said that it will ban fracking, while the Tories continue to push its escalation.

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  1. Come and buy your Lib Dems here. The Lib Dems,Tories with added hypocrisy

  2. We are just waiting for another Aberfan or grenfell disaster and its obvious once again.We often see corrupt ministers in other countries jailed,but here no censure for lives lost on the alter of greed and corruption……maybe a bit of embarasment…..but never a jail sentence which is more deserving for murder?…..Another earthquake another doller?in our green and pleasant land…..bloody hypocrites and corporate murder?…..It will happen and the working classes of my home county will die!,and the planning laws suspended all for more greed and profit Swansong should answer for taking bribes…..what else is it?

  3. That picture of swansongs a good example of Mrs bucket,when Onslow called for tea!…….She could be a comedy double if she was not such a bribe taking horror show…..?

  4. Imagine I disable the brakes on my car and drive it down the shops, pin-balling off cars and buildings, damaging property and scaring the bejesus out of the local population.

    I suspect I would not be popular. Some people might be a bit miffed and even demand that I not drive again, at least not until my brakes and mental health had been given a clean bill of health.

    Now imagine it’s two days (or two months or two years) later. I haven’t fixed the brakes yet but, telling everyone it will be ok this time, I jump in the car and try to do the same again.

    Regardless of how fond you might be, you’d likely be building road blocks in front of my house and be sitting on my chest until either the police or a psychiatrist pay a call.

    This is effectively what Cuadrilla are doing at Preston New Road, but no one has managed to sit on them for long enough to get them sectioned, yet.

    (In this analogy, Jo Swinson would be slagging me off before popping down the pub to spend the tenner I’d slipped her.)

  5. Supports fracking.


    How did fracking come about at Preston New Road, Roseacre Wood , Preese Hall and other places? Because a certain sajid javid said so, despite the local council and courts denying the likes of cuadrilla their licences.

    Another one what calls herself a ‘democrat’.

    1. Toffee..when a goverment steps in and suspended the Lancashire county planning decision,backed up by the planning inspector in Cardiff for no good reason,war, national emergency etc then we have in effect arnachy backed up by the police.and a rogue government working outside the rule of law.When a government moves outside the rule of law and uses violence to enforce it then there can only be one way of responding.The Torys are wilfully putting the lives of thousands of people up and down the land for reckless greed…Can we stop them…?

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