Video: Boris Johnson’s chief adviser admits Tories don’t care about the poor or NHS

PM’s right-hand man says public is right about the Conservatives
Dominic Cummings speaking at a behavioural science event in 2017

Dominic Cummings, the former campaign director of Vote Leave, is one of several controversial appointments made by Boris Johnson, who has made Cummings his ‘senior adviser;.

But Cummings is at least honest about the party he’s working for.

In 2017, speaking to an event for behavioural science devotees – a staple obsession of the Conservatives for years – Cummings was remarkably frank about the Tories’ real nature:

Sadly, such truths are unlikely to emerge from Downing Street as the Tories embark on their usual disinformation campaign to fool the public into thinking Johnson gives a damn about them.

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  1. Right Wing political Barbarians trying to justify their political cuelty against the poor of the working class because they as upper class/middle class (subsidised to the hilt by the upper class welfare state) are political morons like Cummings. Their class are capitalist Neo-Liberal legal thieves.
    The real dependency culture is that of the rich and powerful, every day they must get down on their knees to pray that working people (who really create the wealth and make societies work) will turn up to work tomorrow and for every day of their working lives. But Marx was right, everything is dead, machines, computers, buses, trains, cafes, pubs, shops etc. until you add the magic ingredient – working people!
    And Labour is their party, the clue is in the name.
    And the real global Scroungers are the rich and powerful who avoid tax (offshore banking) and perish the thought they pay their share for the NHS, to address poverty, mental health etc etc etc.
    And yet these Right Wing Barbarians have the cheek to try to lecture us, then design systems which actually highlight their political ignorance; for their contribution to the progress of humanity one wonders if they may well have never existed?
    But perhaps they are politically stupid? At least the 19thC and mid 20thC capitalist philanthropists used to look after the workers (who they were legally stealing off).
    Time to crush the Right Wing Tory Neo-Liberal Barbarians!

  2. Tell us something that we don’t know……Thats why we hate conservative government…..thats why we are proud socialist…We represent all thats best in humanity …whilst the Tory party represent the worst of humanity…..Some would say…evil and immoral?

  3. I’d like to have seen the rest of the clip so you can see where this little weasel is going with this presentation and his revelation that the public have ” cottoned on ” .Is it that he is going to advocate to the audience that the Tories lie even harder to cover this “revelation” up or use him to find ways to manipulate the public into believing that the Tories are somehow on the side of the poor people .
    That would be his strength and speciality , Mendacious disingenuous manipulation and miss direction ,,,, very dangerous individual and must not be under estimated at all

  4. I only needed to read the caption on the still of that video clip for my blood pressure to skyrocket.

    ‘The tory party is run by people who basically don’t care about people like me’

    Like WHO, cummings? You’re one of them FFS. Just how long do you think you’re gonna get away with your bullsh*t?

    On second thoughts, please retain him as long as you like boris. He’s every bit the transparent, manifestly gobshite as you; and us plebs didn’t need £££000’s per year spunked on our education to realise it.

    1. He was quoting what most people think. Not people like him. People like us.

  5. And yet, they won the last two GEs. So is the message, it’s ok. People know Tories don’t care but will vote for them anyhow?

    1. Just to be accurate – the Tories did not win the last General Election. The result was a hung parliament. The Tories then gave the DUP a bung of £billion – thats one thousand million pounds – to enable them to form a government. Johnson is now going to have to renegotiate another bung to keep the DUP on board.
      The Tories won with a small majority in 2015 but failed to win in 2010 and had to form the infamous coalition government with the Lib Dem in which they split the cabinet posts.
      In relation to people who vote for them, I think that people are mostly decent and don’t want to see their fellow citizens suffer. They don’t want to suffer themselves either.
      However they are see the devastation caused by austerity all around them – homelessness, poverty, food banks, an NHS in a state of collapse, the calculated brutality of the benefits system.
      They see their kids leaving university with a mountain of debt and/or forced into a zero hours contract. They see how their elderly relatives and friends are treated due to the crisis in social care provision.
      Therefore I believe that if we go to the country with an anti-austerity manifesto the good decent people out there will choose an anti austerity party over a pro austerity party.
      Whats more the Tories, the saboteurs in the PLP and their allies in the MSM believe it too which is why the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn have escalated recently.
      He is our greatest asset- a principled man who can win the next election and who is maligned on a daily basis by unprincipled people who want to maintain the status quo.

    2. I will share with you the reason why the tories keep staying in office, and its to do with the voting system which most people are manifestly unaware of its workings. I was just speaking to a supposedly ‘educated’ friend of mine who said that she hopes there will soon be a general election and that she and her husband will be voting for the Brexit party, so I said that they may as well vote Conservative then. I tried to explain that it goes on the size of the party and how many seats they can win so voting for anything other than the next biggest party to the Tories (labour)is a lost vote. Also asked her which of the Brexit party’s policies it was that she liked. No answer. It was a trick question as they haven’t even published a manifesto!

      And these are supposed educated people. So what do the less educated and informed think when they cast their vote?

  6. Important to make good and repeated use of this—think of how the Conservatives used the notorious letter from Liam Byrne. Used it in a debate and appeared on many of their leaflets.

  7. Yes sadly many people are not interested in politics but will make an effort now and then at a GE but I did like a previous topic showing 124 Labour policies which were simple and good! We perhaps need to use simple language and a few key points and repeat a simple message. We all know the Tories rule for the rich and powerful but they always say they rule “in the national interest” though we know they rule for the elite but they NEED the popular vote so pretend they rule for all!
    A good example in my area, the 3 Tory Councillors say they put the community ahead of politics and deliver loads of leaflets on street cleaning, new refuse bins etc. not mentioning they are Tories but then go to the Tory Council Group and vote for cuts, vote to close a holiday home for disabled people, and to privatise the Council’s share in an airport!
    The Tories try to de-politicise but with all the humanity and care Labour offers, in my area, in the posher areas to keep council tax low they vote Tory.
    Which is why we should go on the politcal attack but local Labour is so timid!
    Be bold comrades, inspire, people are inquisitive, win hearts and minds!

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