Video: Swinson’s squirming over £14k from fracking boss looks worse after biggest induced quake on record

Fracking linked to 1.6 magnitude ‘induced’ quake this week. Swinson squirmed when challenged about donation from director of firm with multiple fracking licences
Jo Swinson, challenged about fracking director donation by BBC

The British Geological Survey (BGS) this week recorded a fracking-induced tremor measuring 1.6 on the Richter scale – the biggest such earthquake on record. Fracking at the Cuadrilla site in Blackpool was suspended for eighteen hours as a result.

In the past fifty days, the BGS has recorded ninety-two induced quakes – all but one in Blackpool.

LibDem leader Jo Swinson says that she opposes fracking, yet she accepted a donation of £14,0000 from a director of Warwick Energy, a company with multiple fracking licences. In June, she squirmed visibly when challenged about it by the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire during a televised debate in the LibDem leadership contest:

Ms Swinson has been the subject of heavy criticism this month for hypocrisy over Brexit and her apparent prioritisation of preventing Jeremy Corbyn entering Downing Street over preventing a no-deal Brexit.

The Tories continue to profiteer from fracking, especially in the north of England. Labour has unequivocally announced that it will ban fracking.

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  1. The Libdems have chosen the perfect “leader” in Swinson,a lying hypocrite.

    1. john thatcher “The Libdems have chosen the perfect “leader” in Swinson,a lying hypocrite.”

      Who will conive and scheme with the Tories at the first sniff of power.

  2. Anyone who has been subjected to lab lib dems pact on the council which I was forced into when my group leader decided that the pact was a good move,especially when he was leader of the council would have seen no suprises from swansong.The nature of the libs is legendary for lying conniving dirty deals.The torys have ridden through the laws of planning and planning decissions on the whole idea of fraking in Lancashire and got away with it.The libs are their for Torys who like to feel radical,whilst remaining above the peasants!Corbyns tactics in meeting different political parties and the odd misfit will prove a good move for showing the libs and so called independent mps to the public and will demonstrate better than anything the hypocrisy and lies that they hide behind!!

    1. Joseph OKEEFE, we have a lib dem/conservative council and the planning laws have changed, so much they breach the actual regulations and appear to get away with it. I am fighting the council here in St Austell/Cornwall at the moment, over three months and no written report yet on my investigation.

  3. Swinson recommends Ken Clarke as an unelected PM, but he also supports fracking in Blackpool: He responded on Question Time to objections to it, saying Blackpool has probably already been having earthquakes, they just weren’t being measured. Funny how they stop when the frackers stop drilling.

  4. Laura…….Lancashire sits on a natural faultline,that means that the minor movment that I have experienced in the 1970s were I was told natural and historic,with minor movement felt over the centuries.Why would any government suspend planning laws and decide to allow fracking against the planning laws and the health and safety of local residents.The cavalier attitude of this government is breathtakingly irresponsible,and must be compared to Tory attitude to the grenfell fire in its cowboy approach to the saftey of the public.Remember Aberfan that day still haunts me,when a slag heap was allowed to smother young children,when the mud heap collapsed and burried the school and the children…..The Torys learn nothing from the past and never will….and that also applies to the libdems

  5. This yellow Tory is a very confused person – fits in well with what is now called ‘Lib Dem’ the small yapping dog that runs sniffing at the heels of the Tories and licks their arses! Who the fuck are they anyway?

  6. Jo Swinson’s behaviour is absolutely disgraceful. I’ve no time whatsoever for the Lib Dems and Jo demonstrates why- they are arrogant ( she and her 13 MPs are going to dictate to he rest of us who is PM ) and untrustworthy, a very unsavoury combination..

  7. We now have another cavalier attitude to safety which also includes Gatwick airport?The river mole runs through horley(Gatwick)and winds it’s way past the airport into Sussex and Crawley.Not many local residents are aware that the minor earhquakes that they have experienced over the last couple of years in horley are next to the 30 inch diameter fuel pipeline that lies buried and follows the direction of the river mole,Fracking exploration around horley,horshills and Norwood hill may one day cause more than the odd rumble.The local tory council completly ignore local concerns….Why?

  8. MP in ‘taking donations from questionable quarters’ shock!

    Both angela (ill)eagle and caroline (skin)flint take ‘donations’ from a maximus lobbyist.

    I wholeheartedly agree with what Jesse Ventura suggests, namely that politicians should be dressed in those suits that racing car drivers wear; with all the badges stitched on to show just who’s ‘owned’ by what corporation.

    The bigger the donor/donation, the bigger the badge.

    1. Toffee….I used to be ignorent of Fracking…..but became intereted after my daily commute via Balcombe fracking site in Sussex.I saw the demos on either side of the country lane and the activists camped out in for a long fight against fracking by Quadrilla the company now involved at the much more dangerous site in N Lancashire..The company have vitualy mothballed balcombe due to high profile celebs and some torys,intervening in seeing fracking in their very own backyard and spoiling their green and pleasant land.Not so in Lancashire,too many Labour supporting peasants,and they are used to muck… the Tory mind thinks….and some Labour mps ..What I worry about is the lives of family brothers and sisters neices and nephews,who still live in that area.Who’s going to stand up for the health and safety of our people whilst the planet burns from the plunderers and destructive ideology of the Torys being carried out in the name of our tory government on our people….Enough is enough!….The people are awakened…but is it all too late…its time for direct action before anymore grenfells Aberfans….They dont give a monkeys for working class lives because they’ve been allowed to walk away unscathed!

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